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I Did a 30-Day Prayer Challenge & This is What Happened

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  1. mrskeepitreal says:

    So awesome I did a 21 day prayer challenge for my husband and it definitely helped me to see our relationship in a different light and it helped me to have more patience and to communicate more effectively.

    1. Alana Flowers says:

      Thank you for reading! I am learning that when we are pure in heart and want to see good for others just as much as we want to see good for ourselves, Pops(God) shows up and shows out. Relationships are biblical and He wants ours to thrive.

  2. Thank you so much Alana for sharing your experience with The Prayer Project. It really brings me joy this challenge had the impact that it did on you and your relationships. I pray that it does the same for all who choose to participate in this project. Again, I appreciate you sharing!

    Much love & blessings!

  3. Misha says:

    Man! I wish this was posted a few days ago…I would’ve loved to partake starting Jan 1st but its really good to know. I never thought about doing something like this. I could definitely benefit from it. I’m definitely trying it 🙂

    1. Alana Flowers says:

      You still can! Your 30 days will just bleed over into February. Good luck to you! It’s extremely useful

  4. Alana Marie says:

    Thank you ladies for reading! good luck on your challenge. It is truly a game changer

  5. Thank u so much. I’m going to try it.

  6. Joey says:

    Love love Saunya! Been following her on Insta for a while but never actually participated in the challenges. This article is def a wake up call that I need to get on it. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Awe! Hey boo! Yes, you should join us! xo

  7. Petra Spivey says:

    Reading the article was a game changer for me..Excited for my husband and I to give the challenge a try.

  8. God is Love says:

    Sounds awesome. I will look into because we all know prayer changes things. Blessings

  9. I will be incorporating this into my spiritual survival kit

  10. This is just what I need in my prayer life. Thank you so much for sharing! Looking into it right now.

  11. Naa says:

    I love to pray, I just need to incorporate this bit about praying for people who wish me evil and pretend with me.


  12. Christina says:

    This sounds amazing and definitely hold you accountable to reflect on your feelings and spend time with God! Will look into this!



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