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Too Dark To Club?: One Club Administers The ‘Brown Paper Bag Test’ And This Happened…

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  1. Fly Carla says:

    I blame Hip-Hop. As a dark skin woman with swag for days, I have to constantly listen to some rapper or R&B singer talk about red-bone or foreign chicks. I have become very selective with what I listen to or watch because I refuse to digest the notion that I am not cute or good enough for anything. And then people praise foreign chicks who do the most to look like Black women! I just brush it all off because I know I am fly enough to do anything or go anywhere. And trust and believe, white girls and foreign chick steal our swag. We are trendsetters whether small-minded people want to give us the props or not.

    Side note: as I’ve gotten older, I no longer pay for fun.

    1. Sarah says:

      I’m just waiting for the mass outrage from black men… *waits forever*

    2. Note says:

      White People been doing this for years…you think Hip Hop was a influence for them as well?

  2. Olivia Nope says:

    This is so unfortunate but still so prevalent. I experienced this same discrimination on South Beach in Miami during Spring Break a few years. And I have no shame in calling out the night club..Club Play. The line was ridiculously long because the bouncers were handpicking people out of the crowd. So we’re waiting and began to notice one particular bouncer was only picking model-esque light skin or “exotic” women as they like to call it. Frustrated we almost left until a different black bouncer pulled my friends and I to the side and let us in the side door for free. He said verbatim “He doesn’t care for black women but you women are beautiful and I don’t share those same beliefs. And he proceeded to let other black women in the freaking SIDE DOOR. Young, dumb & eager to party this didn’t bother me until I got home and realized I had to sneak into a back door just to be let into this establishment like it was the Jim Crow 60’s. Let’s just say I haven’t partied on the South Beach since. I refuse to support such discrimination again for the sake of turning up.

  3. Rose A says:

    I’m dark-skinned, size zero, and undeniably beautiful. I’ve never experienced discrimination at a club. But working for Hollister in NYC a few years back was a different situation. When they first opened their flagship store in NYC, they hired a bunch of people. I noticed all the overweight black people worked the night shift. Majority of black people worked the stock room. If I looked tired or my hair needed a touch up, I worked the stockroom. The managers place workers in room according to their appearence. Beautiful and white/light worked closer to the entrance than others. Idk if that’s still how they operate. I was in college that time and was just happy to make $10 an hour.

    1. Unknown says:

      I interviewed for Ambercrombie back in the day about 10 years when I was in college in upstate NY. It was a group interview with about 15 people or so. The interviewer told us they were very selective in who they hired for sales associate positions and things like large hooped earrings and high heels didn’t meet the A&F brand standards. She made that statement while pointing in my direction. I was absolutely humiliated as everyone was starring at me, however they called me back and offered me a job….as a stock person in the back, like some field slave. I humbly declined. A few months later I received a notice in the mail about a class action lawsuit against A&F for discriminatory hiring practices, mainly hiring white people to work the floor and putting Blacks and Hispanics in the back to fold clothes to oblivion. Discrimination was built into their branding model, not just that one asshole manager, and I walked away with $2000 because of it. Thanks A&F!

  4. Why force yourself into a club that doesn’t want you there? It is discrimination at its finest but I wouldn’t waste my time putting money in the pockets of people who view me as “unacceptable”or even wasting my time showing up to a venue that views me as inferior…Instead of being outraged about more important things…people are outraged about club entrance…lol f*ck that club though…

  5. If she was contractually obliged to be there she would have to attend. HOWEVER if she was able to boycott the club, she and EVERY non-racist person set to attend that night (and following nights) should boycott that establishment.

    1. I thought the statement was issued AFTER she attended! Eeeek! Disappointed!

      A difficult position, yes… BUT I would rather pay a fine than knowingly attend and line the pockets of a racist’s event.

    2. (I like to think the best of everyone until they give me a reason to think otherwise…) Maybe they didn’t know? :-/

      I really hope they do care. I live in London and this happens ALL the time! Even when hiring a venue for a private event, the managers say they don’t cater to “our crowd” or they charge triple for extra security.

      I personally really appreciate you sharing this, thank you! Let’s hope our brothers and sisters can wake up and start supporting their own. Enough is enough!

    3. Kae put out a statement regarding the issue and still went.

  6. Ka$h says:

    This is prime example of why we need our own businesses (for us by us). I’m so tried of reading about, seeing and experiencing discrimination… I love the fact that they’re protesting and bringing shame to their establishment and hopefully this will effect the owners pockets. Hit em where it hurts

  7. Taj Charmed says:

    I dont expect much from Karrechue, Didnt she ignorantly diss Blue Ivy’s hair on BET?? This girl has no sense she couldve showed up to the club and demanded these girls be let in but apparently its about a $$$

  8. LaTasha says:

    Sigh. I’m so tired of this conversation. It’s the fault of blacks white supremacy stays alive. White supremacy is the great silence of the world….would not (explicit) operate without the people of color who run it. -Junot Diaz

    We’ll wake up one day i’m hopeful. I do wonder, what’s the obsession with dark skinned black women? If we are so ugly, why is the world so pressed by us? I’m an attractive brown skin. I was discriminated one time by greenhouse in NY. When I go out a lot of men talk to me. I wonder if that was why….

  9. Kelly says:

    This is what the constant promotion of sexiness and beauty gets us as a society.

  10. To speak on the issue, but still go defeated the purpose of her statement.

  11. cris says:

    This is not uncommon. This happens in Miami allllll the time.
    They feel you will ruin their image if “ugly people” are photographed in the club with their logo.
    That means ugly people party there and no one wants to go to the club with ugly people in it…

    *side eye*

    Ugly people have money too 🙂

  12. Carla Thomas says:

    I blame Hip-Hop. As a dark skin woman with swag for days, I have to constantly listen to some rapper or R&B singer talk about red-bone or foreign chicks. I have become very selective with what I listen to or watch because I refuse to digest the notion that I am not cute or good enough for anything. And then people praise foreign chicks who do the most to look like Black women! I just brush it all off because I know I am fly enough to do anything or go anywhere. And trust and believe, white girls and foreign chick steal our swag. We are trendsetters whether small-minded people want to give us the props or not.

    Side note: as I’ve gotten older, I no longer pay for fun. You want me to pay money to party in a club with music I don’t even like? Nah, B. Cue Alyssa Cara’s “Here”.

  13. Sarah says:

    Karrueche should have boycotted the club if she was aware of this story

  14. Gerald Ojo says:

    It’s 2015. What is it about our beautiful chocolate skin color that insinuates so much ignorant racism? I’m happy people like this get called out but unfortunately I don’t think it will do anything.

  15. To all those living in the US thinking we get invited for tea & crumpets with the monarchy

  16. Zee Hamilton says:

    I’m sorry but as a black woman she was wrong I’m sure she didn’t care about them doing the paper bag test because she’s ligter so maybe she feels if it don’t apply let it fly which is sad smh n i can’t even believe that ppl would wanna even go to a establishment like that!

  17. I’ve never experienced this , as I don’t even club much , but I can only imagine The humiliation!

  18. It’s a shame that a business would use discrimination but what I would boycott and never return. When they have to close their doors because of this then others will learn. At the end of the day,no one wants to (openly ) associate with bigots. As far this concerning karrueche, this is the same woman who made a tacky joke about Blue ivy. I don’t expect much from her.

  19. francine says:

    Sariya please don’t come on a us site and say it ain’t true you live in London. It is true and you probably will still go there after this.shame on Lewis Hamilton for attending and entering through the side door. The marketing manager and promoter are both black and are popping off at people on twitter…im sorry but there sell outs. What respectable black man would work there..
    Quite clearly sell outs

  20. Mzywo says:

    Me my husband and a couple of friends were declined entrance to a night club because we seemed too drunk. We didnt even have one sip. Then a group of drunk white girls walked right into the night club no questions asked. We confronted the bouncer but he said we are drunk and he can’t let je in. It was obvious racism but he tient seem to care. While we were arguing with him, he let in a few drunk white people in.

  21. Kyla Ky says:

    Wow this is disgusting. I wouldn’t even want to club there if I knew this was going on. I’m sure Karrueche felt obligated to host but I definitely wouldn’t host there.

    I wonder if this happened to a group I was with a couple of years ago in Miami. I don’t club but while in Miami I decided to go with a friend and a few other people. One of the guys met the promoter so we were supposed to get in quickly but ended up outside for about an hour. We watched plenty of people pass us and get inside while we had to wait. I’m pretty sure it was mainly the lightest people who were let in right away so if you were “brown skin” or dark skin, you had to wait. I wasn’t even paying attention at the time because I was miserable, it was cold and rainy and I didn’t want to be there but after reading the Miami comments above, I think this was the reason why so many people were left outside waiting. Not to mention a few rappers and athletes were there that night so they were probably handpicking the crowd. We eventually got in but it was a horrible experience.

  22. Abbi says:

    I’ve heard similar stories from friends about trying to get into high-profiled nightclubs. This is so unfortunate but I’m glad that women everywhere I taking a stand!

  23. Love CiCi says:

    They discriminate on everything which is sad , they discriminate on color weight looks Etc when they shouldn’t who cares what a person looks like we all came to party right!!? Whoever made that rule should go hang themselves

  24. At this point I don’t care about her still hosting because, let’s be honest, she still trying to brand/promote herself so I’m sure keeping that business relationship takes priority over the discrimination. However, I’d like to say that growing up as a dark skin girl has never been an issue for me until the past few years. I’m 22 & just now am I truly seeing how badly we are discriminated against. I was just thinking how easier life would be if I was lighter. It’s sad because I am in love with my dark dark dark dark skin. I wear it proudly & unapologetically. This is disgusting & instances like this should be confronted at every chance. Only then can we change things.

  25. The article, for the ones who actually read it and thoroughly, was well written and focused on the issue at hand. I don’t think she should have hosted the event and used the legal ramifications of not doing so, by exposing them in the public in a more intense way. Any judge would have sided with her. And those girls that got denied could have a nice lawsuit on their hands.

  26. This is rubbish I live in London am black and my friends got in to the club no problems

    1. And I live in London and have booked a table there and as soon they saw it was a group of black girls.. Guess what no table was booked so chill!

  27. Elan Ruffin says:

    The Underground in Chicago Illinois is definitely known for doing the exact same thing. They only let white girls and mixed girls in their facility oh and don’t forget only black men with money or at least look like they have some coins get access as well and the best part is the ppl who halt these beautiful black women from coming in are black men. 😂😂

  28. Sad, sad, sad, read I can’t believe this is the world we live in. You can’t have fun anymore without being picked apart for your weight, hair, skin and etc. However, being born and raised in Miami I know this culture all too well. Especially with the clubs that is why I party on the otherside of the bridge in Midtown, Wynwood, and at certain strip clubs because when you are trying to go out, have fun, and let loose from all the stress that life brings. You do not need all this extraness and ignorance of paper bag test, and bouncers looking for “exotic features”. Well ladies do not let this weigh you down continue to love every single part of yourselves and find other places to party or build a place to party.

  29. HaitianQueen says:

    I was born and raised in Miami and this is absolutely no surprise to me. This is pretty much standard practice at most of the clubs on South Beach including Cameo, Dream and Prive (when it existed). I am dark skinned and modelesque and have witnessed it happen to friends of mine on a few occasions, most notably 2. One time I was with a group of girls that were out to celebrate a birthday at Cameo. We all went into the club with no issue and got in through the guest list. The other members of the party arrived shortly after us and included 3 heavy set individuals and the bouncer claimed that the guest list was closed, yet he allowed others in through the list while they stood there. They were extremely humiliated and no matter what we did to convince them to let them in, they wouldn’t. We all ended up leaving in the end.

    Another incident happened at the former prive nightclub on South Beach on a non hop hop night. I attended for another birthday event with an Asian friend and her white bf and other Asian friends, along with 2 other black friends. They let all of the Asians and white bf in and closed the rope once my heavy set black friend tried to come in. At first we thought it was just for a few minutes but 30 minutes later, we watched as we had to stand aside and let the white, blond haired, blue eyed guests get through. I was appalled as this was my first time having to experience anything like this since I frequently clubbed on the beach at the time. A Couple of years ago, my ex ended up promoting for Cameo for a few months and he confirmed to me that they indeed told him to target mainly white, mixed, Hispanic and Asian girls for their hip hop parties since that’s what the athletes preferred. This confirmed everything I thought.

    Needless to say, I have no interest in partying on South Beach and supporting their racist agenda.

  30. Nermalthekitten says:

    And yet they don’t do this to black men at least not in Miami they get right in the club any complexion.

  31. Alana says:

    Very sad. People really care about skin color and body types so much that they kill and discriminate against those who don’t fit what is “popular”. Different is unique and popular is what’s lame. Honestly. I’m ready to just fly myself to Mars. Heard they have something like water there. Hah! Just kidding, but for real. “Pretty” always seems to be attractive yet different is what is meaningful. That’s how I feel. I wish everyone would just be accepted for what they have and who they are. Even Oprah was discriminated against that one time for shopping around for a new hand bag. Sad

  32. Gods Gift says:

    I live in London and i was shocked to hear about this story, i don’t go clubbing so of course i was not aware of the discrimination that goes on. My best friend had this experience with victoria secret when they opened the stores in the UK, the guy said to her if you was nigerian we would not of hired you, and another well known company only hired her because they needed to fit in the criteria of race equality hiring. So basically in every team they had to have at least one black person or Asian.

    It makes me question why do we as black adapt and learn everyone else’s culture, but the majority of other races don’t take the time to understand us. It’s really sad to witness because i have friends from all types of races and cultures. If a “black” club done this to a white person in London I promise you that club would of been on front page news and it would of got shut down.

    I also think our people are to blame as well, I know one club does not allow black boys in but will allow black girls. the reason being because you have a small amount of people who start fights in the clubs so they mess it up for the rest of us. Anyway I hope this opens our eyes and makes us start supporting our own business.

    1. Yup, it’s all over the news in London

  33. MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! yes she knew.

  34. London Wil says:

    I went out with my friends during fashion week to 1Oak, I had a promoters number that said we should meet him up and we would be good. When I get there the other 3 girls I invited were let in but me the bouncer says I’m too casual, even though I see people go into the club dressed down from me, I’m like okay cool. I go back home about 40 mins, dress up go back and then I wait in line get to the front. The bouncer says to me you went all the way home and you couldn’t put on heels? (I’m a lesbian and I choose to wear clothes that make me comfortable) I stand outside explaining to the bouncer my friends are in the club and he didn’t care he said I could have put on a dress. I left and said I’d never go again.

  35. Rell says:

    I hate Miami because of the club scene. The city is racist. I went to a few clubs with my friends, and I was the only one allowed in the clubs. I knew they were not allowing them in the clubs because they did not meet their arbitrary beauty standards. I have medium brown skin with thick curl hair. My friends are darker with kinky hair. The party promoter told me, I was free but my friends had to pay. He even had different prices for my other friends. It felt like an “ugly tax”. The only reason I didn’t leave was because the girls wanted to go badly and we paid for valet. I felt disrespected and objectified. No Miami for me.

  36. Taylor says:

    This is heartbreaking, it’s bad enough to
    be a woman of color, but to be discriminated to not get in a club is ridiculous and hurts so much that being brown or dark-skinned is being looked down upon. I remember growing up and not feeling pretty bc I was brown. To see it carried over 20 years later is ridiculous.

  37. SI says:

    I’m a dark skinned girl from London and have been to DSTRKT many times. i just wanted to clear up a few things.

    1. The camera outside is not connected to the manager’s office (it’s for the door girls by the entrance)
    2. i’ve seen Zalika and Lin in the club many times & they didn’t seem to have a problem with ‘dark skinned’ girls not getting in before that day.

  38. Bonita says:

    My ex’s brother told him “she’s cute, but she’s too dark” in reference to me when we first started dating. Then he actually brought home a dark skinned chick. She might have been one shade lighter than me so maybe he felt she was brown skinned. *eye roll*

  39. Kay Lennard says:

    And I am okay with that!!!!
    #End mental slavery

  40. what is the brown paper bag test for gawds sake

    1. It was a literally when some organizations used a paper bag to compare against a girls skin. If she were the same complexion or lighter than a paper bag she was accepted. If she were darker, not so much.


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