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#CheckYourBoys: Why I’m Teaching My Sons About Verbal & Sexual Harassment

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  1. roseinweeds says:

    yikes! this is a hearty subject that they are addressing!! bt good insight and discussion from alot of different men. i hope this changes the conditioning and culture of young boys who then become men andbtheir perspectives on women. some stop is just innate but some things r down right disrespectful. i knw some women would like to beloeve that they can take the sting frm the words and attitudes towards them…bt this doesnt alter the mind of a man. he still sees what he sees. im hopeful that a healthy conversation among regular men will alter hip hop’s misogynistic views of women.

  2. I do not know why it is like this now a days. I grew up learning it is a sharing thing not the opposite. It’s the best thing when it is that way because then it doesn’t seem like a favor instead of a mutual feeling. That’s why we have rape out there.

  3. Kandy says:

    I was a tomboy growing up which during the 90’s I would wear baggy clothes like I was a fourth member of tlc. I noticed none of the boys paid me any attention. So I did an experiment and started wearing short skirts and dresses the next year and of course it was as if I was the new “pretty/sexy girl” at school. I know girls and women should be able to not be slug shamed and wear what you want but let’s not ignore that it brings some form of attention weather negative or positive. I also agree with teaching ours son’s about respecting girls/women when giving compliments about their body and or clothing and being ok if you don’t get the response you hoped for. I have an eight year old and right now he is focused on just being a kid but at the same time a young gentleman.

  4. Kyla Ky says:

    I don’t think verbal harassment will stop until women/girls stop reacting to it and allowing guys to pursue them this way. I’m assuming this is working for guys because I don’t see how they think this is a proper way to compliment or get a woman’s attention. I’ve been grabbed, groped, “complimented” on body parts etc. It really is sickening, they think they have some sort of right to do as they please to you.

    This concept is nice but I just don’t see it working.

    1. Nicole says:

      Verbal harassment won’t stop until YOU stop reacting to it and allowing guys to pursue YOU this way. It doesn’t take every women to stop reacting all at once. All it takes is YOURSELF to change how men treat you by letting them know what you will and will not tolerate.


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