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Your Phone Addiction Is Killing Your Relationship

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  1. Mimi says:

    I used to be addicted to social media and as many people out there in denial … early on in our relationship my boyfriend noticed and challenged me to stay away from it for a month. I upped the bet and told him I would stay off it for three months … It has now been a year and half .. No Facebook no Instagram. And I don’t miss it at all. It is a peaceful world without it where I am engaged in the moment than trying to capture it as an on looker for Facebook or Instagram and likes. And I regularly talk to my real friends and family which is rear this days, and focus on real life instead of being distracted by an illusion captured for the gram or so called ‘friends’.

  2. Is it? Why is it that society tries to tell others how our relationships should be based on its standards? We read articles about “how to do this” “get him to do that” but we have extraordinarily high divorce rates.

    How is being in a separate room than your SO doing your own thing any different from being on your phone in the same room with them? I don’t believe in forced conversations or moments. If it’s working for you and your SO isn’t complaining then keep living. If it’s causing strife then make adjustments accordingly.

    IMO, all these rules and fairytale expectations are what’s killing relationships.

    1. says:

      We are disconnected as a society. I was at a restaurant recently and I couldn’t help but notice a family sitting together. The two teenagers were playing on their phones, and I remember the father just looking off in a distance. I remember family outings, dinner after work and school, etc was the time for families to bond, but not anymore. It’s a little sad when you think about it.

  3. JS Williams says:

    That video is a sad truth to what we’re becoming as society. PERIOD. We’re glued to our phones. And if people don’t see a problem with that, well that’s a problem within itself lol

  4. Mimi says:


  5. Kyla Ky says:

    A pet peeve of mine is when people are constantly on their phone. If I was addicted to my phone and in a relationship and my man told me how he felt about it, I would most definitely make a real effort to put it away and give him my undivided attention.

    I can’t stand when I go out to eat and see people on their phones. I always put my phone away because I think it’s rude to constantly be on your phone when you’re out with someone. People are always taking pictures of their meals, texting or even having phone conversations while at the table with others, extremely annoying. I used to go to concerts and take a million pictures and videos trying to get the best shot for social media but I realized I’m not even getting into the music and enjoying the concert as much because I’m trying to keep a steady hand to take pics. Now, I take a couple pictures just so I have them to look back on and then put my phone down to enjoy the concert.

  6. Lady says:

    I do have this problem. Not only romantic relationahip but just relations with others peeiod. I have at times become so consumed with my phone. Social media, pictures, messaging, randomly browsing just because. Sometimes I do recognize when I’m over doing it then I’ll take a break for a week or so. I had to create a balance.

    Most of my friends live in another country and message me constantly throughout the day. One my friends use to be so demanding of my time. If 5 minutes went by and there was no response I’d get sooo many follow messages asking where I went and why I’m not responding. Forget it if I peeped and read a message and the notification shows and decide to wait to answer. Before, I’d answer as soon as my phone lit up! Now I regulate myself. I really put the phone away during work hours and try to minimize phone use when I’m around others.
    Sometimes that makes me be in the more in the moment and at times it makes no difference because everyone else is on the phone and I feel like I’m interacting with myself so I end up on my phone as well.

  7. Andrea says:

    My significant other constantly complains about the amount of time and attention I put into my phone. At first I used to make excuses and say I’m not on my phone that much. Nowadays it’s as though all of our arguments center around or begin because my attention is in my phone. He says that I don’t give him much attention, I become defensive and then argument starts…
    I’ve cut back but it’s still not enough.

    When I’m out with friends I do notice that everyone’s face is down and in their phone rather than up and being a part of the “here and now” in a current conversation…

  8. Dee says:

    “It’s crucial you don’t become absent in a present moment that requires your presence.”

    This quote signifies exactly how I felt about smartphones when they first came out. The amount of times I’ve seen women ‘fake fun’ in a club by dropping low and holding it for the perfect pic, or pausing in the middle of downing a shot just to portray them having so much fun, blew my mind. I’d see that and ask myself why not just be in the moment? Who are you trying to impress and why? It’s really sad.

  9. Atikinmai says:

    I love the quote “if you don’t capture a private moment to share publicly…”because are we truly living in the moment when we’re doing things for other people’s viewing and or validation.It takes away an organic moment in my opinion


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