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I Jetset On A Budget For An Entire Year With These 12 Travel Hacks

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  1. ayesha e says:

    As a parent with a full time job and a husband, I’m very offended (not really) but what a ridiculously negative way to view people who have the ability to Travel. My husband and I spend maybe 10% of our income on travel. So far we have been to Mexico, Jamaica and Cayman Islands. Next year we plan to go to Costa Rica and Thailand. We each get 3 weeks of PTO and have an amazing support system. We don’t shop and we live on a budget. We travel with our starbucks and movie money. We look for deals, we stay at cheap hotels. There is no silver spoon! Just good planning. I really enjoyed these tips 🙂

  2. Jia says:

    It’s amazing that folks will find the negative in such a positive post.

    She’s here telling you exactly how she did what she did so that you can possibly duplicate it and rather than at least TRYING to map out your own way via these tips, you bite her head off AND make assertions about OTHER people who travel extensively..based on what…rumors from the internet?

    Anyway, thank you for sharing these tips. As someone who hasn’t traveled much but would absolutely like to, I appreciate this.

  3. LisaNicole says:

    Travel for a year?? you must not have a job, so I guess its nice to Jet Set when you have no job,kids,home or responsibilities and your well to do parents pay for all your expenses and you max out credit cards all for the sake of the “gram” They make it sound so easy! News flash Zim from Travel Noire her parents are rich ass well to do Africans. She’s been living that lifestyle. Now she’s capitalizing on it youve got to pay a memebership for her “services”.

    1. LaSaundrasScene says:

      Traveling for a year does not mean non-stop. I like Natelege have been bitten by the travel bug. Within 4 months I had 4 countries and 1 city booked Costa Rica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Chicago and Iceland booked all under $1000.

      Being a traveler doesn’t mean you can’t be a mom, have responsibilities or a job. It just requires planning and thinking smart. My job allows me 2 weeks of vacation for the year. Planning smart will allow you the ability to travel and still not use the full two weeks of vacation. Take shorter trips. Most of my trips are 3 days maximum and I prefer to incorporate a weekend. If I cant due to catching the deal I like to do half days of work so I’m not missing a full day of work. I will also come back from a vacation and go straight to work if my arrival time allows me to.

      As for being a mom, I have no children but I do believe a great support system goes a long way. It’s easy to say what you can’t do, but life is more exciting when you take risks and go for it.

      1. 4thewire says:

        @LISA NICOLE

        thats true for all these start ups (parents money ) says how easy something is lol.

        In order to give advise on such matters they would have to have done the traveling 2 or 3 times lol.

        ALWAYS A DAMN CATCH imma save my monies the old fashioned way.

        There are cheaper ways to travel I’m sure.

        when something sounds to good to be true it usually is!!!!!


    2. Zim says:

      Who told you my parents were rich? I come from a single parent home — where my mother left my abusive father and raised my siblings on her own. We were raised in shelters & on welfare.

      So, before you are so quick to judge, please recognize that my lifestyle only exists because I sacrificed for it and worked REALLY hard to create it. Don’t knock Natelege for living and sharing her truth & her purpose. If you’re interested in reading more about my story, you can click the link below:


      1. Barry says:

        Hi Zim, thanks for sharing the link to your video. I enjoyed the presentation and learning about your personal journey. Much success to you in 2016.


  4. Thanks for sharing these great tips

  5. Great tips!! I’m about to see the world next year on a budget! Hollaaaa!

  6. KiKi says:

    Awesome sauce!! Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. I LOVE to travel and these are GREAT tips. I am a true believer in Ebates, but did not know about a couple of the other sites you brought to my attention. Peace and many blessings to you!

  7. Rania Rae says:

    Airfarewatchdog is what I’ve been using since I went to LA for under $200 RT

  8. Great tips for globetrotters like me,I see you fell in love with my Country South Africa,hope you got a chance to experience the culture and food.If you ever in Dublin, Ireland halla at me

  9. Barry says:

    Great story! Please fix the typo in headline for tip No. 11. Onward!

  10. So have you did any cruises yet….

  11. Yaassss! Love this -thank you

  12. Candi says:

    I used to travel more often in my early 20’s but work and family life caught up to me. I do, however, plan on travelling more next year forward and have a few places already in mind. This article was super helpful for my planning.

  13. roseinweeds says:

    im always looking for reasons to travel and travel smart! thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. I have learned so much about traveling from this blog it is amazing. I am grateful for it, but are there any other sites like travel noire out there?

    1. Naija says:

      Yes, there are a lot more sites out there. Some of my favorites, culturedblackpearl.com, racheltravels.com, and globetrottingmama.com.

  15. K. Nichole says:

    Thank you for these tips… I try to travel, but as a single parent I’ve been struggling with ways to afford bringing my children along (sitters are rare for me). I checked a few links and they’re already impressive.

    I may not have to drive 12 hours to Orlando… We can finally fly 🙌🙌🙌

  16. Nazina Belle says:

    Great x3 information. I myself was able to travel from Trinidad and Tobago to the UK several times, just by sign up for travel agency and airline newsletter, I was so shock to see the amounts saved because I purchased my tickets in advance. I will also be including some of your tips in my future travels like making a travel list.

  17. Samara Kymel says:

    Where to for the first trip

  18. PhylPhox says:

    Uhm…. excuse me. … When referring to mingling in Johannesburg the words “Kicked it with the natives. ..” seemed appropriate to you? Cummon now it’s practically 2016. Ain’t no body got time for silly lil derogatory remarks like that.You kicked it with the locals works have sufficed.
    Anyway,I mostly enjoyed the article.


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