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What It Means to See 18 Black Women on the Forbes #30Under30 List

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  1. This just shifted me. So inspiring…I want to be on this list one day. I can. I will. #BLCNY I love this!

  2. thebayarean says:

    So proud of all my sistahs doing their thang!

  3. Chala Hannon says:

    This is amazing! All My Life I Had to Fight! #BlackGirlMagic #KeepFighting

  4. It means we exist in this industry !!!! Yessssss!!

  5. Velvet Pugh says:

    The Shade Room made it! lol… It’s also good to see Zim on the list as well… I love Travel Noire!

  6. Awesome & Well Deserved! Get it Ladies!!!

  7. Kellie Hill says:

    Love seeing this!!!!! Motivational for sure!

  8. This Myavana hair technology and subscription is interesting!

  9. Kei Sha says:

    #blackgirlmagic #doingthedamnthing

  10. Serena Williams is the greatest female athlete. Ever

  11. why positive posts have the least amount of likes & comments?! SMH!! love seeing my black brothers & sisters succeed!!!

  12. Yess! All those Nigerians on that list though!

  13. Lola says:

    Great!! Keep pushing!

  14. Tiffani K says:

    Pure #BlackGirlMagic!!! I ♥ it!!!

  15. Alexa says:

    So inspiring for not just one but 18 women on that list. This is how I wish black women were represented in the media.

  16. Charlana says:

    YES! I’m a long time subscriber of Forbes. Congrats to our sisters who made the list! I’m making my way there, and I shall get there! I hope we triple this list next year.

    Keep striving!

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