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Keepin’ It Locked ‘Til She Gets A Rock: Insecure’s Yvonne Orji On Being A 32-Year-Old Virgin

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  1. Tanya says:

    Yvonne is from Nigeria- not Ghana

    1. Zoe says:

      The article does say that she is Nigerian!!

  2. TA says:

    Yvonne is from Nigeria, not Ghana! Great article nonetheless, and great interview with TBC.

  3. Love the show… inspiring story

  4. Eliza David says:

    She’s everything! I love her!!

  5. I love that she is a PROUD virgin. So inspiring!

  6. Jay Sims says:

    You sound miserable

  7. Eri Long says:

    I love this so much

  8. Sonya Tiye says:

    lmfao why are u mad?

  9. Jay Sims says:

    Girl thanksgiving is tomorrow don’t be a grouch

  10. Taylor says:

    Great article! Such a positive inspiration!

  11. aww I like her even more knowing she’s got an education!!

  12. I’m sorry! I was unaware that we were on a “Hey GIRL hey!” basis.

    Number 1: I am aware of what tomorrow is! But you do know that ‘Thanksgiving’ commemorates the murders of thousands of Native American people on their own land at the hands of white European people. Soo . . . umm. Yeah.
    (TELL ME you don’t believe everything you learn in text book history)

    Number 2: Miserable and Grouch don’t live over here. But YOU seem mighty familiar with them as you seem to feel so bold and free to name drop those terms amongst strangers as an attempt to be derogatory. How wack-fully petty.
    (Very wack. But kinda cute.)

    Number 3: How audacious of you to attempt to project your insecurities onto me by trying to insult me with the very things YOU may be feeling on a daily basis. (Are you paying attention? 🔎)

    Number 4: There are NO stupid questions. So if you had a question about my comment, all you had to do was ask, my luv. And , although I’m not into explaining myself to people who hold no position or importance in my daily life. I would do my best to provide an understanding and agree to disagree, if necessary. (Got it?)

  13. AC Makwar says:

    I love her on the show! =)

  14. Is her name pronounced like Orgy? How ironic…

  15. Bee Wrenn says:

    Im practicing that too but not by choice😣😣💀😢 But im actually happy about it. Our jewelry box really is a gift and no one has the right to open it unless the key has been given.

  16. Charrise Kym says:

    It should be by choice not because your not currently talking to someone

  17. Bee Wrenn says:

    I know but at this point im ok with not doing anything i need this time to get myself right. I keep making wrong choices and I own it and now im working on it

  18. Toni Dowers says:

    Check out her Breakfast Club interview. I never saw Insecure before but now I’m gonna check it out

  19. even tho I know, all I see is Molly. Those acting skills tho!!

  20. Loved her on The Breakfast Club had no idea who she was but I am not mad at her life choice…I admire that

  21. Umi Chilemba says:

    K I like her on the show but…32 my ass, I’m only 4 years younger than her [and as most black women do]- still could pass for 17-18, she’s at least 38 and I doubt she’s a virgin either. She’s using it to look edgy I suspect, which is just EXTRA.

    1. natacha says:



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