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10 Things They Forgot To Tell You About Pregnancy and Childbirth

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  1. Peace & Love says:

    Dear person reading this,
    I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and you are important !
    Just trying to be nice on the internet, sometimes we just need such a message !
    I hope this comment helped you a bit and if not, Im sorry

    1. I surely needed this. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

  2. One day I’m going to learn to stop reading comments on pregnancy related posts. Yall slick scare the sh*t out of me for even thinking about having a baby EVER lol

  3. adub says:

    I’m good with adopting.

  4. Pasha Mayo says:

    I had all those symptoms but pooping during labor however please make sure to add that the first bowel movement after giving birth feels like trying to pass a VW beetle!! Also morning sickness can last all day and well into your second trimester. I had it so bad I lost 11lbs!!

    1. Shaun Lymas says:

      Girl yes! I was on the toilet for 2 days straight. TWO OF THEM! Child, I finally passed that Cadillac Escalade, and was mad! Lol!

    2. Pasha Mayo says:

      I know right!! I was wondering why they kept asking me if I pooped yet and then it came and I cried real thug tears!!

    3. My morning sickness was so bad I was in and out of the hospital. Finally diagnosed it as hyperemesis, which turns out to be so much more than just normal morning sickness

  5. I don’t like or appreciate how Kim was crying and going on about not being able to be pregnant but now it’s the worst time of her life?! Which is it? Shady stuff if you ask me but no one did so carry on.

    For me my first pregnancy was a breeze though he was overdue and I ended up with a cesarean after 50 hours of labor and inducement. Still fine. Second kid had a lot of scares and issues but overall I can’t and won’t complain because I know people who went into the hospital pregnant and came out empty handed. Yes, crazy stuff happens to your body or it can and labor and delivery is no walk in the park but it happens to all of us and if you want to have a baby this is what has to happen. 2 cesareans later and still no major complaints.

  6. Jhéanell says:

    …almost 3 years later and my memory is still shot! I haven’t fully recovered from pregnancy brain.

  7. They forgot to tell me that everything I learned in my birthing class would probably go right out of the window once I went into labor lol.

  8. riss says:

    I pee on myself all the time. Only 5mth preggo. Just bought some adult diapers that look like panties I’m not ashamed

  9. Lita Caproni says:

    Kim doesn’t enjoy her pregnancies because she’s incredibly vain and thought she was going to carry like her sister.
    Anyway, each pregnancy is different.
    I can say from experience if you poop before you go to the hospital you won’t poop while pushing the baby. Learn to breathe while having contractions and try some pregnant yoga so you can center yourself while giving birth.
    It only takes two weeks to heal after stitches and you forgot to add pregnant farts to that list. Lol Unless that was in there and I missed it cuz that fog never really clears up

    1. Shay Meadows says:

      Mannn i was there when one of my friends got the stitches. It looked like hell

    2. Lita Caproni says:

      Those stitches is not fun but at that point you done pushed a whole little person outcha body so you don’t even care. Lol

  10. Kay Mari says:

    Both my pregnancies were easy although the 2nd one I had to wear a belly belt to hold my stomach up lol and I was on pitocin to bring on the contractions(no epidural).

    1. Lucky. Mine was bad to the point where my dad was like don’t have anymore kids lol! I’m like I’m not lol.

  11. Donald says:

    I am glad I am not a woman.

  12. Tion says:

    I am currently pregnant with my third child and this is the best so far because I have a healthy controlled diet. Im now vegan and I carry like womensmall I look like a swallowed a basketball ball but from the back you couldn’t tell I was pregnant. No morning sickness at all, I haven’t had any of the symptoms mentioned and I truly believe it’s due to my diet. I refuse to consume dead flesh at this point in life and I think its doing a lot for me and my unborn. Wish I was as knowledgeable with my first two children. I find it horrible so many women speak about having c sections. Not knowing that doctors rush and do this for financial reason. They get paid for delivery and the additional surgery. Both of my births were natural no pain killers nothing. I labored at home and was only at the hospital a few hours before giving birth. We women have to know and believe in our strength. And not be rushed in these moments of life giving. I plan on having a home water birth this time with meditation music and candles, and im excited about meeting my new son.

  13. Sarah says:

    I hear women talking about how it’s a room full of people when you give birth. I’ve already decided when I give birth I’m going to make this a big no no. I’m only going to have the father of my baby, my mom and necessary medical staff (by necessary I’m excl all non essential nosy busy body nurses lol) Like I don’t understand how someone can birth a baby in that kind of chaos like they’re on some reality show. There can’t possibly be peace with tons of people in there!

    1. http://xonecole.com/wp-content/themes/xon/images/xoicon.png Joy Stokes says:

      Lord when I had my son, all of the interns in the hospital were looking at my no-no bits. Then I had to have a C-Section, and they all ended up in the surgery room. SMH. You absolutely can tell your doctor that you don’t want any interns in there. But they will ask, lol!

  14. 4thewire says:

    Glad I never want children.

    Can you talk about how your pelvis opens and changes your shape (KIMK)

    And breast feeding + the 4-6 weeks of healing after the fact and diet change if your breastfeeding pls.


    1. Sarah says:

      Girl you really think childbirth is what gave Kimmy that awkward pumpkin shape? You seen Khloe and her new butt/weird hips. Das what happens when you go overboard on those surgeries. None of these fake hips/butts look natural if you gain weight. Think K.Michelle as well at this years BET awards lol

  15. Rose says:

    Pregnancy is one of the hardest things that will happen to the women body. Some people have easier pregnancies then others, but at the end of it all you get this beautiful blessing from it. There are women who would literally kill to get pregnant and can’t.

  16. Pari' Sade' says:

    No one told me that you can push too hard and too fast. I pushed my baby out in 6 pushes and tilted my sacron which made it very painful for me to walk. I was in physical therapy immediately after delivery. Thank god for recovery.

  17. I would say I loved being pregnant! My first trimester was a little rough (I was so exhausted I barely remember those 3 months lol) but after that it was a beautiful experience. Of course my ankles swelled, my nose spread and my clothes barely fit, but I tried my best to focus on the experience of carrying my first child- my daughter. Labor was smooth, but the recovery so far has almost been the worst part of all this. I didn’t expect to feel like my old self overnight but the aches and discomfort makes it harder to care for my newborn the way I would like to. But the journey continues; our family is adjusting, we’re learning to grow together and our newborn is bonding with us. Nothing better than that. ❤️

  18. Erin says:

    I’m currently 7 months pregnant and I’ve had many of these symptoms. I don’t like to complain about my pregnancy, because compared to a lot of other people, I’ve had it fairly easy. But the constipation, aches while sleeping, leg cramps, nausea, fatigue, constant peeing….that stuff sucked.

  19. What did I sign up for????

  20. Andrea says:

    Things I learned while pregnant…..
    1. You will get a catheter immediately after you get your epidural.
    2. If you are being induced eat before you go to the hospital.
    3. After child birth you will bleed for what will seem like forever and it will STANK no matter how much you shower.
    4. Most importantly (and sadly)……

  21. Maria says:

    I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy much. I was under a lot of emotional stress as well as dealing with all the unwanted pregnancy hormones but I would do it all over again. Feeling your baby kick inside of you is one of the most exciting and wonderful feeling I have ever had. My labor was quite easy, I dilated 2 cm before I had an emergency c-section thank God. Another great thing about pregnancy is the sex. I was getting it in until the night before I gave birth

  22. Marie Chio says:

    My gums bled a lot too. And when I went into labor there’s no breathing thru the feeling that your body feels like it’s ripping in half and you want to kill someone at that moment.

  23. Yes the spitting thing was so disgusting! No one told me about it because no one in my circle had ever experienced it. I had to carry around a spit cup! Oh and sometimes the hemorrhoids don’t go away after birth. As long as they don’t bother you, the doctor won’t touch them

    1. Lol funny because my best friend dealt with the same thing. I never knew people had issues with spitting during pregnancy. But she surely had her spit cup handy at all times lol.

  24. Everything they said here I had except bleeding gums… I felt gross like KimK and hating every single bit of it… only thing is I had a csection so I didnt have to deal with stitches in my cooch

  25. I had all day extreme morning sickness lost 25 pounds, the first four months I survived off crackers and juice because the water was too hard for my belly. I used to pass out all the time and pee on myself with knowing and nobody told me u bleed for a few weeks after birth and that you hair fall out when the baby around 3 months. I disliked being pregnant it was uncomfortable for me

  26. I hated both pregnancies since I was sick both times for 9 months morning, noon and night. However I loved each kid before they were born 🙂

  27. Ashely Price says:

    For me the 2nd trimester was the best. The 3rd was ok, but by week 37 I was over it lol. I didn’t have the bleeding gums or hemorrhoids. I also didn’t poop, but after I delivered I passed gas in the doctor face for about 5 minutes lol. I couldn’t control it due to the epidural. Thank God I didn’t need an episiotomy.

  28. Lol it just made me feel for you…bc wow… Oooo goodness but it’s all worth it!

  29. I enjoyed mines until I couldn’t sleep or see my feet and labor was long

  30. TN says:

    Pregancy was awesome for me. The most amazing part was knowing that I was carrying another human inside my body. It was simply put a blessing. I had bleeding gums, frequent and I do mean frequent trips to bathroom at 2:00am. Crazy dreams, I dont know how many times I dreamt I left the baby in mu purse, or clowns hanging on the bed. And oh lets not forget about leg cramps..those were just fantastic along with the fake contractions again at 2:00am..lol. I enjoyed being able to eat what I wanted when I wanted. The weight I enjoy that to especially because some stayed in various places. Sore boobs yea, I had those too, not to mention the mood swing aka crying during commericals. But again I would’nt trade it. In fact I’m excites about doing it again. Hey they make really cute maternity clothes I was good there. My hair grew like weeds, my nails were beautiful. I worked all through my contractions, no for real I was at work and didnt realize I was in labor until I lost the mucus plug on one of trips to the ladies room. Off to the hospital we go, contractions werent bad until they put they baby monitor around my belly. Thays when the pain hit. Started hving bad anxiety baby’s heary rate dropped ended up having a c-section and well thats another story. It turned out great for me I have a healthy happy one year old girl named Isabella. Heck Yea!! Pregnancy rocks. But its different for everyone.

  31. #3 is so accurate . I’ve never been so scared to sneeze in my life !!

  32. Whit says:

    Definitely had a spitting cup, nonstop morning sickness until month 6, when my hormones were going back into place you my hair fell out and this leaky bladder. But the pros my weight gain looked good on me and thanks to breastfeeding and exercising i am 12 lbs away from my prenatal weight 5 months postpartum and my labor wasn’t bad at all.

  33. Nae Rodgers says:

    They also don’t tell you that you can develop SPD (symphysis pubis disposition) an ailment where your pelvic joints separate very early in your pregnancy causing a misalignment which in turn cause severe pain when walking standing even laying down I had it with my last three pregnancies and sometimes they pain would get so bad I couldn’t get out of bed without crying,but aside for that and the ridiculous heartburn I enjoyed all 4 of my pregnancies

  34. JMO says:

    Ahhhh the not so joys of pregnancy. Been a mom for 19 months and I’m daydreaming about having baby #2 despite how much I hated being pregnant. I hate being physically uncomfortable. I gained 50lbs but I definitely earned that! Lol the eating without guilt was the best part!! Lol It was not at all an enjoyable experience for me but the lil guy that put me through the pain was so worth it! Even after the months of sleepless nights & busting my butt in the gym, He makes our family whole. 😁 But I need at least 3 more years before he gets a sibling! Lol

  35. Mrs.Ramey says:

    And also add c-section..I have had 2 of them and it takes up to a year for your body to heal properly.

  36. Imoteda says:

    PREACH! I gained so much weight while pregnant I developed a little thign called sciatica. Basocally a nerve got pinched under all that weight. Some days I would be laid up in bed unable to move cause the pain was so bad. When I was seven months pregnant I fell and had to crawl in pain to my laptop to get a friend to call 911 (my phone was two rooms away I could never reach it) Only for the paramedics to show up and pretty much tell me I just had to ride out the pain cause any drugs they would give me for the pain would be potentially harmful to the baby. Then to add to my mortification I was almost too heavy for the poor guy and girl to move to my bed and had to assist them by half crawling and half being dragged to my room. How’s that for a self esteem boost?
    Then this child had the nerve to put me through 9 hours of labour and SPLIT me in half with her big ole head. Had to get stitches and wear a heavy duty pad for three weeks after birth. Not to mention my Nigerian-ass mother made me sit on a hot bucket of boiling was mixed with salt and mentholated ointment to speed up the healing process. The pain was unbelievable. But you should actually do this if you have stitches after birth. The doctor couldn’t believe how fast I was healing.

    Was it worth it to have the gorgeous 8 year old I have now? Most definitely.
    Will I be doing it again?
    No thank you. I’m adopting from here on out. All these kids in the world, I don’t need to be making more.

  37. Realnessatitsbest says:

    This is def a scary article but don’t let it fool you guys. While everything here is true, every woman and I mean every woman has her OWN pregnancy and birth experience. I had a fairly easy pregnancy..morning sickness only for the first trimester, carrying after that was a breeze and I carried small. Labor on the other hand lasted 3 days! Me going with what I saw on tv I didn’t go to the hospital or call my doc because I thought since my contractions were irregular in time intervals, that they’d just send me right in home(one should always consult their doc/midwife about their pregnancy and labor-not your sister mama best friend auntie-remember every woman has her own experience!) I had my first contraction on a Friday, they continued irregularly through Saturday and by Sunday at 11:09 I was cut open to welcome my baby to the world. Wasn’t happy about that c section at all but I’d do it all over again if that’s what it takes.

    The one thing I NEVER learned that I’m still struggling with today is..my boobs completely changed up on me :(. Lol I was only able to breastfeed for 2 months but no one told me that the boobies change demeanor..these thanks saggin and I haven’t even reached my sexual peak! I wish they still stood at attention like they used to, but again, its all worth it for the beautiful person you bring into the world 🙂 HAPPY PREGNANCIES LADIES!

  38. Jersey Girl says:

    Had the best pregnancy EVER!!!! but that after not so much. I gained 60lbs, 20hrs of labor, and c-section later I handsome baby boy :). Stayed in the hospital for 5 days, had a fever that would not break, swollen every where, and was constipated talk about winning!!! Released from the hospital only to return 5 days later to ER for trapped gas. I would do it ALL again I love my son more than the air I breathe.

  39. Paris Smith says:

    My whole body aches after reading this lol I think I can hold out on a baby for a while lol

  40. Brittany Brown says:

    I would like to say this article just scared the living hell out of me, lol. I do all of this for a child that becomes a teenager that hates me. I now understand my mother.

  41. Ronni says:

    I just had my first baby a week ago and I must say the pain was bare able. The hardest parts were being tired from pushing (I pushed for what felt like endless hours and was in labor for 36 hours), and trying not to push when they told me to hold it. I ended up with a second degree tear, which required stitches, but it hasn’t been that bad. I actually like the comfort of the mesh undies and adult diapers. Since I am breastfeeding the bleeding has mostly stopped thank god! I used to think I couldn’t do it, but women we are resilient! So, if you are scared of having kids based on the pain, understand that you will get through it and there is a tiny blessing at the end of it all. So far the hardest part has been breastfeeding and not getting any sleep. I feel like I haven’t slept in years…. lol

  42. Vulani says:

    great article,the stitches part scares me.

  43. TheBRONZEDandTheBEAUTIFUL says:

    Kegals, kegals, kegals ladies!!! This helps. Two months post partum and every now and then I may tinkle just a tad but kegals have prevented more than just a sprinkle down under. I hated pregnancy for all that it was worth, I love my child but it’ll be a while before I push another one out, if ever Lol. Thank God for IUDs .

  44. Anya Michelle says:

    Good GOD Im SO NOT doin that! 🙂

  45. HoneyButter says:

    Child no…..im afraid. But it will not stop me. I will try again. Ive been pregnant twice and my babies just didn’t hang on for mommy and are back with the Heavenly Father but man am I afraid. Hopefully things aren’t as bad. We will see.

  46. nyc says:

    Aight relax. Don’t go trying to scare the ladies. Every woman has a different experience. I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and I had a very easy pregnancy and a pretty decent labor. Do I want to do it again? NO but it wasn’t the worst experience. Half of the things listed I didn’t experience.

  47. Roxy says:


    As someone without children, this post has made me even more scared. Pregnancy literally sounds like torture. How does one find a surrogate??

  48. April says:

    My first pregnancy I had a c-section. My second one I was suppose to have a c-section but my water broke and my contractions were 2 minutes apart so I said “ok. I will try a vaginal birth” BIG MISTAKE!! I had her in 2 hours but she tore me so bad! I needed a total of 11 stitches inside and out! The burn I felt of it ripping was crazy! The good thing I can say is afterwards I felt no pain. It went away as quick as it came! The c-section was pain for bout 4 weeks afterwards.

  49. Khalia says:

    Kim Kardashian hasn’t enjoyed her pregnancies because both have been very high risk for her. Just because she desired to have children, doesn’t mean she has to pretend like it went perfect for her she’s human like everyone else. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently.

  50. 4thewire says:

    AFTER all is said and done who do these celebs bounce back without strechmarks.

    And a bikini body in 2 months when they gained so much weight?

    Tell me there is a pill PLS……

  51. mom2be says:

    Im due in 3 weeks and mannnn im so scared of labour pains. It’s 3am and im reading about “tips on giving birth” lol. I see that eating dates and pineapples might help,so ill stock up on those. Hellllllp


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