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Lil Mama Remakes Rihanna’s ‘Work’ With A Sprinkle Of Some Brooklyn Flavor

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  1. Ebony Amira says:

    Nope… Just nope..,

  2. The song was fine. She really can rap, even her haters have toadmit that. The singing was fine, as she can hold a note, when most of the other rappers use autotune. I also applaud her for still working when, for some reason, people love to clown her.

    I really think she should have worn a different outfit though. She’s very petite,and that dress did NOTHING to highlight the small curves that she has. A big point of reggae (and all the similar genres of music) is that when a woman dances, she shows off her sexiness and lil mamas dress killed every bit of sexiness she tried to give, which is a shame. Different clothes could have really helped make this something.

  3. Pink says:

    It upsets me that Lil Mama can never receive objective criticism. This was actually dope and Im not a fan but we must give credit when its due. This video reminds me of how when back in the days when remixes were hott. this video is a great addition

  4. Bella Noche says:

    Great Job Lil Mama! I support! Show the Nay-Sayers what you’re about.

  5. Doesn’t she have friends? Can’t someone give her loving, friendly guidance?

  6. Lovely says:

    I like Lil Mama I think she is cute and classy we will never see her half naked blatantly talking about sex or ratchet topics. I was able to listen to this song with my daughter in the room. Good job lil mama

  7. Sunshine says:

    It was ayt but then again I have been drinking. The singing tho let it down but gotta love a girl that refuses to give up wen the world is telling her to. Good on u mama

  8. She almost had me but that singing was

  9. Candi Azucar says:

    Hashtag: Hang it up flat screen

  10. EMPRESS SC says:

    This was cute.

  11. DatsMyJAM says:

    I think Lil Mama has grown I’m liking her music as she grows. One thing for sure she does her and you can’t hate on that. I think with realignment of her team she could do great things! The work remix was hot some parts could be dropped but I dig it!
    J.Marsh (DatsMyJAM)

  12. kiki says:

    Go Lil Mama…I like it. Its just some people in the music buisness that people will never want to be great.

  13. Eva says:

    Awful. No sex appeal what so ever. The best part was when Rhianna took over!

  14. Allie says:

    Her album is really good. She can rap circles around a lot of people. I don’t like her outfit.

  15. Ka$h says:

    This didn’t bother me lol

  16. Gray says:

    I thought it was dope. It’s definitely lil mama style. Her singing could have been stronger but she kept it real. To be honest I would have loved if she redid the whole song and video, rapping not singing.


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