Natural Hair Is Not Unprofessional: I Rocked A 'Fro To Fight The Stigma
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Natural Hair Is Not Unprofessional: I Rocked A ‘Fro To Work To Fight The Stigma

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  1. Mo says:

    I love this. I am a natural woman with a curly little fro that I’ve kept cut short in a fade or a tad longer but no longer than 4 inches curly. In my current profession as an Administrative Assistant to the VP and Chief Family Services Officer/President (white female) and an Executive Director for an ACO (White Male) in an predominately white company. I came to my interview with a fresh fade and started my first day with a blonde curly wig. When I came onboard I made the 2nd black person in the executive suite (the other being VP of HR, a black woman) and in the building in total there are now 5 of us. I wear my hair in so many different hairstyles all the time with different wigs but always felt a bit out of character because I stood out and didn’t want to stand out, I just wanted to be me and dress how I do – which is professional but with my style. One day the VP of HR, a fierce black lady came in rocking box braids!! My mind was blown that she walked into work with that hairstyle and rocked it for about 2 months flawlessly. Seeing her helped me be me more so I rocky my braids, natural hair and whatever the hell else I feel like. It’s so refreshing to be yourself!!

    1. Bie says:

      So glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

  2. Lei says:

    The ONLY reason I did not wear my natural hair out in my professional photos Is because I never know how my twist out is going to come out. LOL. My fear is that I am going to wake up the morning of my photo appointment looking like a disaster and I wont be able to redo in time because we all know that process is an all day thing lol. 🙂

  3. Samantha says:

    This was so interesting to read because so many of my friends go and back forth with me as to what is professional. As a Hispanic child with curly hair, I argue that as long as your hair isn’t neon-yellow then it can be deemed professional. Having said that, I have plenty of naturally thin and straight haired friends that don’t comb their hair and so look a mess to which I tell them they need to at least comb their hair. For me, my hair is a very classic/calm curl so it is what many call “White people hair” which causes me to roll my eyes. I do have friends with tighter coils who struggle to manage their hair and end up straightening it. It causes me to shake my hair because I’m big on accepting what you have and working with it. Having said that, I can see how straightening your hair might just be easier than learning to manage it. Either way, professionalism and professional to me doesn’t always match up with the masses and I’m just fine with that.


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