Dating Advice From Dads That Actually Works

This Dating Advice From 6 Dads Is Life

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  1. Yeh Yeh says:

    My daddy taught me that “both you and your partner have to be going in the same direction.” Some interpret this as being equally yoked. This has proven to be one of the best pieces of advice he’s given me… EVER!

    1. Tweety Elitou says:

      This is definitely great advice. 🙂

  2. DeeDee says:

    Crazy thing is that I’ve dated three guys and all three guys mothers dies while they were young so the “watch how they treat their mother”advice doesn’t work. Plus, some guys treat their moms like angels but woman they get involved with like trash 😕

  3. lea says:

    Well.. Here in africa, you meet men who treat their moms well but treat their wives like shit so … My dad taught me something anyway … If i see a man acting like him , i should run.

  4. Terilisha says:

    Hmmmm…. A lot of men love their mothers and their grannies … Love them and treat them like queens and still treat women like shit so I don’t know if that correlation is necessarily true but I get it.

  5. Simone says:

    I thank God everyday for my dad! Because of him I was never thirsty for a man’s attention or affection. He showed me how impactful the role of a father is. Whenever my sister and my mom and I are acting crazy he always sets us straight lol.

    1. Tweety Elitou says:

      Yes, dad is definitely a piece maker.

  6. Jules Becky says:

    My dad told me the wrong man won’t appreciate the type of woman I am. That I shouldn’t waste time with any man that can’t see my worth because he’s an idiot. Love my dad

  7. None :- …. Keep focussing on school.

  8. Canisha says:

    The BEST my dad every taught me was to never depend on a man. They will most definitely try to control if you do so.

  9. Tone says:

    As a married man and father, I disagree with the notion that how a man treats his mother is indicative of how he treats women.

    My mother and I don’t have the greatest relationship, but my wife and I have a thriving relationship.

    I would amend the advice to say this, ‘how a man treats other people (family, co-workers, friends) is reflective of how he might treat you.

  10. Andrea says:

    My father taught me that if a man mistreats a woman he is the one with the problem, not her.


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