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GOAL-Digger: Here’s Why Tiffney Cambridge Is More Than Just A “Rapper’s Ex”

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  1. Kagnie Renae says:

    After reading that, it is super clear that she was wayyyyyyy too good for him. sheesh….Game is trippin. Good for her for moving on.

  2. Zina says:

    Great interview! We need more women like her teaching these young girls about self worth and respect. Kudos to her!

  3. Aishley says:

    Kudos to the Author Sojo and Necole for these articles. This is what the internet needed. Everday I have been impressed with the content of the site. You are still keeping us informed, but in a more positive and uplifting way!! Another great read Sojo!

  4. Nicole says:

    Tiff is one of those people I’m friends with in my head. I just love her! I left a situation just like hers knowing what I was worth and a couple years later I have the man of my dreams who is FAITHFUL and couldn’t be happier!

  5. I never thought they were equally yoked! He proved it again and again in his show and probably more so off camera. I am glad she finally lived by her expectations as well. When you start believing you deserve better – you’ll get better too! Sometimes it seems like we want so badly for the other person to be who we envision that we lose sight of who they are AND who we are too.

  6. I don’t understand what she was doing with him anyway. They are not equally yoked!!! The type of women he lusts after right now are his equals.

  7. I will be honest, I was thought she was to good for him. Although he is attractive there is a very immature vibe to him. I realized that from the show and he couldn’t understand her frustration on certain things. I love her independent vibe and the article was great. I wish her nothing, but success.

  8. Wow what a great article. She pretty much summed up everything I always wanted to know about her and the game. She is the real winner and one day he will look back and see that she was the one.

  9. Oenz says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview — such a classy lady. She threw shade with grace “Sometimes you learn what to do and that could be his learning, I suppose. And sometimes you learn what not to do, and that could be mine. And I think both are equally as important. And I think both will help in future relationships.”

    “Some battles are worth fighting even if you lose. And some aren’t worth fighting even if you win.” True — it’s better to walk away with your sanity and a health.

    Great interview (the questions and her ability to reclaim her power when her responses could have gone in another direction.

  10. Maya says:

    I have to admit, reality TV gave me a VERY SKEWED perception of her. But after reading this article i have nothing but the upmost respect for her! I too have dated men that remind me so much of Jayceon so I can definitely relate to her situation. I hope that she will find that One. Sometimes it take separation to receive that elevation we need!

  11. Yas Bish Yas says:

    OMG this was a great read!! Now I want to read her book! I don’t think that she was saying the Game is a bad person. He just thinks like an average person. She wants more than that in a relationship, more than what he had to give. She deserves everything that she is looking for!!!

  12. Ms. Brown says:

    I really needed to read this. It was a great read.

  13. Her independence is refreshing

  14. Ebony says:

    Very well said Ms.T Cambridge! You are my kinda woman…I’m a 80’s baby and can relate..standards, values and never competing for a man. Lets have tea.

  15. Tasha Jones says:

    xoNecole.com, I really enjoy reading each and every article you post. I miss necole bitchie but, I love this so much more. I love when people express real life event. Everything is so reality, instagram, Twitter and oh yeah facebook Thank you!

  16. Sarah says:

    I love her honesty and I love that she stated that the Game isn’t looking for no working woman. He treats all types of women like crap. Soraya you did a wonderful job in getting her to open up:)

  17. PalesaRSA says:

    This is a really great conversation. I really appreciate this site. I will be honest, prior to this interview and based on a few episodes I watched of ‘Marrying the Game’ , I really felt as though Tiffany was acting up too late to her situation. I say this because as women, we are blessed with intuition (and it never lies), so I felt as though she knew the person she was dealing with as they have been together for so long. Further, I was of thought that you can’t expect a person to change for you after a decade of being with that person. My judgment was based on an episode I watched where she was confronting him bout coming home late or rather in the am’s whilst she takes care of the kids etc. I guess I felt like from the beginning she allowed him to do all those things and now ten years later she wants to have an issue with it. But after this interview, I have better perspective from where she was coming from and a better understanding of who she is.

    Man, women, i really am trying to be optimistic for our future in the protection of our hearts, but Instagram and the hunger for ‘luxury lifestyle’ is growing at an insatiable pace. We hope we will alright 💞💓

  18. Dee says:

    Great interview!! I really liked Tiffney from the sitcom, but this made me like her more. Game missed out on a great woman! She seems really down-to-earth, focused, and knows her worth. She’s definitely a good role model.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Insightful article showing how Tiffney gave ten years of her life to a man who only wanted her for stability in rearing children, nothing more. He was never seriously trying to be Tiffney’s husband nor did he really love her it was more of Agape than Eros for him and that is a fact. Real talk y’all. He constantly had other chicks and always preferred Valeisha when it didn’t work out her scoped Tiffney because she was a mother figure and not in the industry. Harlem’s mother should also have been a more viable option.

    Anyone who watched Marrying the Game could see there was no love or chemistry. Jayceon has some things emotionally to overcome from his past that weighs on his present without him realizing it. Tiffney capitalized on this because if everything was straight with Jayceon an old looking belligerent woman like Tiffney would not have ever been an option. Real talk. Jayceon needs a real woman who is cool, level headed, articulate, but most of all a woman who can hold him down in the real way for the long way. That will be hard to find because the women in his circle are fame and money seeking who celebrity hop. When Jayceon meets the woman who can hold him down the world will see a whole different Jayceon. I say this as a person who has known this man for over twenty years and he is a very good man with a deep soul and spirit. Tiffney hooked him when he was vulnerable but the thing is because he is outwardly macho, he didn’t know he was emotionally vulnerable, the tattoos and fights hide the deep thinking highly intelligent soul that he is. One more thing he will have more children in the furture. Jayceon’s day is still to begin, we will witness history through this Bompton son.

  20. Chae says:

    That was a great interview. Go head Ms. Tiffney!!!

  21. Lerato Bambo says:

    The Game is a loser

    1. LaFord says:

      She always seemed like she was Game’s momma than his woman and we all know what happens with that. But I have a question about being old fashioned. What is old fashioned about having 2 kids outta wedlock?!

  22. Taj Charmed says:

    Yes now this women is all around sexy & confident!!

  23. REALLY says:

    WOW, go head Tiffney. I absolutely loved this interview. Lady definitely had some great discernment regarding dating.

  24. Em says:

    I absolutely love to read feel good articles. And this one definitely made me feel good. You go Tiffney! Love has no age limit and you don’t have to settle for what you will not tolerate. These articles continue to get better and better!

  25. This is a grown woman for you. Not these thots fighting over a man or as long as he’s paying or your number one you turn a blind eye. Good for her! Some women still have standards

  26. Re says:

    What a lady!!! In every sense of the word! Such a queen wow.

  27. Kabula Shoma says:

    Girl power I so needed this! Indeed you can’t raise a man he’s already grown what you gonna do?? If he acts like a boy its because he wasn’t raised right before you! Kudos Ms Tiff u are an inspiration!

  28. Whitney says:

    loved loved loved loved this interview! I totally relate to EVERYTHING she said. All of her points of view, lessons learned, just everything.LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  29. shenice008 says:

    I love her !!! Great interview made me love her more !

  30. Anonymous says:

    I was just telling my mom the other day, I don’t know why Game is looking for a woman, when he had a good woman he didn’t treat her right.

  31. Love her!!! She the real deal. Very wise and inspiring woman

  32. Tishana says:

    I love her! Awesome interview!

  33. Uche says:

    Good Article .. Is All About Women Empowerment .. Say No To F*ck Boy ..

  34. Very good read, she’s strong, confident and true to herself. Very mature. Thanks for sharing

  35. By the time The Game finds a real woman he’ll b old and gray. This man at the age that he is wont grow up and look beyond a pretty face, small waist and big butt. He’s gonna b single for awhile

  36. Good read…she’s too mature for him!

  37. I like her. She was definitely too mature for Game..
    Men always mess up with good women.

  38. I luv Tiffney. I wish her & The Game would’ve made it but he’s not ready. Stuck in Thotlandia.

  39. I love Tiffney… She way too good for Game

  40. MzRay Boss says:

    You’re such an inspiration.. You’re setting a great example for women to be strong and independent.. But most importantly you’re setting a great example for your daughter

  41. HoneyButter says:

    Tiff is definitely the one who got away. Game is just lacking in maturity and needs to grow up some more. She was way too good for him. The only female he will be loyal to is his daughter. Hes too cute with little cali. But in the monogamy dept forget it. Being a famous rapper is that much more of his struggle with love. Nice try with the reality show though. Those women THOUGHT they would hold him down. Puhleez. They would have been chewed up and spit out just like a human in a Great white sharks mouth. Tiff is beautiful, intelligent and deserves better. Their children together are beautiful and probably their only reason for being together. To mix their dna. Go Tiff. Girl power!!

  42. Makida Rae says:

    This was an amazing read. In today’s society, so many women feel the need to compete for a man’s attention or love and its never worth your piece of mind!!!!! Women, like Ms. Cambridge are truly inspiring, because of her strength and ability to walk away from a love that created two beautiful children, but she knows her worth and made the choice not to settle. Thank you xo Necole for this piece, we need more inspiring stories like this !!!!!

  43. Dani Bee says:

    Great article. I love Tiffany. Beautiful, classy and intelligent 🙂 Love this website!!

  44. TaTae says:

    This was a good read and she told the truth! Game sees 99% of these women as hoes and trash. He is DISGUSTING and immature and will reap his just rewards one day. KARMA is a bitch. Glad she left his ole no good ass.

  45. xedos says:

    The two them were out shopping this week .so we will see how that goes

  46. T says:

    This level of thinking isn’t associated with a year or decade of birth. I was born in 1990 & reserve myself in the same manner. It’s having the utmost respect for yourself and expecting that out of everyone you encounter!

    Kudos to you Tiffney!! XO

  47. Nakeisha says:

    Tiffney is well educated she dated a man who doesn’t need her the way she wants him to. They have amazing children together but he has no love for Tiffney Cambridge. He hangs out with his friends daily so its clear he isn’t ready for a family life. Tiffney should marry a professional working a good job or a pastor who can offer her security trying to marry a rapper is too colorful.

  48. Keisha says:

    Game’s mom was never down for him to marry Tiffney. She was a gold digger who held on tight, used her age as an advantage over a younger dude who came up from a difficult background. Moms always know best, B Fly isn’t into Tiff either. She held him back as an artist for years Game almost fell off dealing with her nagging drama. He had other chicks Tiff hung on tight tried to change the dude. If you meet a tattooed gang banger from the hood who loves the hood why try and change him. Instead let her go meet a dude who has same background. Game will marry a black queen who will ride or die for him.

  49. AngeloWestAfrica says:

    I think Game is just being himself, might not really be a case of immaturity. Anyway, she reminds me of an older lady I had in my life who I also took for granted cos I viewed her to be kind of school cos of her worldview, I’m 28 she’s 33 real estate realtor, while I’m upcoming rapper in my country. I love her so much cos of all the efforts she was making to see that I became everything I have dreamed to become. She was my ride or die, supported me both financially and emotionally, she was putting in words for me to have a better recording contract, my homies were jealous that I had her. She was always teaching me how to be a mature man, cos I’ve always been arrogant and unnecessarily cocky according to her and I found it offensive, I saw myself mature already so I didn’t like it when she was like that, instead I wanted her to see things my own way. She later gave up on me, a few months ago now reading this interview makes me want to hit her up and see if I can still get a chance. If I ever do I will appreciate her forever cos I can’t find another woman like her .

  50. She was more mature cause she’s a lot older than him. They have beautiful children but that’s it, she needs a man to match her fly and Game isn’t him.

  51. HoneyButter says:

    Games eyes are damnn sexy! Just sayin..

  52. She looks way older. Wow nice article. I like game but yes I can see somebody needs to grow. Watching the show his mother lol. Imma leave it there. Thanks xoNecole


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