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Manifest Your Dreams With A Create Box

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  1. PalesaRSA says:

    Would it be possible to actively create a network/ challenge for the Powerful Xo women and do this alone together?

  2. Ms. Smith says:

    This is great! I will definitely do this on the weekend.

  3. K. Nichole says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I have a very eventful year ahead and I keep worrying about misteps and setbacks. This will definitely help to keep me focused and inspired

  4. roseinweeds says:

    i love this idea! i love crafts and affirmations that r visual to remind urself how awesome u are (and the people around you)! thx for sharing!

  5. Adam Safar says:

    It seems like a good idea to stay focused on what you believe in. I believe everyone has current issues that effect their everyday lives. If we always look at what is going on at the moment instead of our future, we won’t ever have one. A future is developed by what we think about now. People need to stop worrying and do something like this. Know what makes them happy and pursue it.

  6. loveamour. says:

    This is perfect. I was thinking about downloading a vision board app but I couldn’t figure out which app was best. This idea sounds like a better one for me to do.

    Plus I could keep it in a safe place.

  7. C says:

    Was going to Michael’s this weekend to make a Prayer/Surrender Box, think i’ll incorporate this idea! Love it!!

  8. Drea says:

    I love this idea! I even have some of the same pictures in the article clipped for the vision board I’ve been working on. I might do this instead.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Rell says:

    Somebody has been reading Essence! I have those same images on my vision board! Wonderful idea, I was wondering what I wanted to do with all the “extra” images I collected. This is a perfect next project.

  10. KelseyMarie says:

    This is such a great idea! I made a vision board this year but I really like this idea and I am going to make one as well!

    Thank you for sharing.


  11. Kena says:

    I love it! I agree the key is being specific and reviewing it often. I have my vision board mounted next to my desk so I see it everyday while I’m working.

  12. EMPRESS SC says:

    This is so amazing and inspiring.

  13. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    I love this as an alternative to the vision board. I think overall its just about making goals and remaining inspired and driven! Get it done however you can ladies!

  14. Nae says:

    I’ve never heard of this before, but I love it! I’ve recently started journaling with the This Is My Year Journal from Myleik and writing down my goals has definitely made them feel more real. I think I will take it a step further and give this box a go! Thanks girl!

  15. I love this idea for several reasons. One, I can place my vision in a place that is not open to everyone. On the vision board, I try to hang it up but I felt that everyone who would see it and judge it. I didn’t like that idea. So I recently tried the Pinterest. I made it private but I found it hard to be specific. This is a great idea and I think I will buy a box this week and get started.

  16. This is an awesome idea! I am all for making vision boards but I would love to create a vision box for additional inspriation.


  17. Leslie B. says:

    I love this idea! I’ve been trying to make my vision board for quite some time now, but i’ve been unable to locate the perfect picture frame for it (Pinterest Project). However, this seems much easier. I can just use any ole box and decorate how I want to and VOILA! I’m going to have to give this a try.

  18. Williamviap says:

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your forum and wanted

  19. Ashley Mann says:

    Thank you soooo much for this. I just got some crushing news, and this article really made me see that things take time to fall into place and even though it may take a minute it will happen only if you visualize it.


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