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Your Soul Mates Aren’t The Romance Clichés You Thought They Would Be

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  1. DT says:

    Wow, I can’t thank you enough for posting this. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been reeling over the end of a relationship with a beautiful soul that I love dearly, but can’t continue a romantic journey with.

    When I met him, I felt and instant and divine connection that I had never allowed myself to open up to receive before. Though our time together was magical, we both have deep seeded issues that we couldn’t overcome together. When you described your fear of rejection and being extremely sensitive, it felt like I was reading a page out of my own diary.

    The quote “Soul mates come into your life in a flash, rock your world and leave you as an entirely transformed person, hopefully for the better, if you play your cards right” has given me such comfort and relief. The pain is here, but what I gained from this relationship will never allow me to go back to that guarded and fearful of hurt girl again.

    With gratitude

    1. Grace Grant says:

      You are very welcome love! The pain is surely agonizing and sometimes we may not see our way through the clouds of despair. But despite that feeling of hopelessness, that does not negate the good times, nor does it take away from the growth BOTH of you experienced as a result. Just because it did not last a lifetime, doesn’t make it any less DIVINE. Stay guarded, yet open & vulnerable. THAT is where your real power dwells. <3

  2. notesbykw says:

    This is an interesting perspective and I believe it to be true. The person you would come to know as your soul mate is the person who will help you understand yourself

  3. Portia says:

    My soulmate taught me vulnerability

  4. AK says:

    Yes! I think it is only possible if you are READY for vulnerability. My soulmate is currently teaching me this…

  5. browngrl86 says:

    I think I’m going through this now . Asked the universe to send me my soulmate ,4 days later he makes himself known to me, after months of using the law of attraction to attract my perfect guy. He fits everything on my list, it’s scary . So many signs and synchronicities telling me he’s supposed to be in my life. We met o line through work ,I met him in person finally (he lives in a few states over), he’s amazing like I thought. I do something I’ve never done before and tell him my feelings, I’m friendzoned . I blow up with anger directed towards him, apologize ,he accepts. I almost can’t be just friends with him because he disregards my texts, doesn’t reply for 5 days. I couldn’t take it, given my feelings for him, so I unfriend him on FB. Can’t deal with seeing him ignore me. But somehow he noticed I unfriended him and requested me as a fb friend again. Like he’s supposed to be in my life somehow . I don’t know how to feel. Learning process, still trying to figure out what I’m supposed to learn from this .

  6. Gigiarlington says:

    I think we encounter soul mates to reflect who we are. I met a guy some months ago and the minute our eyes met, I felt an instant connection. It was so scary that I purposely decided not to act on it. Seven months later, I was laying in bed thinking about him and I said to myself, If I see him tomorrow, I’ll give him my number. The next day, I saw him and I gave him my number. He texted me immediately and later on we talked on the phone. Then a week later, we went on a date. Talking to him and being in his presence felt like being with my younger self. I saw myself in him. Then we had sex. It was tantalizing. He made me consciously orgasm from penetration for the first time in my life and I wanted more. Every time we saw each other, I wanted him to make me cum and he did every time. Then I wanted more. I wanted to settle down and start a family but he wasn’t ready so I cut him off. He never contacted me. I pondered for a month why he came into my life and I realized that it was to clarify my desire to be married and to have children. Him not being “ready” to be a father reflected my not being ready for my desire. So I ever since I cut him off, I decided to focus on preparing myself for marriage and kids so that the next guy who comes into myself will be ready to be a husband and a father.


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