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‘The New Stereotype’ Defies Society’s View Of Black Men

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  1. Bri says:

    While this is all beautiful, just wondering who is going around and educating white america that just because you see a black dude walking down the street with a hoodie and an ice t that’s no reason to fear him.

    Let’s be real here. when are we going to start educating white people on propper etiquette when dealing with people of color?

    I’m not saying alllll but yesterday I was watching a documentary on ole miss, and some of the attitudes I heard on that documentary are still echoed today. Maybe different words used but still same sentiments.

  2. LaTasha says:

    Although these pictures are gorgeous, I wish we will let go of the this notion that if we dress nice white folk will like us. They won’t. Jealousy is a powerful thing and as long as whites are insecure about themselves that’s not going to change. No one gives you freedom. Change you have to fight for and dressing nice will not change that.

  3. Kyla Ky says:

    There’s nothing I love more than a man in a nice, tailored suit. The ladies look great, especially the one in the white pants, love her outfit.

  4. Anya Michelle says:

    Dude, thats TOO fancy for me! Well, for my man. plaid suits and a WHooole lotta color, and all 0_o
    Jus a good dark suit will do, really! AND the baggy hip hop look STILL, if youre off-duty. BOTH.

    But okay 🙂

  5. There are many stereotypes to be broken, but none are represented here. Just a group of well dressed men. Hell, even Kanye was trying to do his “Rosewood Movement” to bring BACK this look, so it isn’t “new.”

    If the creator of this wanted to show us a new stereotype, it’d be Black men loving one another publicly without shame and being vulnerable. Perhaps digging deeper into the notions of masculinity and how current definitions are harmful.

    They are sharp though.


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