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A Young Boss’s Guide To Leading An Older Generation

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  1. Trenelle says:

    This is great information! As a supervisor in a small company, many employees have been there for more than 5 years. It’s challenging to manage people when you’re a minority (black,a woman, and look young…. I’m 30, but you know black don’t crack LOL).The biggest help has been learning to adjust to peoples communication styles.It also helps to have a good mentor or two.

  2. ShakilaKelley says:

    I find being a supervisor very challenging. I am young, and majority of my staff is older than me. It is very difficult being, assertive as a young black woman without seeming bossy. I definitely have a lot of learning to do, to get better at managing others. Self help articles, speaking to my staff and also other women who are supervises definitely help.

    1. Brittani says:

      I totally agree Shakila. It takes time, patience, and humility to learn how to be a better boss and lead a variety of people.

      Thank you for reading!

  3. Octavia says:

    Marcus Jul Huff……you can’t teach character…. some skills you just can’t teach, and just because you are great at improving processes doesn’t mean you can lead. Teachers can’t teach compassion, empathy….when you role play to convince yourself you can show these special characteristics…that person can see right through you! Management is a balance between DNA and books.

  4. 4thewire says:

    The one thing I dislike and WILL NEVER FOSTER WITHIN MY OWN COMPANY IS the personal connection ppl bring ttoooo much personal baggage I wish HR could just deal with this nonsense in my experience ppl never really have an issue understanding or doing there job.

    They NEED A PSYCHIATRIST. Every freakin’ holiday weekend/vacation/THEY FEEL THEY OUTTA let you know the details.

    LIKE THATS GONNA save you from get cut when the time comes. OOOHh boy here it comes…….

    Thx for letting me faux vent.

    Frickin’ PPL


    Gotta play sounding board now (vision board time stacks of money).


  5. Regarding point five, not only should you not be hesitant to go to your own manager for advice, you should remember that it is literally his or her job to enable your success. Speak up!

  6. Raises hands I Just launched my women’s empowerment and life skills company https://www.facebook.com/BetterLifeChoicesofNewYork #BLCNY I love and need this. I’m so in love with the new direction of your site, Necole. Thank you!

  7. Octavia says:

    When managing work in reverse order…..put yourself in their shoes….what type of manager you want leading if the shoe was on the other foot!!

  8. Octavia says:

    Early Mae…..more and more jobs are weighing in heavily on associate satisfaction along with customer’s satisfaction…..be careful because managing is about mentoring and coaching!

    1. 4thewire says:

      Last one today.
      Octavia you’re on the money thats why you have tttooo many incompetent Mngrs causing ppl like to have to pick up the slack.

      Companies need to understand especially the ones gears towards cust. sat. if you choose to use these metrics sometimes you do need to make a profit.

      cust are right yes! (But you better take care of the bottom line or you’ll be out of a career or job)!

  9. Octavia says:

    Shakilakelley…….I’m young African American, manage 43 employees (2 whom are African American), I’m the youngest leader and only black person at the table as part of the administration group……you can get the work done without coming across bossy….. you have to build your foundation….my foundation to my house is TRUST….iI lead by example…on stage 24/7 365. o

  10. Norris Williamson says:

    I agreed with all of this! I became a manager at 24 and had employees from 18-50, most of them white, and I’m black. The thing I realize with managing people, is always to foster personal, yet professional relationships. You have to establish yourself as an authority figure as well, and that can often be a challenge. The one thing I would add is if you are fortunate enough to be promoted to management as I was within my company, never forget where you came from. I work for a large restaurant company, and I did every job from cook, server, bartender, and dishwasher before management, and my staff knows that if anything, I know what I’m talking about because I did it too, and that I am always there when they need me. I also took my four managers styles, observed, and developed a style of my own. You can’t copy just one person, because at the end of the day, you never know everything that manager does in his or her style. Management is definitely an art and has no textbook right or wrong answers.

  11. This was such a great read . A great way to start the work week for I’m a supervisor of about 30 people in a call center im 24 and everyone is older than me but this article made me feel so much better!

  12. I needed to read this. Initially I had it rough leading a health care organization. I would get asked my age. I was told I was very young. These older women didn’t have much respect. I feel like your level of ambition can make you great at any age.

  13. This is a great read!

  14. Most need training on how to manage period…their people skills and professionalism suck!! If you don’t have skills in management then stay out of management.

    1. 4thewire says:

      I agree with that but long gone are the days that the average company offers these courses.

      Training in general have become a thing of the past (this one of the largest complaints most ppl have.

      Fortune 50 companies and higher may offer training as prerequisite before you assume the role of Management.

  15. Early Mae says:

    I don’t mind being considered bossy. If it gets the job done.

    1. 4thewire says:

      Don’t work for yourself. The trick is to never exude BOSSY unfortunately its ok for MEN BUT FEMALES you’d be pigeon holed with the quickness. Good luck with that!


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