Rihanna’s 'Kiss It Better' Video Is All About The Best Part Of Make Up Sex | xoNECOLE

Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ Video Is All About The Best Part Of Make Up Sex

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  1. Still my favorite song on the album but the video is a snore

  2. Love the song but don’t care too much for the video.

  3. Ebony Gunter says:

    Sooo this is basically a solo porno? Lol. Smh. But to each it’s own.

  4. Mzkelly703 says:

    Love the song, and the part with the dice is kinda sexy. I feel like I see her nipples all the time tho

  5. Amya says:

    Rihanna’s naked…no surprise there, typical! SMH

  6. MP3CLOUD says:

    LOL, I am Like Where is the damn thing? pulled off probly? Well This stuff is RIRI’s thing y’all only gonna let her do her thing.lol

  7. TEXASGRL says:

    Wow!! OMG! Rihanna has a lot on her mind!!

  8. EdPo Beats says:

    I know everyone’s gonna disagree and dis, but I don’t think she’s ever sung with the soul she did in Love the Way You Lie. Love this girl.


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