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It’s easy to look around and see expensive cars, gold chains and making it rain in the club and think that is the measure of success. We live in a world of get-rich-quick schemes and folks driving cars and living in homes they can’t afford as if that’s what being “successful” really is, but if you ask Steve Harvey, real success comes from sacrifice, honesty, hard work, and sometimes having to hustle with almost nothing in your pockets.

When we were first introduced to Steve Harvey, he was a stand-up comedian headlining the Kings Of Comedy Tour, but he has gone on to star in his own sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show, produce and host his own talk show, release multiple books which have turned into films, and now a motivational tour.  Not to mention he landed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Last year, Steve hosted a Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success Conference in Washington D.C. (based on his latest book), where he dropped some heavy pearls of wisdom to hopefuls who looked forward to becoming business owners and entrepreneurs. Our friends at MadameNoire were there for a behind-the-scenes session to hear what Steve had to say about being homeless and living in his car before he got his act together.

Sounding like the wise uncle at the family reunion that everybody should listen to, Steve said anything worth having will require some sort of sacrifice, don’t dwell in the past if you’re looking toward a future, never compromise who you are, and always remember, you have to give up something to get something.

Here are a few gems he discussed below:

1. Success came at a price and over time
The road to success is always under construction.[…] I retired from stand-up in August of 2012 to get to where I am today. You always have to

give up something to get something.

This is what happened to me. My divorce is public knowledge, I’m a college dropout, I lived in my car, I was homeless, I made a mess of my life, and this is how I’m living now. I lost the guilt I feel about how I’m living now. I work very hard and go to work every day. I give honor to God for allowing me to come up and get over. If He can do that for me, why can you imagine it happening for you?

2. With success comes sacrifice
I don’t know if they are afraid of success more than they are afraid of what it takes to be successful. It’s the same reason people don’t eat right, because something tastes so good, they are not going to give up that taste to sacrifice for just a few more years on the planet. How can you make people successful?

3. Don’t spend too much time looking into the past
You can’t drive your car looking in the rear view mirror. That’s why the windshield of your car is bigger than your rear view mirror. Your rear view mirror is just so you can look and make sure you passed so you’re clear and can switch lanes. That’s all it’s for. You’re not supposed to stare at it and wish you were back there. You’re going to crash. If you keep looking in the rear view mirror, you’re going to crash your car.

4.Explore your gift and passion, even if it means you may have to struggle and grind for awhile
I don’t see why after you’ve discovered and recognized your gift, [you wouldn’t]do anything with it. That’s an injustice to yourself. Why would you have this wonderful thing inside of you and never explore it? Why wouldn’t you take a chance and see where it takes you? Your gift is free. If you’re living your life and it’s not what you want and there was an opportunity for the application of your gift, for you to sit there and not doing something about it is such an injustice to yourself. I can’t even tell the joy I had when I was living in my car. I was doing the thing that I was born to do. I didn’t want to give it up just to get a job and get an apartment. I was cool living in my car and pursuing my dreams because I knew it wasn’t permanent. I kept grinding and hustling. I would rather live in my purpose and having the freedom in knowing that I’m doing what I was born to do.

5. Don’t compromise who you are. Authenticity is key
All I can be is me. I know they have more education then me. I know they have more corporate value then me. I’m not that polished and I know that. But what has been the most effective part for me throughout my entire career and make my fan base gravitate towards me is my authenticity. I am just who I am. Whoever it is, corporate executives, presidents, CEOs, business owners, you’re in [the audience] because you want some more, so let me tell you what got me more.

6. Allow your children to regularly share their dreams with you and they will look forward to higher education
One thing I tell parents is that you try to beat the education into your kids. That’s cool, but you can save yourself a lot of pain if every 45 days, you sit your child down and just talk to them about their dreams. It’s a conversation they’d rather have anyway. If you really get them to talk about their dreams, whether they want to be a pilot or own a gas station or be a doctor or a lawyer, their dreams will spur them to get an education. But we don’t talk to our kids about their dreams. Find out what your child wants to be. Talk to them about their dreams. You’d be surprised how many conversations you could stop having about school once they understand that to get to their dreams, here are the steps they have to take. All of a sudden, science might be a little more interesting to them.

7. A positive mind lays the road to a successful future
You got to understand something about your brain. It operates in two sections: good, evil; positive, negative; right or wrong; righteous or unjust. It’s always a ying and a yang in your brain. The brain is like a factory; it manufactures whatever you tell it to. When you wake up in the morning, you can instruct whichever foreman you want to to go back to the factory and tell the workers to manufacture. Since I’m the boss, I just wake up and since I’m the boss, I tell my foremen what to do no matter what happens, there can be a positive result. If a door closes, I am to assume that there’s a better door opening for me to go through. I only look for the positive. I don’t care what the negative is.

The worst thing you can do is tell your big dreams to a small-minded person. I stay only on the positive side, no matter what the analysis of the situation is.

Also peep these videos from Steve Harvey’s Success Series at Strayer University. They are golden if you need a little nudge to help you take that first step towards your dreams!

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Define Happiness

Vision Board Your Dream

Find Your Plan of Action

Via MadameNoire

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38 responses to “[Motivation] Steve Harvey’s Tips For Success Are Golden”

  1. Mr. Wood5 says:

    I’m always open to inspiration. I needed this.

  2. speakthetruth says:

    Truly inspirational….

  3. NoBasics says:

    To anyone out there…. You all have the power to be successful ! Sure there will be obstacles & people in the way.. But if you want something then go for it. Anybody can be successful just be about it! Education + Knowledge!

  4. Murder says:

    Good tips

  5. kelly Denise says:

    Yesss! I love that he says you cant tell your dreams to small minded people. Some people have grown to be so complacent in life that cant even imagine the magnitude of your dream.

    I always say if im too comfortable, then it is time for me to move. It means i have outgrown my current situation.

    If only i known 10 years ago, what I knew today….

  6. Nikki says:

    Awesome!!! Good points!

  7. NoBasics says:

    Sometimes I fall back on #3 a lot. But he started from the bottom… That’s where success usually begins.. At the bottom so you can build yourself into something better… Damn I need this book & think like a man.

  8. Don't shoot me says:

    I’m happy for him, seriously I grew up watching the Steve Harvey Show. But I can never support this man considering how treats his ex wife, he just seems hypocritical to me, also very sexist.

    • Sheila says:

      Stay mired in other people’s baggage and see how far that will get you, he does not need your support, look at what he just said about negativity, who needs that in their lives. You may want to go figure out why someone else life and situation affects you in such a manner, you are looking for negatives in him because you are still hanging on to his situation, rid yourself of other people’s baggage, the man is clear on his mistakes in life and his reconcilliation with them, you choosing to continue to hold them over his head is the mentallity that keeps a lot of people back.

  9. Neket35 says:

    I really have enjoyed watching Steve Harvey’s inspiration and he truly is an inspiration, but I absolutely loathe this Strayer University endorsement. For profit universities are the biggest rip off going. I think what they’re doing is criminal.

  10. Miss T says:

    I just don’t like Steve Harvey. Sorry, not sorry.

  11. BrooklynHippie says:

    But what if you’re stuck in debt, and don’t know what you’re good at? It’s not that easy for people that don’t know their talents and put it to use :-(

    • LiveFlav says:

      Then get in more debt and go to Strayer University.

    • History says:

      Try to get a part time job and save all that money, having a savings account equivalent to your debt will help you feel more accomplished. Start examining your passions and what you would do if no one paid you. If that job doesn’t pay enough for you right now (like me) then make SURE you do those things in your spare time so you don’t lose sight of your passion.

      Good Luck :)

      • BrooklynHippie says:

        I have a full-time job that pays me okay it’s just the hours are crazy -_- But thank you so much for your feedback! I do need to do things on my spare time to discover what I like/good at rather than watching these ratchet shows lol xoxo

  12. Sheila says:

    Wow!!!! all awesome points, I live by many of those already, but got a few new ones from this, Love Steve Harvey, he is a man that knows his past, reconcilled himself with it and MOVED on, unfortunately a lot of people choose to stay mired in their mess and can’t get out and as a result, they expect others to do the same and when you are not living in your past or letting it define you, those that are tend to try to drag you back down and in to it, negativity is the cause of defeat and failure for many. I am a glass half full type of woman. I always, always go to the positive in a situation first. Great points from Steve.

  13. BlancaLatina says:

    It’s true success takes hard work and determination.

  14. va100 says:

    We need this…glad he made the choice to give back!

  15. BrooklynHippie says:

    Idk why my comment got erased I didn’t say anything negative or was dissing anybody I was just wondering and wanted some answers/advice.

  16. Sean says:

    Here’s the real road to success:
    1. Promote violence & negativity
    2. Promote homosexuality
    3. Stab people in the back
    4.Act like you love God but are really promoting Satan and his system
    5. Hide behind your money when social issues about race, religion, and society arise

  17. LadyB says:

    Now this is something you print out and read it and keep it in your view daily…….

  18. Christina says:

    Necole, I am loving these doses of positive inspiration. Everything Steve said was so on point. You have to make a decision to change your life, no one else – spouse, mama, daddy, sister, play cousin can do that for you. When you look at Steve, you can see the growth and progression from his days with the Kings of Comedy and The Steve Harvey Show (scripted series). I needed to watch these videos today.

  19. AkIR says:

    STEVE you the man!


    Don’t forget this the same man who said” to forget about slavery” as if it never existed. And then giggled SMH. Bought a book from someone made women think like men and slapped his name on it. New Negroes baffel me we lost Steve, losing Lonnie aka common never had pharell all the while they used the urban struggle to come up, you never gone see them again he already said he ain’t doing comedy no more so basically he out grown you Negros who help him get To where he is. and when u do see them don’t ask for chit cause they story is I came from nothing so you can too but in reality most won’t get out of black Middle, and lower class, which is poverty compared to your counter part. Now what you need to do is take on that challenge of buying from somebody that looks like you for a month.then you one step closer to being free.95%of that university is white so who he given the message too js. That’s my rant for today strugglenegrox

  21. jajajajaja says:

    I don’t have to like Steve Harvey to know that this is good advice. Great piece, Necole!

  22. Thandive says:

    Thanks for this article, Necole. It’s always good to come across some positivity.

  23. Absolutely loved reading his success tips! I can’t wait to watch the videos!

  24. tat says:

    Why Are there only fat black women in the audience

  25. Nae says:

    I needed this. I feel like I’m approaching a transitional phase in my life. Articles like this help me know I will be ok.


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