Battling Body Shame In The Bedroom

When You Are Battling Body Shame In The Bedroom, Remember This

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  1. Eric Vergara says:

    Man listen bring that sexxy gut rite over here im kissing all over them love handles. You got them cinnamon swirl stretch marks im kissin them 2 with a lil rub of cocoa butter

  2. Gray says:

    That used to be when my husband I were first dating. The hell that I would go through so that I always looked on point (only to look a mess afterwards) was too funny now that I look back. Now it’s whatever , whenever. It’s still nice to get all dolled up whenever possible and to act like we are still dating.

  3. Iamstyl says:

    This article was great!

  4. Luna says:

    Great article, as usual…
    I’ve always been a big girl, and back when I was 22 and started dating my first boyfriend who would eventually become the first guy I had sex with, this was an issue. I’ve always been super insecure about my looks, especially naked, but hey, my first time was at 2pm in broad daylight (and terrible), so, what do I know? As we grew to know each other better, over time, I let go of worrying about my belly looking weird, and after the moment he asked me to turn on the lights because he loved sex with the lights on, I just had to forget everything else. Still uncomfortable with my own skin, but I’ve learned that in sex, what matters is the moment, and if he’s there, it’s because he’s enjoying what he’s seeing/touching/grabbing.


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