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Perseverance Personified: Keyshia Cole On Celibacy, Self-Love & Life After Divorce

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  1. Jess says:

    I love Keyshia. I don’t why people throw so much negativity at her. I’m glad she finding her happiness.

  2. Court says:

    Enjoyed the article. Congrats Necole.

  3. LaTasha says:

    Love this!! I’ve been abstinent 15 years this past June( I know I’m practically a virgin again…lol). I am very emotional so I need to be married the next time I get physical. As for Keyshia, I just hope she stays positive and not let a few bad relationships make her feel she can’t date in this generation because she’s not “stupid enough”. Are there some bad apples out there? Of course. She hasn’t exactly made all the best dating choices either. There are good men out there. I hope she continues to take time and get to know Keyshia. I’m confident the next time, it will be right.

    1. xonecole says:

      Love Keyshia! She’s experiencing so much growth and seems to be at a happier place 🙂

    2. taylor says:

      It has been 4 for me …….and I am fine loving me …. I can not imagine giving myself to someone not worthy….

  4. TheBRONZEDandTheBEAUTIFUL says:

    This interview is so liberating! Lol this takes me back to my days of abstinence, I was single, free. Life was good! I currently have an almost two month old and the relationship between her father and I is just in shambles…I’m ready to separate myself from the foolishness and move on and get back to me as well as giving my daughter the life she deserves… I’m ready.

  5. Rashida Jay says:

    Not for nothing, that’s probably when she got her life lol… Nothing will make you mature faster than acting a plum fool over a man lol

  6. roseinweeds says:

    oh keyshia. the reposting of this story seems calculating and timely considering everytime i try to root for keyshia…she is in the news acting crazy over some dude! (now its bow wow??) idk if its true or whatever but… shes better than this, right? at least thats what she wants us to believe in this article.


  7. lakeisha says:

    great article. although boobie and Lebron play in the NBA not NFL. lol

  8. Ashley says:

    great article. i love the positivity, and i understand where Key is coming from. im in the same place trying to work on loving myself and my son before anyone or anything else. i wish her much luck!

  9. Roger Smith says:

    Great interview

  10. cutlerbay1 says:

    Just from the article I gather there were some communication problems between Gib and Keyshia. Both with careers and a young son to deal with can be challenging. His injury left him searching to be healed, but not knowing what his future would hold for him and his wife touring probably torn them apart because he needed her to be supportive when they were going in different directions.

    I understand she’s still hurt about him stepping out, but how long is she gonna make him feel guilty about his indiscretions. I think it’s wrong to keep bringing that up and the issues with her mom. SHE’S TIRED AND EVERYBODY ELSE IS TIRED OF LISTENING. At some point, she needs to concentrate on her family, husband and son only and not everybody else, which she has been doing for a long time.

    Obviously, she’s still in love with her husband, but she keeps saying ex-husband because they live separate lives. I’m confused. Why don’t she divorce him, wait on the “right” man and move on. It’s not that easy to introduce a new man to her son when you know he loves his daddy.

    I hope Keyshia and Gib will work on their marriage and mistakes made thus far. It not like he’s not there and doesn’t support her and his son. Keyshia needs to stop trying to control the relationship and be supportive sometimes because it ‘s not ALL ABOUT YOU and your son only, you have a husband that needs your support too. Stop holding on if your husband is so terrible that you can’t tolerate him anymore just for the sake of his son.

  11. Glamethyst Jones says:

    Great interview. Always will love Keysh!

  12. Marie Chio says:

    I feel her pain.

  13. Nia Bia says:

    Wow she looks different.

  14. Jarita Moore says:

    She looks very pretty

  15. Angela Jones says:

    But wasn’t she just fighting over birdman not to long ago? I’m glad she has matured anyway. Good for her.

  16. Please read the article, first. We’re so quick with the tear her down comments, sorry folks no birdman mentioned in the article. She lives her life in the spotlight but I am pretty sure, we all have a birdman like figure in our past that if the world knew, it would destroy us. Great article, Necole.

  17. Tee says:

    I watched her first reality show from what I saw a lot of when he wanted affection and support she couldn’t do it – I remember when he had surgery and she came in she was awkward couldn’t offer words of encouragement she was just off – marriage is about sacrifice – good old fashioned sacrifice she wasn’t willing to put her career on hold for him – how many years down the line she’s still blaming him. I could be wrong but that’s what I saw … It never takes two to make it work in a relationship- it takes one person to decide to come around to the other person’s way so that there can be agreement – that’s what submission is.

  18. Lynne says:

    I’m convinced that women are dumb.

  19. TeeTee says:

    I understand the purpose of abstinence and I agree with it in part but are some women so simple that they let sex cloud their judgement that much? 3,4,5 years? Humans are sexual creatures, that is insane to me. BUT thats just my opinion.

  20. K Scott says:

    After reading the article & the comments as usual there is a concern. Celebs & now regular day people’s lives are televised for the world to see and nothing is private anymore. Since I don’t have social media, the means to keep things personal will go as follows.

    Keyshia I love you & your music. Do I know her personally? Not at all, her job is to entertain. Yes the rumors I’ve heard over Birdman etc, had me questioning her well being but that’s her life. I have my own problems, I cheated & held on to a failing relationship & now being single makes me question myself with each step I take. No one is safe. When I cheated the relationship spiraled out of control 3 years after the fact & now I have to heal from the damage.

    Women in my point of view don’t get the luxury to really grieve when it comes to relationships. Keyshia is still holding hurt because the trust was lost, I get it, I knew my ex lost trust but we were willing to work through it. Some people can’t come back from cheating, it sucks. I thought I got away with mired but then I was getting disrespected. There comes a time whether we like it or not that we have to wake up & stop living in a dream.
    There are fairytale endings for people that do the work to fulfill that destiny.

    To be honest whatever good men are out there, it’s going to be hard as hell to find them. As far as not having sex goes, that’s a choice. Some people just may not ever be in the situation where they will get married & since you’ve dealt with many experiences you know better now. My expectations for a man are even different.

    Good look to all that want love & refuse to settle but also realize time ain’t forever & it requires work for relationships to stand the test of time (cheated on or not).

  21. Opinions Counts says:

    We agree, for some people sex bring about ownership. One partner gets more attached than the other. One partner isn’t about the ownership thang, they want to be free to do whomever they want to do, whenever they want to do them.

    People have to be on the same page, when they get involved sexually. Because, getting romantically involved, can be a very serious committment to some people. When there are other people that just takes being romantically involved as a casual game.

    So I can understand why she is shutting down sex, because it can be an interference to finding true love.

  22. Tyeise says:

    Really loved the article, and I practice abstinence too, because sex will have you seeing something that’s not even there. (7 years strong)


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