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How I Learned to Love My Small Breasts

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  1. Mia Danielle says:

    I’ve never liked my body. Ive always been teased for being skinny and not having a butt and I’m still struggling with it.

    1. Ashley Sy says:

      Honey you’re winning tho!guess who doeant have to worry about skinny teas,shapers,staying in the gym,counting calories,asking ” does this make me look fat?”,wearing the latest shapers to slim you down etc? YOU!

      you are already where the majority of women in the world are trying to get to. They tease you because its hard af to be/stay thin.

    2. i been small my whole life. Even when preggo (both boys were healthy 8 pds!) i was small. Im 38 now. Still a sz 00. 100pds even. Ive learned to accept it and make the most out of it. There are blogs on tumblr as well as ig that support is skinnygirls!!!! Look in that mirror and love the beautiful u!

    3. Don’t you just hate that shit? Truthfully, it’s easier said than done. I believe that as people we have good thoughts that run through our minds on a daily and not so good thoughts. The bad thoughts are always always always going to carry the most weight. So when someone says something that bad that mirrors what you’ve thought about yourself at one time or another, it really weighs on you and knocks some points off of your self esteem. It’s hard, but you have to be aware of that fact. It’s only as true as you believe it to be. Do you feel the way you feel about you because you think those things or is it others that you’ve allowed to validate you in some sort of negative way? Give outsiders less power over how you feel and work on the foundation within yourself. Admire yourself naked, find aspects of yourself that you love. My butt is also small, but what I love about me is my proportion and the fact that it jiggles and shakes. I look at something that could be a negative and find pluses about it. Once you’re concrete in how you feel about yourself, can’t nobody tell you nothing. And that’s real. Men will be drawn to you, maybe some women lol because when you love yourself it is evident and you glow. You become a flame, and those around you become moths. So figure out what Mia loves about Mia. Hopefully you read this! Lol even some of the ladies below, their confidence in their bodies is amazing. It might take a minute to get there, but you can have that confidence in yourself by loving yourself and making it a priority daily.

    4. Love says:

      I actually used to and still do think to a certain extent that women with smaller breast and butts look prettier because men aren’t gawking at their body parts but choose them for their face mostly.

  2. TL says:

    I have small breasts too and I love them! It wasn’t always like that though. I never stuffed my bra or anything but I did worry about it and I did get teased a lot by friends and family. All the women in my family have large breasts so I’m always the joke of the family even until this day. But one time I was talking to a guy that I was friends with and I told him how I feel about my small breasts sometimes. He assured me that they are fine the way they are and said “More than a mouthful is a waste.” Those words may sound cliche and he was probably just trying to make me feel good but that really got me to thinking… What are breasts for? To feed our babies (and if we like to… feed our parters as well). So as long as there’s enough to fill the mouth what more do we need really? It really made me realize that what I have IS enough. Later on I learned that the smaller they are the more sensitive and who wouldn’t want that? There’s also the benefit of wearing what we want without having to wear a bra or anything too. I’m actually grateful to have smaller breasts now. I wouldn’t want them big. Most people with big breasts complain about them anyway.

    1. Me too girl! Every now and then, I go hmmmm maybe another cup and a half or so, mostly when it’s a dress I wish I filled out more, but other than that, I really embrace my small breasts these days. The whole mouthful thing that you said is interesting lol that’s actually my favorite part about their size 😉

    2. Love says:

      Im not going to lie, if I could get an extra cup size I would. But all and all, men don’t really care that much especially if he is a booty man.

      Plus, people made fun of you because you were cute and wanted you to be insecure about it.

  3. Ashley Sy says:

    I don’t see why people see smaller breasts as something bad. I wish my chest was smaller. wearing a C/D is annoying and a lot of things look flattering on smaller women (hell, most things do). I hate how 95% of my body looks but i’m learning to love myself because going under a knife won’t fix my mentality.

    I would feel worse for buying something that other people are naturally born with. shiiid i feel like a fraud when i get a weave…..

    1. Court Evans says:

      #preach I got a breast reduction 13 years ago and I want another one!

    2. Hey sista, that was another thing. The grass isn’t always greener lol. I think that can be applied to many things, we always want we can’t have vice versa. That’s actually something I had to ask myself once I got caught stuffing because I didn’t really know why I wanted larger breasts other than what I had been shown and told. Wow, I applaud you for realizing that it’s a mentality thing versus a quick fix and for taking the steps to work on loving you for you. That’s beautiful to me and something I had to come to terms with as well.

  4. Selenaaa says:

    I also have small breast,the only time I cared about them being small was when I was in middle school maybe …I got over it quick , we’re not all the same ..I lack up top but I have more than enough assets down bottom. I love that I don’t NEED a bra,and V cut tops look sexier on me than big breasted women lol Oh & I’ve yet to meet a man to complain about them OR ignore them , they’ve never gone ignored 😉

    1. Ayyyye! I thought they would though, I was so wrong lol!

  5. Everyone has their insecurities it’s just a part of being human. I have soooo many including my breast; I wish I could get a breast reduction. The struggle comes with buying button down shirts or anything for that matter that just won’t fit over my boobs lol

  6. Monica says:

    Very good article thanks so much for posting. I Have small breasts and its a problem for me I’m still struggling with self acceptance and self love. Men will make you feel unworthy and less than if ur petite especially black men cause they so use to thick curvy voluptuous women. I asked my doc why my titts stopped growing why aren’t they fuller and she said you get what ur mother had. So oh well

    1. Hey Monica, thank you! I don’t know how many of you come back and check on replies but I’ve commented on a comment below yours that I think you could benefit from to NK. You are beautiful and more than enough, say it loud and proud everyday, esp when it’s hard.

  7. Nk. says:

    Thank you. This article is my entire life! My whole life I’ve been ridiculed about them. I remember mean girls in junior high telling me I need to seriously consider plastic surgery because of my chest size. Being made fun of constantly by one guy for several grades. Imagine coming to school everyday having your chest size being pointed out. It didn’t help when all the other girls were all at least c cups. As if puberty wasn’t hard enough, family members until TODAY make stupid remarks. It sucks that all of this still stays with me. At 23, my process of body self acceptance is slow. Sometimes I feel so limited in style choices because I can’t help but think”if only I could fill out up top more”. The pear body shape is for the birds! I really relate to not feeling desirable by guys & I honestly still do feel like less of a woman because of my breast size. I try not to focus on these feelings much and work REALLY hard on recognizing what I like about myself. Great article.

    1. Thank you NK! I say as long as you are taking the necessary steps to self acceptance, that’s beautiful. I still have my moments where I feel like, well damn, I wish I could wear that low cut dress and fill it properly, but I try not to look at myself in a lens of lacking but of one of abundance. If something I wear makes me feel less than, I won’t wear it. If someone I know makes me feel less than, 1) I’ve allowed them to and 2) I will stop f—ing with that person because they aren’t good for me and what I am trying to build within myself. Yes, men can be just as mean as women. Fortunately, all of the men I’ve ever loved or allowed to love on me were nothing but gracious for the body I granted them access to. I was more than enough in more ways than one and it did something for me mentally I think. Find people and things that echo how you are trying to feel about yourself. It’s not only what you say to yourself but also what you do. You can’t talk to yourself from a loving place and allow people in your space who do not echo your own words and thoughts. It defeats the purpose. So I recommend continuing to build that foundation and that house and kick the poison out. Eff anybody who makes you feel less than, you are more than enough my sister.

  8. Asia says:

    Edited! Major typo in last post, please only approve this one. 🙂

    As a former small-breasted (completely flat, actually. Zero breast tissue) girl, i just want to make 2 statements:

    1.) Whenever there is an article like this, there are always big-breasted women saying “Oh man! you would never want big breast!” “I wish I had small boobs like you!”. Well dearest, this article isn’t for you.You simple don’t understand what it’s like dealing with insecurities related to not having breasts. Breast size is often looked at as a sign of womanhood. When you have big breasts, people aren’t comparing you to a “12 year old boy” (see rude ass comment above). Having big breasts is often preferred in this society. Being flat-chested, simply isn’t. So next time you want to leave a comment like that, ask yourself, “Is this comment actually going to help someone?” ….because, sweetheart, it doesn’t. I understand that women with naturally big breasts have issues of their own, but commenting about them on a article intended for women with small breast does no service to anyone but your own.

    2.) I had my breasts done when I was 23. It took me a very long time to make the decision, but it was the best decision (besides, getting a degree, career, and home of course), I’ve ever made. I made sure that its was something I REALLY wanted. I made sure that I did it for me and no one else, and most importantly I DID MY RESEARCH AND CHOOSE AN AWESOME DOCTOR.
    I understand that my daughters could develop the same insecurities, and I would STRONGLY encourage them to LOVE AND ACCEPT THEMSELVES for how they were made. But if they reach an age, and if any of you ladies reach an age (I’d say in your 20s), when you KNOW you aren’t happy with your body, if you can afford to change it….DO IT.
    I encourage all of you to love and accept yourself, because that is TRULY a blessing to be able to do so, but everyone can’t. And I just want to let those ladies that can’t know, that you have options!
    I have a blog about breast augmentation for the ladies that are considering it. It’s linked above my name hopefully. If not, send me a message, and i’ll shoot you the blog and talk with you if you need advice on possibly getting the surgery. 🙂

  9. Char says:

    This article was very inspiring. I understand the struggle us small breasted sister gotta stick together ✊🏾. It took me a long time to love my body and I’m not saying I still don’t have my moments when I compare myself to other women and get sad about what I don’t have. But I see the beauty in me and other women with an array of body types. I still do want implants tho I’ve wanted them since puberty. Getting plastic surgery doesn’t mean I’m not happy or proud but if medical science has provided a way we change the things that don’t naturally come, why not take advantage of it? Breast signify you are a woman and I just want mine to be more pronounced.

  10. Keilei Adams says:

    Yep I embrace my small breast and nice ass

  11. Empress SC says:

    Preach @Selenaaa! That is my story to.

  12. Kyla Ky says:

    I had small breasts but I don’t remember feeling all that insecure about it. Other than about two girls I went to school with, all of my other friends were an A cup as well. I’m now a C cup and sometimes I wish my chest was a bit smaller. I usually wear a small in tops but I often have to go up a size so the top isn’t too snug around my chest.

    Embrace them!

  13. Man i WISH i had small breasts. I hate bras! After i have one more kid im getting an a cup and free balling everywhere i go

  14. I love my small boobies! I’ve never wanted them any bigger. I have the option of going bra less in certain garments that I wouldn’t have the choice to do if my breasts were bigger.

  15. Ms. Smith says:

    Yaaas @Selenaaa youre speaking truth!!!

    I hated my small breast when i was younger. my friends still call me the president of the Itty bitty committee smh but through growing up and learning self acceptance I’ve come to appreciate my body because its MINE!

  16. Ms. Smith says:

    Side note: I am LOVING the articles on this site they are amazing!

  17. Toni says:

    We need to stop worrying about how we look because of the “perfect” images we see in the media. We need to embrace our bodies the way they were created. I have small breasts, not a very flat stomach and not a very round butt. I still have a fulfulling life and I am still loved and valued. This is how real women look, and this is what we should look at to learn the varitey in our shapes:

    1. Preach! But the human mind can be much more impressionable than we think. Nobody’s body is perfect and I think it’s important to develop our own sense of what we consider to be beautiful and pull our confidence from that self acceptance. Real women come in all shapes and sizes and we should be proud of whatever size ours happens to be. Love!

  18. i love my small boobs. at 28 years old, mine are in the Exact place they where in 10 years ago 🙂 #TeamSmallBreasts

  19. Courtney says:

    I’ve been going back and forth in my mind for years about getting mine done. I love them small then I hate them when I want to wear certain dresses.

    1. I think for a while this was my problem. I had a love/hate relationship with them, even though after I got confident about it, the love was much more prevalent than the hate. But sometimes I see a dress I wish I could wear, but know that I don’t have the shape for. Lol I don’t think I want a boob job though. I’ve just seen it go wrong so many times. I love the feel of them currently.

  20. Stacey says:

    I also have small breasts and hated it all through high school. I am still a little insecure about my 34A breasts but as I get older I’m learning to accept them. Thank you so much for this article!

  21. Leah says:

    Honestly….this is a great post and yet it’s heartbreaking. Women are ALWAYS body shamed. Women that are athletic or naturally muscular are body shamed horribly to the point where they’re made to feel like they’re not woman or feminine enough. I would love to see an article on that because there is much more than just fat and skinny. People are made fun of because they’re too fit too smh

  22. Anya Michelle says:

    But, it does look brilliant in high fashion/couture, the boyfigure girl look, AND, if you still have enough to put in a wonderbra so your man can play with em lol, then its the best of both worlds

    you can go bra-less too, perky, and you can look like a twelve-year old sometimes, if you want to!
    So, jus be happy with it, like me!

    Or jus get some

  23. Onna says:

    I’m a C cup but I still find myself the butt of jokes between my friends that all happen to be triple and double D! But when I come back and realize that it doesn’t bother my husband or my outfits, it doesn’t matter at all. I am secretly looking forward to my thirties and my first pregnancy to see if they become fuller smh I’ve learned nothing!

  24. HoneyButter says:

    I had to except my big forehead! I got called all kinds of names growing up. I checked this dude I use to talk to for calling me big head and saying stuff like “shut up wit cho big azz head”…I didnt realize I was still raw inside about that. He stopped. That was when I was like 27. Im 32 in a few days. But now, I could care less. Gotta love yourself. There are some 8 billion people on the planet. We are not meant to look and be the same. The Lord made us the way He wanted to and did it perfectly.

  25. Pink says:

    I blame media for making women not feel good enough. we need to shift the conversation towards inclusiveness of all body types. My sister in law was going thru mid life crisis post traumatic experience and decided to take it out on her body by getting work done. I warned against it bc I feel if you if you do not do proper thought out research and if you are doing it for the wrong reasons you will never be satisfied. Well she decided anyway to get Lipo and a breast augmentation using fat put in her butt and she was unhappy with her results. it was harder than she anticipated bc she was looking for an easy fix. loving yourself is the only easy fix in this case. if you want work done we need to be mindful why esp if we think ppl will adore us more

  26. I really relate to this. I actually wrote a similar article called “Why I Decided Not to Get Breast Implants” and was amazed at the positive response I got from women (and men) on it. It just goes to show you that so many women feel this way, but don’t feel comfortable sharing it. I think it’s super important to share stories like this so that we can start to eliminate some of the shame and “taboo-ness” that surrounds this topic, and help shift the warped perspective society has around breasts and body image. While I would never judge a woman for getting breast implants (if something truly makes you happy, then do it) . . . . what I will say, however, is what I dislike about breast augmentation is that oftentimes women are driven to get it by shame, not by self-love. They get surgery because they feel like they have to in order to feel good about themselves (note: have to is very different than I choose to). And so, even after surgery, many women still feel insecure because they didn’t actually solve their real underlying problem – their self esteem issues. The issue is that many women link their self esteem to their breast size/shape, which is out of their control to change (with natural means). But rather than accept this, they fight it. And resistance to reality never leads to happiness.

  27. Love says:

    I have small breast. I’ve had my sister and a friend make fun of them…Yup that’s it. But I stopped caring when in the beginning of my relationship I told a BF that I was wearing 2 bras. He was like why? I am pretty sure he was a breast man but didn’t care at all that I barely had any. Because he liked me.

    Small breast is a fetish, just like large breasts are. And life really is too short to dwell on your perceived shortcomings. Men have always gawked at my body, even with the little boobies so just be thankful for what you have or don’t have.

    I actually used to wear a bra with a shear shirt to the club. AND it looked cute, not trashy…so that is basically the main benefit of having smaller boobs. You get away with so much more.

  28. Emily Sanderson says:

    I have 34B and I still hate my small boobs. No one has really said anything to me or criticised me but I can’t help but feel very in-feminine. When I put on a t-shirt I look like a child and low-cut tops are the bane of my existence. I always wear a bra and when shopping online always look to see if I can wear a bra with it. I wear padded bras nearly every day and when I have the look of fuller breaths I can’t help but admire them. They looks so much better and my figure looks great. I FEEL great. Small boobs may be great to go bra-less but imve never had that urge. I hate my boobs and if I had the money (and if everyone would!’t kill me for having it done) I would get a boob job to transport them to a about a cup bigger. This post is about accepting your small boobs but until someone shows me that they can be sexy and have small boobs I think I’ll never be able to except them. That’s the truth although I know it isn’t how I should feel. I should love myself and not seek validation. I should. But I don’t. Sorry

  29. Shanda says:

    Please put your clothes back on and stop looking for validation on the Internet.

  30. Jamie Taylor says:

    You look like a 12 year old boy.


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