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How I Went From Loathing My Post Baby Body To Loving It

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  1. I think some missed the point of the article. Smh. #nojudgementzone?

  2. This doesnt mean don’t work out and just accept the viseral fat left after a baby….after three kids, working, and school you can still find time to exercise and get right….

    1. Proud Lady says:

      Thanks for this! 6 weeks post partum today . Breastfeeding is helping a lot but I still am working to “snap back”. btw I hate that term

  3. Remind yourself…they had plastic surgery on the way out and have an entire army of assistants covering their ass, from baby care to nutrition to fashion to whatever else they need to be propped up. You do not! You have to be smart and forgiving of the circumstances you find yourself in and of yourself!!!

  4. Jae says:

    I absolutely love this article, as a first time mom to a 1 yr old I am going through this right now with getting myself in shape and trying to achieve it when I have very little energy and I think I too allowed myself to get caught up in media of other moms with that “snap back”. I love the idea of finding something positive to say and over all loving yourself no matter what and not compare yourself. Thank you for this article and I look forward to reading the blog.

  5. Abbe A. Duah says:

    I hate the culture of putting other women down to make one’s self feel better. I know a couple of regular women who bounced back very quickly after having their children, neither had plastic surgery or an army of assistants. Every human body is different. Eat well, work out and do what you need to do if your goal is to “bounce back”. Stop villainizing women who get back in shape quickly after child birth. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop wishing you could have what someone else has because there’s someone else out there wishing they could be in your shoes. Our genes, lifestyles and body types are different so why beat yourself up over something out of your control? Women! We are our own worst enemy.

    1. Janay Ruiz says:

      I agree 100% I pretty much lost all my weight within a couple weeks after with my second child. With my first child it took me a lot longer. I think every woman, pregnancy, postpartum is different and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to anyone. Being healthy should be the main goal.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I resonate with this post so much! I was an overweight child/teen and didn’t manage to lose weight until I was in my 20s. I actually lost 63 lbs. Although I kept most of it off, my weight goes up and down. Now that I am pregnant I’m so nervous that I will be that “fat girl” again. I still follow my daily exercise regimen, however I am also a teacher and sometimes I ‘m too tired to do anything other than lay in bed and eat a snack.

  7. Kay Den says:

    She may not know it but I’m pretty sure she (like other new moms) is experiencing what is called diastasis recti. This is when your abs experience seperation during pregnancy and do not come back together like before. Which means that it isn’t fat in her midsection like she thinks, it’s her organs giving way to her lax an muscles. There are specific excercises to correct this and this is common especially in women who’ve had more than one child close together.

    1. Nicole says:

      You are absolutely correct. My stomach looks just like hers after having twins. My diastasis recti and hovering belly button cause my stomach to bulge. I loss all of my weight and then some but this tummy is a problem. Striving to get it back right.

  8. JML says:

    Love this post. The day we left the hospital I cried in the car because I felt so ugly. I was so hard on myself for no reason. I’m sure it was due to my body going through postpartum transformations but boy was I a wreck that first day. Over that first year I grinder and lost all the baby weight and more. Unfortunately I’ve gained some back and now I’m trying to manage a healthy life with a hubby, two year old, and a FT job. It’s just not as easy this time ang I’ve been hard on myself but I’m making progress. Ladies, we have to give ourself grace. Grace to make mistakes, to enjoy life without focusing on all that could’ve should’ve been done. Sigh

  9. I’m so loving the mama friendly post as of late, even tho I’m not a mommy yet it’s much appreciated

  10. Tanya Ridley says:

    I’m thinking that physical exercise during pregnancy needs to be encouraged for more Sisters. I watch White women work out until they are darn near in labor. Maybe if our OBGYNs and nutritionist’s would stress to Black women the benefits of physical exercise during pregnancy, snapbacks would be more of a regular thing for us. I had a conversation with a young mother of two children who admitted that she didn’t know that pregnant women could workout. How unfair to be so uninformed.

    1. I totally agree..

  11. So cool! Congratulations!

  12. Yes, I’m happy for her and her stance!

  13. This generation is so focused on the wrong things . How about focusing on the life you just created and did your mental health snap back !!
    So many women are not mentally stable after giving birth. Also have no stability in their life . Let’s not worry about that right ? Also how about worrying about your inside’s looking as good as the outside . When was the last time you had a Pap smear , do you do self exams on your breast. A couple of important thing you can worry about instead of your body. A body that looks good on the outside but is breaking down on the inside won’t get you far .. also did you career snap back ?? Are you gainly employed to properly provide for the child !! Wow I can go on and on I’m just sick of this society thinking everything is about a sexy body big behind and nothing else to offer !!!

    1. *Thanks * Gainfully
      Sorry for the grammar I was typing while doing homework with the kids .
      #mutitasking #mommyduties

  14. She’s brave. Spanx are as necessary as water for me now.

  15. Ebony says:

    Thank you for this! Not everyone is left with a flat stretch mark free stomach. I appreciate creating this community!

  16. Thank you for sharing your journey. Very inspiring!


  17. Lindy says:

    Sometimes keeping quiet and going to gym is also an option, just saying ladies.

  18. Mel says:

    TBH, I would trade my body for two beautiful healthy babies like yours.

    Having said that, after I have all my kids (IF I have any), I’m getting a tummy tuck.


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