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Career Coach Jacqueline Twillie Shares The Best Way To Negotiate The Salary & Benefits You Deserve

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  1. Vpprinces01 says:

    I didn’t negotiate my pay and felt burned when I found out all of my counterparts (in a small talent pool, skill specific role) started off about 15% more than me. I was just so happy to get the job I said yes to my offer letter. Smh. I didn’t make that same mistake when I got promoted to my current role. The company said they budgeted only a certain amount for the role. I disagreed with the offer and expressed my high demand skill set & experience. I also suggested a time frame to which they could bump up my pay if my performance was satisfactory. They ended up counteroffering. It still wasn’t as high as I asked but I least I got more than that bare minimum they tried to give me.

  2. ThatAccountant says:

    When would be the appropriate time to ask about salary and possibly negotiate? First Interview, second interview, or after I have secured the position? All my life (and all through university especially) I was taught to NEVER bring up salary expectations or ask about pay in a job interview.I have been disappointed so many times because I never ask then find out after I have accepted a position that the salary is too low for me. Someone please address this issue

  3. 4thewire says:


  4. LEW1913 says:

    That is correct, it is NEVER good to bring up salary discussion during the interview process. I have been on a interview were the interviewer brought up the expected salary range for that position and once I heard the amount I completely lost interest in the position. Plus, I quoted amount above the max salary for that position. In the event the salary topic is address during your interview make sure you are well prepared. Generally, if it is addressed during the interview I try to let them know that my salary range is negotiable. If the insist that I provide an exact amount I try to provide a range. I think it’s a good to ask what is the salary range for the position prior to going on the interview. time has the range may be Once you have been offered the position then you can negotiate your salary requirements.

  5. Guess I’m in that 7 percent…pay me my worth!

  6. Shawn Owens says:

    Sometimes the offer is non-negotiable

  7. I always ask and get shut down

  8. and Sometimes beggars can’t be choosers


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