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Holiday Shopping Made Easy: We’re Swooning Over These 8 Black-Owned Etsy Shops

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  1. Love it says:

    Very greatful for this wonderful list, not too expensive at all, will definitely be looking to purchase a clutch, love the Tee shirts, and hair stuff! So many negative comments as if Target or Nordstrom is cheaper, that why we never progress! Anyway, thank again!

  2. Sandy says:

    $58 minus 30% is $40.60…

  3. Tanisha says:

    This is another good one too!

  4. Vpprinces says:

    I love the black owned lists that I’ve seen on diff blogs but still feel left out. Most everything is African print, tshirts, or beauty products. I like it here and there but I can’t wear a tshirt & ankara skirt to work. Where all the black owned sites for women’s suiting or classic Americana (like J. Crew or Gap)? Essential home products like tissue, trash bags, or dish & laundry detergent?

  5. R says:

    I love Peace Images!! Great customer service and beautiful custom pieces!

  6. Friscotexaslady says:

    Awesome list, I love etsy and will definitely be shopping here for my girlfriends Christmas gifts this week. Love those clutches too.

  7. Millicent says:

    Check out this site for beautiful body jewelry

  8. Anaïs says:

    Nicole, you should also have a look at the label BERIQISU:

    She has the most beautiful African inspired dresses!!

  9. Ima get a lot of flack for this but it’s hard to shop at black businesses. They just charge too much. Here’s an example: was gonna buy some hair care products, it was 30 percent off regular price which was 58 bux, 30 percent off was gonna make it 43 if I’m not mistaken. With sales tax and shipping it brought it back up to 53 dollars. How is that a sale? That person basically made back all her money by jacking up the shipping by charging 10 dollars plus. Really? A sale is buying a pair of boots for 15 when they were regularly priced at 80. THATS a sale.

    1. Is it hand made products? Small businesses often have to charge more because our overhead is greater we can’t buy supplies in bulk like large companies so we have to pass that down to our customers. If they didn’t give you the discount you would have paid the 58 dollars plus the sales tax and shipping which would have been way more expensive than the 53. Also keep in mind that shipping not only includes shipping cost, but “handling” which includes travelling to and from the post office, and the box / envelope, any wrapping inside or packing peanuts, and any included info / perks….That adds up quick…

    2. Alisha Green says:

      The struggle to get support from my fellow sistas, in public and on Etsy, is too real lol. In the past 3 years I’ve been in business, 75% of the time I’ll hear “this costs too much” or they could “buy the same thing at Walmart”. Nicold is absolutely right…after buying materials to make the items and ship them, costs add up. I do give deals where I can, but I’m also trying to make a living.

    3. I support small businesses, so that’s not a problem. But don’t take customers for granted either.


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