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The Power of a Privately Praying Woman

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  1. Jai says:

    When you said,’Be still and be quiet’, Wow. That is where I need extra strength. God keeps telling me to let Him be my Strength in all situations, but I keep asking, without listening.

    Patience is definitely my Ego fighting myself.

    Your words are uplifting. God Bless

  2. Peta-Gaye says:

    The realest lines for me was “Don’t let anyone force you into their spiritual routine. Invent your own”- So true. Its not one size fits all!!!

    The second was “we text sermon notes to Bae and Friends that are meant only for us”. WOW. Poignant!!! Never thought that a word could just be for me to meditate on. I know in the past I’ve heard a sermon differently than those around me and just knew God had a special message for me.

    This was great writing! Thank you!!!


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