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Ericka Pittman: From Diddy’s Right-Hand Woman To Chief Marketing Officer At Aquahydrate

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  1. Shan Elle says:

    All these stories of “girl bosses” and i just find it AMAZING how attractive they all are. Let’s not even act like being beautiful didn’t help push that title along.

    1. Necole says:

      She’s the VP of Comb Enterprises which houses 8 multi million dollar brands. You have to have a level of intelligence, not to mention tact, class and morals to not only be considered but hand picked for a role like that. Especially as a woman. Beauty might capture attention but it’s the work ethic, preparation, integrity and hard work that helps women like Ericka get to the top of the career letter.

    2. Sucks for her she is beautiful AND smart. No one would ever say that about a man. “He got that role because he’s handsome”??? Let’s just be proud and give her kudos!

    3. Actually, when you’re attractive men try to objectify you more and try to label you as a “bimbo.” Some men can’t accept that a woman can be beautiful AND intelligent. I’m sure she struggles with people automatically dimissing her intelligence because of her beauty. Society tells women that we can only be one thing at a time and we need to stop feeding into that.

    4. Non-hustlers always have the MOST to say. It amazes me how women can shut down other women who are making moves by stating something ridiculously superficial. As if a woman can’t be beautiful, smart, and a boss. Everything is against Black women including Black women.

    5. Shan Elle says:

      And a conventional less attractive woman wouldn’t have those qualities?

  2. Shan Elle says:

    She’s gorgeous. I think thats a pre-requisite when it comes to these men hiring women. Like they wouldn’t hire someone who’s not considered bangable BUT SMARTER.

    1. Nina says:

      We seem to forget that this is the entertainment industry! Beauty is pretty much a requisite but being intelligent and hardworking is of prime importance. I do agree with the first commentator. Research has shown that beautiful people are paid more. And this is regardless of gender. Anyways, the featured woman is amazing!

      ps. xonecole.. the reply button is not working.

    2. Philly Jawm says:

      No I disagree Ive worked at a reputable music studio for years with tons of popping artists, and i would see plenty of pretty faces trying to get . And you know what happened they wouldn’t take them serious because they were too pretty and didn’t think they would hustle hard. Work ethic speaks volumes with men over looks and if the man chooses looks over work ethic he wont be in business for very long. so if you keep thinking that you have to be pretty to get far then my dear good luck

  3. Love Carter says:

    Keep these stories coming Necole. Can’t wait for my brand to make your site. ❤

  4. This story is phenomenal. I have another “in my mind” mentor to follow. And I’ll definitely be purchasing her book.

  5. vee says:

    When is the book’s release date?

  6. Marcie says:

    I definitely remember her from the Bravo show! She’s beautiful, classy, and smart. She’s amazing! I’m excited to learn more about you Ericka and thank you for your words of wisdom. I’m looking forward to getting your book.

  7. Carra Taylor says:

    She’s so bomb and nice too!

  8. Christie says:

    Gotta check it out!

  9. Laci says:

    Love her! So inspirational! Can’t wait for the book! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Charlana says:

    Awesome read on a Monday morning! Belief is a powerful thing! It’s her personality and intelligence that pushes her beauty into another realm. I’m sure her spirit is warm and friendly as well which adds & last, she is a confident woman and it shows.

    People only see what you see in yourself. Look in the mirror and encourage yourself. Speak life and positivity in your life. Tell yourself the things you want people to say and admire about you. Keep saying it until you believe it and it manifest into your life. Self care is powerful!

    Be blessed ladies and Happy Holidays!

  11. Sarah Rossum says:

    I want to be like her, when I grow up

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting Ericka in person and she’s nothing short of amazing❤️

  13. I love that you spotlight black women doing great things. Good read.

  14. Great Article! Please keep positive stories like this coming! Thanks!

  15. I love this! Thank you for sharing. Some days I don’t realize my own potential… seeing things like this puts it all into perspective

  16. Wonderboy says:

    Being a man myself, I can’t help but find this title slightly sexist….. I do agree, this lady is absolutely gorgeouuuuuuus !
    But I don’t think a headline like that would ever be written about a man “He’s hot, and still he made it as a manager of a business”….. it just shows that, when it comes to women, the looks still DO play a role, or it shows that, even as a successful woman, you will still be scrutinized on your beauty….

    I think the title “Ericka Pitmman brings Brains to the Boardroom” would have been sufficient !

    just my two cents 🙂


  17. Vickee says:

    Such a BOSS BABE!! I think as young women today, it’s so hard to find great mentors and I think we crave that so much. To just get a glimpse of amazing women like Ericka is inspiring!


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