This Former Stylist Quit Her Job To Follow Her Purpose Of Helping Homeless Women On Their Period | xoNECOLE
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This Former Stylist Quit Her Job To Follow Her Purpose Of Helping Homeless Women On Their Period

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  1. HoneyButter says:

    Wow…I never thought about homeless women and how they dealt with their menstrual cycle..amazing story. Lord bless this woman continuously!!!!

  2. This is so amazing. Sometimes your purpose finds you, and it’s awesome to see how she just stepped into do what she felt led to do. Thanks for sharing her story.

  3. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    I always wondered, but never thought more past but “how do they do it?!?!” I’m glad that Chelsea took that extra step to do her research and find a solution to the problem. Kudos to Chelsea and her team. Hopefully more sponsorship comes your way.

  4. Dopeness to the 10th power . But I’m poor 😩

  5. Leah Jeffers says:

    I love this article! God is always waiting for us and as she walked in her purpose to be a blessing and fill a huge need, God has guided her footsteps! Thank you for sharing your story! This is very encouraging!

  6. I never even thought much about homeless women and their periods. Chelsea I applaud you for listening to your spirit and creating a non-profit to help other women. What a beautiful thing to discover your purpose and use it to give back to the community.


  7. Jayna Flores says:

    I absolutely love this! <3

  8. Omg..she is awesome!

  9. She is an amazing woman!

  10. Judith Nwosa says:

    I felt so bad after seeing this. The only thing I worry about when i see homeless people are “what will they eat today?” And ” where will they sleep tonight?” Forgeting that they have other issues like me. This really made me think. God bless her. Thanks for the story Necole .

  11. I would like to start a similar program in my community. This is a great way to give back❤️

  12. Barbie says:

    Oh wow! This is amazing. I have never thought this far. I’m challenged to start the same initiative in Kenya.
    God bless you Chelsea for going a step further than the thought!!

  13. Barbara Brown says:

    An great story. Chelsea saw a need and help to make life a little better for those who struggle. I applaud you daily


  14. Lia Maii says:

    Super dope idea! Keep up the amazing work Chelsea!


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