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The woman who’s experienced enough break-ups and make-ups to write a bestselling self-help guide. The woman whose style is just as fierce and as bold as the confidence that she proudly exudes. The woman who didn’t let life control her, but took control of her life, traveled the world, and has the Instagram feed to prove it. The woman who handles business by day, and still gets home in time to sip wine with girlfriends on #ScandalThursday nights.

The one who’s changing the world, one purposeful step at a time.

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Cool and unique proposal stories that will make you say, “awww!”

Spotlight on men who are more than just eye candy, but who also strive to be the difference in the world through career achievements, community outreach, and more.

Inspirational couples who are redefining society’s definition of love.

Beauty trends that you’ve tried and that were a success or a complete fail.

Women who run it or own it and are changing the game in business.

For people who’ve ever traveled the world on a really cheap travel deal or glitch.

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Example: “PERSONAL STORY: I Was A Runaway Bride.

We want real stories that aren’t shy with detail. Transparency is huge at xoNecole, as well as writers who love to experience new things. Just tried a vajacial? Tell us about it. How about that 3-country eat, pray, love tour you just embarked on? We’d love to hear about it!

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