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Empire’s Serayah McNeill On How Her Vision Board Helped To Land Her Dream Job

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  1. The law of attraction is real! For the past 2 years just about every thing I’ve put on my vision boards have came true.

  2. Love Carter says:

    Yes, my vision board manifested everything I prayed for within 3mths. Now I’m re creating my vision board since I’m done with college. Jan 1st 2016 I will manifest everything I work hard for… Vision board, journals, gratitude, and faith will get you far in life.

  3. Sharol Moore says:

    My new house was on my vision board and it was built and I moved in by the due date on my board! ❤️❤️

  4. Constance says:

    I am working on my vision board right now! This is a great article

  5. I love her she’s so beautiful, talented, humbled and amazing. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her beautiful soul.

  6. Candi Reign says:

    My vision board manifested, I finally became a Mom after countless miscarriages. I have the SUV I always wanted my dream job and income, business owner and still have many more accomplishments to manifest. I meditate with my board daily.

  7. Tamara says:

    Such an inspiration to young actresses like myself who are just starting out. Go girl!

  8. Jilisa Cade says:

    Thats my Girl!!!!! I’m starting on my vision board tonight!!!!!

  9. I love my vision board and have accomplished goals I put on the board.

  10. Vision boards are the truth! Mine is manifesting right before my eyes

  11. Tiff Marie says:

    She is a very talented, beautiful, young lady

  12. Desiree King says:

    I love her..#teambrownskin

  13. I believe in Vision boards. I first heard about it with Oprah. I might do another one

  14. I need get on my vision board.

  15. 3 of the 4 things on my vision board have come to be

  16. Shan Elle says:

    Sure. As though her beauty had nothing to do with it. Vision board my ass, she looked the part and that was 90% of it because she’s not a big star at the moment…not to mention its not like she’s doing a lot of hardcore acting. LOL

    1. She’s on tv on a major network on a hot show. Millions of actresses pray for what she has so I would say she won the lottery with this one .


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