How To Use 'Dear Self' Letters In Your Self-Care Rituals

‘Dear Self’ Letters: An Important Part Of My Self Care Ritual

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  1. Definitely going to try this

  2. love life says:

    I haven’t yet maybe I should try

  3. PAM says:



  4. Monique says:

    I do this and I have my letters hanging in my closet. One day my boyfriend at the time went into the closet and read them. He was very judgmental and told me that I need to stop reading articles and weird things that tell me to do things like that. He showed me by his reaction that he not only didn’t respect me and my self care journey, but he had no sense of self love and appreciation of his own. Self care is so important, and a partner who values the love you have for yourself is essential in living a positive and uplifted life.

  5. Brooklyn Mama says:

    I love this idea. Thank you so much. Needed to read this today. Fist up for self love power. Xxoo.

  6. I’m learning how to do this more EVERYDAY

  7. Jasmine says:

    Well I’m inspired by this piece. Self-care is a big part of my dealing with depression and anxiety, and every morning is my time for self-reflection and journaling. I will be adding this to my daily journaling prompts,

  8. My smile is contagious and I’m totally “awesome” sauce; even on my worst day!

  9. Jasmine says:

    So doing this! Like today, I’ve been putting positive self talk and writing off for so long.


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