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Why Knowing Your Skin’s pH is Important

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  1. Pierrea says:

    Very informative article….When you say incorporate oils what do you mean? oil – based products?

  2. Tee Elle says:

    I read this entire piece while rubbing my nose and cheek. SMH. I took better care of my skin when I left the house daily. Now that I work from home, I don’t always moisturize. Not good. I need to check the pH of my cleanser.

  3. SoonToBeMrs says:

    Great info! I’ve struggled with adult acne for years!! I’m definitely going ton get my pH in check!

  4. I stopped using my doctor’s cleansers and found my own regimen for the past 3 months which has been working pretty well. No more Proactiv either !

  5. Genevieve says:

    As an Esthetician, I couldn’t have explained it better myself! Excellent way to simplify the importance of using pH balanced products. Sometimes that’s all you need to clear up skin conditions, instead of bombarding the skin with so many products.

  6. ANOiNTED says:

    Veryyy informative action. My skin is perfect tho lol never had issues but this is great information and well written.


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