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What Your Breakouts Could Be Telling You About Your Health

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  1. ouch says:

    Acne is one disease where there is so much guess game. Even dermatologist use trial and error. Sometimes information like this so depressing and triggering. According to the article since I break out all over my face, my entire body may be in crisis and I need to stop smoking even if I don’t. I think some people are just genetically predisposed to acne. and no amount of eating right, thinking right and excercising will stop it. You may be able to keep it under control but it may never go away.

  2. Jas says:

    and to make an article like this with such EXTREME claims and not a single ounce of science to back it up? ….Please let’s do better and stop the spread of misinformation!

  3. Jas says:


    I suffered with SEVERE acne for many years until I was put on Isotretinoin(Accutane) and it changed my life for the better!

    So prior to that, you’re telling me I was pretty much deathly with kidney, liver…etc problems?

    I love this site, but alot of the health articles spread lies. This one in particular is disheartening.

    like the young lady above me said, Acne is a DISEASE. Yes, some things can contriute to small breakouts, but do NOT tell someone they could have kidney problems because they have pimples on their cheeks. WTF.

    I changed my ENTIRE lifestyle when I was younger because articles like this made me believe i wasnt, living, eating, or doing the right things when it was all a myth.

    Some people have acne prones skin REGARDLESS of what they do/eat. I’m living proof of that. Believe it or not some people are dispositioned to certain diseases/conditions before they even come out the womb. If it’s in your genome….then guess what, you’re going to have acne.

    I got my blood work done MONTHLY for 6 months while on acne medication, and from someone who had breakouts all over my face and back, I can ASSURE you my kidney, lungs, and ESPECIALLY my liver were working PERFECTLY fine.

    If you want to make an article about the importance of drinking water, getting enough sleep, whatever…that’s fine.
    But don’t say erroneous statements like “pimples on your cheek could indicate liver failure”. Be CAREFUL about the things you put into the world and how foolish it can make you sound.

    I support this site, but I wish the authors would steer clear of discussing medical issues without credentials. It’s extremely problematic.

  4. Temple/eyebrows also caused by Menstrual cycle. I don’t battle with any ance but I def get one or two pimples around that time. Also if you’re allergic to threading or wax it causes it as well.

  5. Bee says:

    No this article isnt scientific nor did it say there was any science behind it. I suffered from acne and it was because my diet was shit, I ate junk and bread a lot, I drank 0 water, I drank pop all the time, I didnt clean my face properly with cleanser toner & moisturizer. I uased grease on my hair & never wrapped it so It got all over my pillowcase (stop the grease! Use water based hair moisturizers!) If youre truly doing all these things DAILY and you still have breakouts, def go to your dr but be HONEST with yourself. Ppl say they eat right & drink water but they dont, just trying to sound good.

  6. Thanks for this! It was very informative.

  7. Giselle says:

    Great article!

  8. It was on point for me. Cool article

  9. interesting read

  10. Very interesting!

  11. This sounds on point especially since when I do break out its around my nose smh, very interesting

  12. Ashley Sy says:

    What about from your period tho?

  13. Andrea Askew says:

    I have very clear skin, except for in between my brows sometimes. Now I know it’s due to my lactose intolerance. Smh. But I love cheese and ice cream!!!!!

  14. Explains the pesky cheek pimple during that time of the month since I start craving chocolate like a crazy woman.

  15. Oenz says:

    To the author, have you been to the Chill Skybar? The music in that place is lit. I had me a ball in Saigon, although it was my least fav city in Vietnam.


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