"I've Never Been A Slave To A Job Title": Radio Host Tracy G On Changing Careers 3 Times | xoNECOLE

“I’ve Never Been A Slave To A Job Title”: Radio Host Tracy G On Changing Careers 3 Times

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  1. Em says:

    Continued ** and ads that doesn’t intefere with the user’s interaction and overall experience . I really hope you take this into account Necole.
    From an avid reader xx

    1. Necole says:

      I totally agree with you and prefer not to run the ads that are intrusive. I’ve always been anti-intrusive ads. No one wants to box with ads to read content. However, it is the way we are able to keep this site up and running, and the staff and server bills paid 🙁

  2. Kesia Shani says:

    I love love Tracy G. She’s #blackgirlmagic! lol. I listen to her podcasts and morning affirmations almost daily! Helps me get my day started off right and put things into perspective!

  3. Em says:

    Great article ! However it is not the reason why I am commenting . I just wanted to ask you Necole, what is happening with the design of this website ? I can’t seem to click away past the plethora of annoying ads that sometimes even fill up the whole page . I understand the need to make revenue , but Im certain there is a way to integrate your content

  4. Alyson Perry says:

    I absolutely love her!

    1. TG says:

      <33 thank you babe!

  5. I lovvvvvvveeeee meeeee some Tracy G!!!! Yes!!

  6. Em says:

    I totally understand Necole. Gotta get those bills paid

  7. Pierrea says:

    Great article, reading about women who “thought” they knew what they wanted to do in life give me hope lol. Also I loveeeee the name “She’s Beauty and the Beast” and I don’t know much else about it…but I do plan on looking into it


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