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Winterize Your Hair Regimen With These 4 Tips From Our Fav YouTube Hair Gurus

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  1. Twinkle says:

    If you’re not suppose to wash your hair too often during winter then how the heck are people deep conditioning weekly? I really want to know. Thanks!

  2. K. Nichole says:

    Thank you for this article! I was just thinking about this today while noticing an alarming number of split ends. I need to winterize lol

    1. Girrrrl, you and me both! Let me tell you! Lol so glad you found this piece helpful <3

  3. Kyla Ky says:

    Those twists in the top pic! I literally just made a hair appointment for Saturday to get my hair twisted once I read this post.

    I find I have to “summerize” though. My natural hair is fine in the winter but heaven help me in the summer …

  4. Black Dove says:

    Make sure to thoroughly coat synthetic weave hair with a wax or it will saw into your natural, coily, fragile hair. Hair foreign to your head can act like a razor.

    In some cases, even real hair weave hair is more coarse than type 4 African-American hair, that’s like having two textures of hair, natural and relaxed…breakage will occur.

    In all cases pre-wash weave hair before installation to try to rid it of pesticides and preservatives used during shipment from far away places.

    Take care.

  5. Jasi Ford says:

    I would really like to know tips on how to keep my hair moisturized and what order to apply products. For example Whitney talked about using butters in the winter but should we be using the butter right after we wash out the oil she mentioned or should we first be applying a leave in conditioner. What leave in conditioners are good ones? I would really like to know because I have been switching brands lately and I can’t imagine that inconsistency is good for my hair.
    Thanks for such a wonderful article:)

    1. From Whitney herself, “I try to deep condition weekly, usually using one of my homemade deep conditioning recipes, and I always apply an oil and butter to seal my hair in, whether the weather is cold or warm.” Hope this helps!
      Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it <3


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