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Fantasia Shares How Celibacy And Fasting Ultimately Led Her To Love And Happiness

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  1. Christina says:

    Did I read the same freaking article as every one else? Everybody’s all heart eyed and I’m like this mess is crazy and a tad bit unstable. So let me get this right, Fantasia met a man and after only dating him for a couple of weeks they married, and because they married she was convinced that it, “wasn’t about her body or her money”–but she only knew him a few weeks. As if a man waiting a few weeks for the box proves that he wasn’t…never mind. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like she changed her approach to love at all. She is still rushing in and letting her emotions guide her decision making process. Not to mention, she admitted to feeling broken when she met him. For her sake, I hope they work out because this was incredibly UNWISE and risky!!! Fantasia, you are a public figure! A proposal that early from a man, especially considering her celebrity status should have immediately raised red flags, regardless of him having his own business. Anybody receiving a proposal this soon should be really concerned and really careful, although it seems very romantic. Ladies, we can not be so blinded by our want for the ring that we lose our common sense. I agree with another commenter who spoke about the importance of vetting these men. Protect your heart. What do you really know about somebody after a few weeks except for what they want you to know. I’m not saying it takes ten years to vet someone and get to know them, but a couple of weeks?? (**eye roll). And I don’t want to hear anything about it “feeling right” because feelings are fleeting and can change in an instant. That prenup better be solid.

  2. I’m sooooooo happy for her!!! you’d think its me! … I’m just happy because she’s had a tough time, she been through it! It’s nice to see her come out on the other side, pristine & better than ever!!

    Blessing to you, your hubby and family tasia

  3. Love says:

    She has a lot of positive things to say.

    Fantasia and her husband may be the perfect match but the article should mention that men should be fully vetted before getting married. 2 or 3 weeks usually isn’t enough time to do this.

    BUT Fantasia definitely has a story. And it should be told and she is a good example for young women in some ways.

    I’ve been celibate for almost 2 years and it’s given me incredible clarity. I have guys coming at me left and right and I keep swerving them because I know they are not the person meant for me by God. I have come a long way so I do appreciate her story but feel there should be some caveats added.

  4. DLS77 says:

    Really happy for her. She has not always been treated well in the press, and I guess, in her personal life, but I am very glad she is on the other side of things. Good for her! I pray for her continued happiness.

  5. So happy for her..she tried it every possible way it was time for something different and she found her husband and happiness..way to go tasia

  6. I love her song When I Met You on her new album you can tell she meant every single word !

  7. Lizzie Jones says:

    I’m really happy for her! I’m glad she figured it out!! Love Tasia and her music is awesome!! ❤️❤️ Wishing her million years of bliss in her marriage.

  8. Tawny Jones says:

    The Bible does say it’s better to marry than to burn! However, only we know what our intentions are. I don’t believe it’s a sin, but I will say… marrying only for sex will cause a lot of discord down the road!!!

  9. I am celibate… But I would be too if I married someone after a few weeks of being together

  10. Paula McGann says:

    Wow she looks great!

  11. Josie Day says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey. You made it!!!

  12. how long was your fast for ????

  13. Beautifully spoken Fantasia. God bless you i love you lady.

  14. Maxy Garcia says:

    I admire this woman

  15. Liz Mcclain says:

    Fantasia I haven’t heard your story yet but I would love to hear about and I will not judge you or have you feel bad about your self because I know that GOD HAS changed your life, and if it’s good enough for him well that’s all that counts HE will LOVE no matter what I know I still love to hear you sing so keep doing what you do AMEN.

  16. Bkbombshell says:

    I’m proud of her. I wish her happiness

  17. I think Fantasia is absolutely gorgeous


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