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5 Crucial Financial Questions You Should Be Asking Your Partner Before Marriage

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  1. roseinweeds says:

    lordy. money money money. i have to admit…while a man’s earning potential isnt high on my deal breaker list…his relationship w money is. and thats what it all comes down to. can he handle his cash flow? it matters. it really does.

  2. Stacey says:

    Money is very important to me. Men don’t have to make 6 figures but need to know how to manage it.

    I’ve met a teacher who managed money very well and had a lot saved. And someone who made over 6 figures who spent his money on alcohol, female friends, and whatever else.

    The teacher was more practical and the other guys behavior was super alarming! He felt the need to “treat” his female friends, often to expensive restaurants. Yet he bragged about his salary, probably not knowing, I am not too far behind him.

    Money matters alot.

    I’d rather be with a cheap or frugal man than one that spends wrecklessly.

  3. CiCi says:

    I allowed family members to get me into debt before I even got into college good. Now, I’m working on trying to build my credit and decrease my debt before entering into a serious relationship. I can’t bring all that financial baggage into my marital relationship…what happens when it’s time for us to buy a house or make other big financial purchases/decisions?

    I definitely will make sure to be transparent and have a real sit-down when my partner about finances when things start to get really serious. Thanks for this article!

  4. Nae says:

    Great article! Growing up, I never saw my parents argue about money and I try my best not to argue with my partner about it either. Granted, we aren’t married but we have been together for a few years and are on that path. Of the two of us, I’m the one most likely to stress over money, He’s much more level-headed and always there to remind me that stressing about a lack of money won’t bring us more money, which helps me calm down. We can speak freely about money which feels great and helps us not allow it to negatively affect our relationship.


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