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An Intimate Conversation With Iyanla Vanzant On Self-Love, Womanhood & Finding Your Purpose

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  1. vee says:

    LOVE! Especially her stance on working versus purpose. I get overwhelmed at times trying to figure out my ‘purpose’. Her definition is refreshing

  2. Sean says:

    Basically, she said women need to stop trying to rush life, let it happen naturally. Stop fv¢king every man who tells you he loves you. Make him SHOW you he loves you. Stop giving boyfriends HUSBAND privileges

  3. This is one of the best interviews your site has ever done. I love Ms. I. V.

  4. LeeDee says:

    I personally like her show and advice. She’s human so she’ll never please everyone and that’s okay. I’m grateful for her words of wisdom that I believe actually help others. Can’t wait to watch the new season.

  5. Kaye Wright says:

    Love this! Love Iyanla! These questions were so good. Not just the run of the mill stuff. Every time Iyanla speaks she gives us nuggets of wisdom.

  6. Really loved this article/interview. I adore the way she puts things into words.

  7. It’s so funny that women today feel they should have certain things at a certain age because I had everything very soon and I felt like I had missed out on so much of my life.

    As women we grow through stages, and there’s a transition from each stage of growth and development to the next. It doesn’t matter what we’re accomplishing in the world, what is it that each of us needs to heal through, grow through and be present through within ourselves? That’s what’s going to determine how we unfold and the pace of what we’re doing is based on the choices that we make as women.”””- Iyanla Vanzant

    Great, great read!!! And yes she did drop some jewels for us. This is the last year of my 20s and it’s been such an emotional rollercoaster still trying to figure my life out and feeling so stuck but at the same time trying to not make unconscious decisions that will ultimately push me back further on my journey. Great insight from Ms. Zanzant and I also highly recommend her book Peace from Broken Pieces.

  8. Canisha says:


  9. Nicole Bellamy Jelisa Heavenly Drizzle Johnson

  10. Mesha Holmes says:

    Awesome and amazing read! Thank you ladies Xoxoxoxoxos

  11. Rita Reyes says:

    LaJune King Rozland Miles-Brown LauRelle Coleman Tarsha Prosser-Redic Melissa Velasco-McKinzie

  12. This gave me life.So full of wisdom.

  13. Juju says:

    Everything said here was on point, kudos 👏🏾!!

  14. love life says:

    That’s one wise women

  15. Pat Haneef says:

    Regardless of your feelings for her, there’s a lot of wisdom/truth in that intro quote. Many of us need to play that message on a loop in our heads.

  16. Tinicia says:

    Love it. Purpose vs Work. Let’s straighten it out.

  17. Purpose vs Work. Light!

  18. PinkRose says:

    I think it’s highly possible for your purpose and work to be as one, my purpose is to decrease health disparities through the work involved with earning a PhD.

  19. Aja says:

    Great post. I have been following Iylana Vanzant since 2002.

  20. EmpressSC says:

    This was an awesome read. Probably one of the best thus far. It makes alot of sense and it gives me courage. I get it from my family because I don’t want any kids.

  21. Rae says:

    Loved the article. So true Inyanla is like my Janet, her books and shows have got me through a lot. Nothing but pure love for her. 😍😍😍

  22. Jacqueline says:

    This was such a great interview! You really did a great job at asking all the right questions. They felt personal to you but at the same time we (audience) could take so much from it.

    Thanks so much. I love love this woman she’s always been my go to for advice. I think more women her age should be. 63 and still feels so youthful.

  23. Charlana says:

    Refreshing! It’s always a pleasure to read thought provoking and life changing material. I love the way Iyanla explained purpose vs work. And also about loving herself completely.

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. “Your purpose isn’t for you; it’s for other people.” Whew…that almost took me out! I’m in a new phase in my life using my writing to motivate and inspire other people now. That, among other things, just confirmed I’m on the right path.

    Loved this post!


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