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A Different Side Of K. Michelle

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  1. Growth! We should all take a lesson.

    1. Taylor says:

      Well it would be nice if she actually was telling the truth! I read this article a few days ago and now she is on IG going back and forth with Loni Love of the Real. Being ignorant, swearing and nasty for NO reason. K..sorry hun you will NEVER get my support. The immaturity is appalling. The way she demeans people! Bye K Michelle. Why would someone at that level of success be so rude… She has already been blackballed from radio…so is she working on being blackballed on TV ..

      1. Shirlene says:

        I saw that too. Then saw this . She is such a contradiction. Talented but a nasty individual 😷

  2. K really have toned down her antics a LOT! Proud of her.

  3. TeeTee Wood says:

    I remember when Olivia tried to play her, people really didn’t expect her to succeed

  4. I really applaud her for this

  5. Yes Kimberly!!!! Love her

  6. She looked so much better back in the day without all of them extras…

  7. I love it growth is a beautiful thing!

  8. Jessica Arnold says:

    I love K….(Realist person I never met)

  9. Helen Smith says:

    Hi k see you still hanging with what every the world offer . growth make the world go around
    Keep up the light and faith lol love Mae

  10. Didn’t she say something similar about a year ago? I read it on another blog.

  11. Queena Rose says:

    I respect her for being real

  12. Tyreik says:

    So happy to have watched you grow. I will continue to support your success.

  13. TOM says:

    ThAT’S something i did not know scholarship for yolding go Kimberly you never cest to amaze me.i went to school Lawton Oklahoma fort sill Air force base. Beautiful treasure lakes mountain. Awwe

  14. Eric says:

    I respect and love K ❤️❤️❤️ She breaking down color barriers and making timeless music

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