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My Vagina Health Was Out Of Wack Until I Made This Change To My Diet

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  1. Sade says:

    Great Article. I too had been suffering from continuous bouts of BV and YI’s. I realized that it was All connected to my weight, and how unhealthy I had become. Our bodies are created so beautifully. If we just listen to our bodies and how it responds to certain things…we would be much better. I cut out fried,sweets,sodas, and laziness. I’ve replaced with baked/broiled/grilled, fruits, and good old water or 100% juice, and working out 4 days a week. I immediately noticed improvements.#YourVaginaMatters 🙂

    1. #YourVaginaMatters, yessss hashtag it because it’s so true! I think those changes are wonderful and you’re right, we have to listen to our bodies more because my body had been telling me in a multitude of ways that I needed to treat it better, but it’s so much easier to do the wrong thing isn’t it? Lol, Cook Out called my name so many times. But it’s a work in progress and definitely something I think my body’s benefiting from for the better. Glad to hear yours is too, thanks for reading!

  2. Lala says:

    This is some great info! Some other things go consider include a possible switch to underwear made of breathable materials. A lot of us (myself included) love the cute and frilly stuff but a lot of times they’re made of synthetic fibers that don’t allow your vagina to breathe. LET YOUR VAGINA BREATHE LADIES!

    Also… Keep in mind I’m not doctor but some of the ways I cured myself including amping up my probiotic supplements as this article suggested and making a capsule of apple cider vinegar and water.

    You take some purified water and some apple cider vinegar and pour it into an ice tray. (I do equal parts… It smells strong and the water is necessary due to the acidity of the ACV… Don’t want to burn yourself and what not)

    If you have a bout of BV that come on try inserting a capsule at night. You can also bathe in an ACV solution. Instant relief.

    Again I’m no doctor but I’ve been in a situation similar to the author where I refused to take any more antibiotics.

    Last thing I want to add which I learned through trial and error is that soap…. At least where you vagina is concerned is soooo not necessary and can actually be one of the causes of your recurring BV. & I know this is going to sound super crazy but my vaginal health increased greatly when I just used water to clean my vagina. After all, the vagina itself is a self
    cleaning and self regulating sex organ. All the other things usually made of harsh components like feminine wash and whatnot…. You. Don’t. Need. It.

    Again I’m not a doctor this is just what has improved my quality of life.
    I’m going to get these eating habits together too.

    1. I actually second that no soap thing! For me, I just haven’t found a brand just yet that doesn’t eff with my pH so I cut it out, especially when research confirmed that the vagina cleans itself. It helped me out a lot. I do bathe in an ACV bath once or twice a week though but clean with water and a clean towel everyday.

      And yes, sexy, dainty lacy things (in underwear) are great sometimes, but cotton and even taking them thangs off at night is good for you lol.

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who stopped being team antibiotics.
      I’ll definitely look into your remedy to see if it’s a viable option if I have the issue again. Thanks for the tips Lala!

    2. lyn says:

      Please i need a reply to the question am goin to ask. Pls ladies share your wisdom.
      I have been having reoccurring infection for the oast 2 yrs which test showed ws yeast infectiin and staphylococcus and gave me some antibiotics and myciten cream and tablet which i took. After a while it comes bck and i jeep treating it. Then recently i had pains in my liwer pelvic region and went to the hospital and was diagnosed with pid…i was shattered. .how could this hapoen to me…i barely had sex. To make matters worse i was told i had hydrosalpinx which means there was fluud in my tubes…i cried my eyes out cuz i want children in the future and i felt God was punishing me for an abortion i had in the past (pls dont judge me). Then i was placed on 3months antibiotics. .i felt like trash taking those pills and barely took it for 1 month wen i decided to stop and switch to herbal. I feel better but not totally cured. I stooped having sex completely and hooe to go bck for a checkup.
      My question is..what herbal medicatiins should i take. And how do i know something is wrong cuz i dnt even remember what a healthy vagina feels like nd my period halted for a while..its back nw byt its scanty.
      Am just 24 soo could dis be menopause. ..i rili want children in the future

  3. Jennifer says:

    I totally noticed that when I increased my greens intake, cut the sugar and dairy products, the smell of my vagina even changed! It was like hallelujah! Amen! The diet change also contributed to my overall change of body odor. I recently had a relapse where I consumed dairy and high sugar content food again, and my vagina started to get that fishy smell again. That’s when it was confirmed for me and I said I’m not reverting back to my old habits. I haven’t had a slice of pizza all year which is big for me as a New Yorker! So ladies, greens, water,,exercise, no sugar, no dairy, and pure cranberry juice! FYI, my new beau even asked me what was my diet, as he even praised my ability to stay juicy in the bedroom. 😉

    1. Ayyyye! Lol, I’m working on the dairy. I have cut dairy out where I can. I do almond milk instead of cow’s milk, but I still enjoy yogurt because of its protein and probiotic benefits. I’ve been loving Kombucha lately which is easier for me to drink than pure cranberry juice. I’m getting there though! Lol great tips!

  4. Eat more fruit….your man will love it! Lol

    1. Lol I know fruit is often the way to get a sweeter taste. Especially pineapples, that works for best sexes btw 😉

  5. Jas says:

    Goodness…you literally are what you eat.
    You eat bad foods and it negatively affects your body in SO many ways…every body part, every organ, every cell.

    I’ve been wanting to eat better and this is just motivation

  6. S. Nami Slade says:

    SAME!!! I got my first BV diagnosis a few months ago after dating a new partner. It was awful. I don’t believe in pharmacy medicines and I was having difficulty finding something that worked online (garlic in gauze and all the other fancy shenanigans). I changed my diet. Resembles this completely but I also minimized my dairy and gluten intake. I don’t do soy at all outside of edamame and that is because I learned that these items throw off your hormones which can also contribute. There’s a fantastic book called Woman Code that speaks about this in detail. So learning about my endocrine system, changing my diet and minimizing my alcohol intake fixed the problem right up for me. I’m also abstinent now but I expect not to have these issues once I’m ready to mingle again. Ladies, we need to blast this to all of our friends. Healthy yonis are necessary.

  7. Neezy says:

    This is gona be hard. I have a sweet tooth that rears it head every month for about a week *wink wink* and every so often in between. I’ve been suffering with these things attacking my yoni as well and reading that sugar is the culprit has really made me sad. I love milk. I love cereal. I love a chocolate chip cookie. 😢 lol. But I’m gona try it. Slowly but surely. These frequent visits and pill poppings aren’t fun..neither is what feels like the constant need for a panty liner. I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  8. roseinweeds says:

    who knew??! i didnt. i had just had a discussion w a friend abt sugar. i had never had a BV bt had one last yr that really screwed my mind up. it is long gone now bt to continue to promote vaginal health, im keeping the sugar thing in mind. ive recently gotten too attached the sugar (in all the wrong ways) and nw i hv more of a reason to cut it out! thx for sharing!

  9. Angela Love says:

    This is a very valid article. It’s so many women who have that odor and literally ignore it or try to mask it …

  10. After a year of suffering with BV I began cutting back on the sugar and eating more lean meats, veggies & and the right fruits, things finally cleared up and my whoo-ha was back to normal.

    1. Yeah, sugar is the culprit.
      Our lady parts are so delicate.

    2. Glad to know! I was eating the cho bani faithfully not knowing I was consuming all that sugar in it.

    3. Kafui Newman says:

      Bv is not caused by sugar. Candidiasis yes but not bv. It it a bacterial infection; easily treatable with antibiotics

  11. I had to save that article. Very interesting

  12. Some people may criticize this article and say how it shouldn’t be discussed.

    That’s the issue – not every female is knowledgeable about their bodies. If this article can help a few out then what’s the issue?

    The gynecologist knows your business.

    Your man or woman does, too.

    Look at it from an educational stand point and pass it on. If it’s not for you then share it with a woman that may need this as a reference guide.

  13. La Toya says:

    Probiotics in general should be added to everyone’s daily regimens. Not only helps you balance the good and bad bacteria in your V but does the exact same for your colon/intestines and stomach, thus reducing risk of stomach/colon cancer and other GI issues that have become pretty common these days. But are also avoidable with proper diet and care.

  14. The poppyseed I’m not to fond of , because if you go for a urine drug test ur going to test positive for drugs

  15. I had it once because I drank too much lemon water threw my ph balance off thank God I didn’t get it again the meds were awful

  16. Bri says:

    One supplement that has helped me tremendously and instantly is Pau de’ arco! I used to get yeast right before my period and instantly afterwards. It even ate my skin up (not literally) but the inside of my legs were pink. As soon as I took them pills, NO MORE YEAST INFECTIONS! I take 2 a day. Try it! Go to your nearest herb shop and you can thank me later

  17. Kat says:

    I also used to get infections 2-3 times a year. Cutting out sugar didn’t work for me, though I’ve heard it helps for others. What helped me was:

    1) Washing my vagina (in the shower, with just water) *before* sex or masturbation, to prevent external contaminants from causing infections.
    2) Taking a cranberry pill before bed every night (more than one if I’ve had sexual contact that day). I use the Costco Trunature kind – nice and cheap.

    Haven’t had an infection in the past year and a half since I started both these rules at the same time. Not sure which of these did the trick (or if it’s a combination of both), but I’m not curious enough to experiment and find out.

  18. MayScene says:

    My BV would ONLY flare up after (unprotected) intercourse with this one particular guy. His sperm interrupted my balance something terrible! Simple antibiotics did the trick but after the 3rd time around a chick was tired of taking those big ass pills twice a day for 10 days. So I had to tell him to switch his diet and get more fruit and veggies in his life,Because Caffine and Ciggarrettes for him was ruining Me. Ladies,You CAN use a soap for the vagina. FDS feminine wash is the best soap on planet earth. 10X better than Summers eve and Vagisil. I recommend the “Aloe Fresh” scent. Heaven in a bottle. Greek yogurt just so happens to be the only yogurt I eat so I have no problem there. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever,I have my days where I binge on snickers and fruit snacks. BUT I also have many MORE days where eat clean. Balance. Hope this helps.

  19. I never thought about sugar being a culprit to that issue. I would get BV every time I get pregnant and even when I’m not I know my ph balance sucks. I definitely like the yogurt idea and I have been looking for a lightweight breakfast to go along with my new eating style. I really enjoyed this read. You gave really insightful tips.

  20. Megan says:

    What probiotic do you all use? I’ve changed my diet but I would like to start on probiotics.

  21. nicole says:

    Coconut oil helps maintain a healthy vagina. It is also a fun lubricant.


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