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How YouTuber ‘Shan Boody’ Built A Powerful Sex Positive Platform

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  1. I’ve thought about becoming an sexpert as well. Women have so much inner power and we have to use it properly. It’s such an amazing extension of ourselves.

  2. Angelina says:

    I’ve been following Shannon’s youtube channels for years and I am motivated by her perseverance. She isn’t afraid to be herself and put herself out there. Thanks for being honest and vulnerable and entertaining us followers throughout the years!

  3. Melz says:

    Love how comfortable she is with her parents and how they are soooo cool. I can see where she gets the confidence to speak about such a “taboo” subject. Ps can someone tell me where she got that blue outfit from in the pic!? Its to die for!! Xoxo

  4. Remember the nun in Sister Act 2? “You don’t have to bite the donut to know it’s sweet”…

  5. I am a sexpert and I can tell you it takes a real dedication to the lifestyle and providing correct information…not just eat some pineapples and suck d–k as advice lmao

  6. roseinweeds says:

    thanks for sharing her story! i had not heard of her before but it is refreshing to see how she is chasing her ambitions and dreams! thats awesome!


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