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I Began Vagina Steaming Religiously And It Changed My Life

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  1. Jas says:

    And dear author, one more thing…. hypersexuality does not “pollute” your womb or vagina.

    Where did you get this concept? Do you perhaps mean diseases and infections spread thru sexual activity can pollute your vagina?

    My vagina is not polluted because my partner and I have a LOT sex (with each other)….and neither is any other woman partaking in SAFE sex. Stop spreading lies.

    Why do these “holistic” health conscious articles have to be filled with a lot of unscientific mumbo jumbo.

    Just explain why YOU do it and leave out the falsified informatiob.

    1. PHILLY JAWN says:

      Pregnant now and I take sitz baths when my ph is out of whack. Sperm changes your ph so yes hyper sexuality can alter the state of your vagina. Washing it once a day doesn’t work for everyone and as you get older so does your vagina and your needs change.No need to attack the writer for wanting the best for her body she was merely sharing what can be seen as useful to others.

      1. Rell says:

        Beautiful reply. It was filled with grace.

        1. Trina says:

          I love this! I often do this at the Korean spas!!!!!

    2. Kendra says:

      I agree with you 100% I see this often in these so called conscious and conscious self love post and I always wonder why they have to go there.

  2. Junie says:

    Wow negative women- the author was simply giving an alternative method of caring for your vagina. If it is not for you then keep it moving. I am an RN by trade and while I know that the vagina is self cleaning we actually teach women post partum to do sitz bath which essentially is a vagina steaming. I gave birth 1 month ago and can can vouch that the sitz bath/vagina steam helped my uterus return to normal faster as well as rid the remain uterine tissue/lochia. The steam helps to improve blood flow to the area from dilation of the blood vessels. While I can’t vouch for the herbs, they don’t sound harmful and I will research it because it sounds great!

  3. Mai says:

    I did a vaginal steam after I gave birth. It’s a cultural thing (Haitian). My mother got the herbs from back home and prepared it for me.idk if it’s anecdotal or if it really works but I’m team yoni steam.

  4. FeeLion says:

    First of all I would like to give a bug THANK YOU to the author of the article for sharing this with the world. More ladies need to know about yoni steaming. I was very skeptical of this practice when I began researching natural hygiene products. At that point I thought everything down stairs was in order and working properly but I just used to 9 day cycles, painful period cramps so debilitating that the pain would sometimes cause me to limp. My Dr told me that my only option to cure the cramps was to take BC pills.

    I felt hopeless, changing my diet completely along with working out five days a week brought a mild change to the crisis
    that was my period. It wasn’t until I told my General practitioner about how awful my period was that I actually got someone to listen. I had an ultrasound done and what they found was astonishing, I had a chocolate cyst on my left ovary that measured at 11cm. Along with the cyst I had 3 large fibroids, this explained why my body would attack me every time I had my period.

    No amount of surgery, working out, vinegar, summers eve would get rid of these issues and keep them from coming back. It wasn’t until I started researching and implementing a natural self care routine. This includes steaming regularly and giving my body all the NATURAL things it needs to balance itself out. Yoni steaming has been around for damn near 600 years. Thats longer than ANY DRUG OR OVER THE COUNTER BULLSHIT that anyone can find.

    If you don’t agree keep it pushing but there is absolutely no need to down talk this practice. Keep putting that poison in your body.

  5. Ppl are afraid of herbs that’s natural and that’s a healer but runs to a doctor that will posion that ass…ummmm bye

    This is not only for if something is wrong with it also help other things as these Sistars are educating the ppl.

  6. Nessa says:

    This article was awesome and very informative to those who have never experienced vaginal steaming. My family is from Haiti and after childbirth it is highly recommend to help with the healing process. We usually sit on a large bucket, boil the various backyard herbs, then after we are beaten with the leaves all over our backs and stomachs. I know it sounds different but it is a cultural thing. Normally the elder women like grandmas and great aunts perform this ritual. It help cleans out the vagina from left over tissues of childbirth and toxins. It’s does wonders for vaginal tightness. I haven’t done it since the birth of my child which was 6 years ago and I have no menstrual issues and never thought of doing it unless I have another child. However, after this article I’m going to give it a shot without my grandmother wiping me with those damn leaves lol. I hope people try this and understand its all natural and holistic there’s nothing unnatural about steam guys. Btw Haitian people call it “bain” it’s been around for centuries American women!!!

  7. anonymous says:

    Thank you. At a time when doctors are getting “gifts” from pharmaceutical companies to push bith control on us (to cure everything) and are too quick to do hysterectomies when you have good insurance, info like this is interesting. I love natural cures. I have fibroids and i might try this. I do take one or two tbsp of unsulfurated blackstrap molasses a day and that greatly eased excessive bleeding during my periods (thank God).

    I am sad to see the negative comments instead of sisterhood. If it’s not for you, and it’s not dangerous, keep it moving. If a sitz bath is acceptable, why not this? I love it that there are cultural traditions and women’s rituals, my ethnicity has long forgotten them if they ever had them.

    God willing, it will work for me and anyone else who tries it.

  8. Thank you! Some of the comments are disrespectful and ignorant. Western society frown upon natural home remedies despite our ancestors being the originators of them.

    1. Andrea L. says:

      I am disapointed by many of the negative, disrespectful, and uneducated comments. Everything is not for everyone. If it doesn’t interest you that is perfectly fine but why judge and disrespect others who are simply trying to care for their bodies? Ancient cultures from around the world have had similar practices long before there was a such thing as “Western Medicine”and traditional medicine is responsible for much of the framework for modern western healthcare theory and practices. While there has always been cultural conflict between holistic and western medicine, people have learned to respect each discipline, and most agree that mixing the best of both worlds is most beneficial for health and overall well being.

      I am of Jamaican descent and while this is a common tradition in the Caribbean, I’ve never done it. I haven’t made up my mind whether I will try this yet, I have more to learn about it. I don’t see why people perceive the steaming as harmful, barring common sense precautions like making sure the water is clean and not too hot. I am more concerned about which herbs are being used. Bubble baths, douches, and tampons are way more disturbing to me. People immediately scrutinize what they are not accustomed to, while not giving much critical thought to what is common and mundane. I guess it’s human nature, but probably not that wise.

      This might be great for some and not so great for others. Make sure to consult with your OB/GYN/ midwife/ nurse practitioner before doing it, and follow their advice. If you don’t trust them perhaps you should look for new practitioners. I enjoyed the article, no it was not expertly written and very anecdotal. I don’t think it was supposed to be from that perspective. It read like one girlfriend putting her friend on to something that is working for her. It’s up to us to do our homework and decide whether to take it or leave it. But in doing so let’s make sure to respect one another.

  9. Nik says:

    Ludicrous. If you want a wet/healthy vagina.. Workout 4 times a week… Eat your vegetables.. Cut out sugary bullshit.. Eat tons of yogurt.. And take an acidophilus supplement. Don’t receive oral sex or unprotected sex from an unfrequented partner.. And you’re good. Oh yeah.. And hydrate the body by drinking lots of water.

    Healthy diet.. And exercise is all one really needs. When you’re SICK is when the remedies come in for the short term healing.

  10. Allie says:

    I love the ideas on vagina health. Yes.. The body can take care of itself but that doesn’t stop us from trying lotion, make up, etc to it.. Anyway.. Keep up the good work. Sounds cool, and as long as it doesn’t cause harm. Who cares.

  11. Shine Lucas says:

    There is a such thing as washing too much. The vagina is self cleaning and doesn’t need help. That doctor was probably right. Also, steaming isn’t about cleanliness but about internal wellness.

  12. Moni says:

    every women body is different some will try it some want you have to do what’s right for yourself that’s all

  13. Tae says:

    I find this information useful and interesting. So much negativity in the post. If you want to try it, try it. If not, chill out lol. No need to attack ijs

  14. In the Caribbean we do this after child birth!

  15. Jas says:

    I’m sorry but calling it a “yoni” 5 times a sentence was just distracting and took away from the seriousness of the article.
    Interesting concept.

    The vagina is self-cleaning, and in my 27 years of life I’ve never needed to do anything other than wash her once a day to keep her healthy; besides, most vaginas receive a 30 minute elegant, fancy steaming once a day, better known as a SHOWER.

    May I suggest seeking a doctor if you are experiencing extreme menstrual cramps, itching, or foul odor, usually those symptoms are indicative of a more serious matter.

    My question is, how is marigold steam entering your vagina actually alleviating your cramps any better than a warm bath or heating pad?
    I’m just curious. …slightly skeptical. … but but still really curious.

    But more power to you for steaming your vagina… and to any other women that does it.

  16. That’s what I told my family and friends. While I’m NOT interested in trying it, it all boils down to (no pun intended) Eastern Herbal Medicinal Treatments vs Western Medicine. However people in the East live entirely differently than those of us in the west. They aren’t consuming mass amounts of toxins on a daily basis then sitting on a hot pot doing this. They live a very holistic lifestyle in general. To me its like going to McDonald’s and ordering a #1 and asking for a “diet” coke.

  17. Jess says:

    Why just “brown girls”?

  18. I feel like I would do this before that little herb tampon that’s supposed to detox your vagina. Definitely perfer the idea of doing it at home vs going to a public place. I might try this next weekend!

  19. Why can’t we just leave things alone and let our bodies do the work. Once you start messing with what’s normal you create more problems. Not for me

    1. N.A.Crawford says:

      While I am just hearing about this, I am all in favor of it. Yes, the vagina is self cleaning, but can it clean all of what’s inside of you? I feel it is much needed and I plan to do it. I really wanted to have it done but now, I am more in favor of doing it at the house, and finding the right herbs since I’m at menopause for me.

  20. Junie says:

    And also to add- I am Jamaican and before my grandma even knew I came home with my sitz bath/vagina steam basin that was given to me at the HOSPITAL, my grandma was already telling she wanted me to do this “Jamaican remedy” of sitting over hot water with salt added. So apparently different versions of this is known

  21. Yes. I highly recommend them. Changed my life and the life of others. I create herbal blends as well. I post about yoni steams periodically. Game changer.

  22. Oenz says:

    Vaginal steams are the best. It’s part of “some” African practices, especially after a pregnancy. I will be trying this and the vaginal detox pearl (still apprehensive about the China one, given my own research on manufacturing process on herbal export products). Thank you to everyone on the NB staff who have been writing articles on holistic health care. I don’t see why there can’t be a balance between modern and ancient health practices. Ignorance is not bliss!

  23. Jas says:

    Yes, because tradition means it’s backed up by scientific proof.
    End sarcasm.

    My brother in laws family believed sticking a penny on a newborns belly button would help thim heal. Apparently that’s a thing in the country they are from…. alot of people do it, does it mean it’s TRUE. No.

    Subject your vagina to whatever you want, but at the end of the day if having sex causes irritatuon, you have a bigger problem.
    If you have debilitating cramps, you may have a bigger problem.
    If your vagina has a foul odor or itches….YOU PROBABLY HAVE A BIGGER ISSUE.

    Now I don’t care what you do with your vagina. If you want to steam it, bake it, boil it, or make a souffle out of it…do you boo! I’m just saying all of those issues you are discussing are indicative of something way more serious.

    But you can’t be upset when people say, “no, not for me”

  24. Chi tea says:

    It’s a place in Atlanta called JeJu spa. They have this there , they call it ‘The Hip Bath .. only $30 not bad, I enjoyed it … felt refreshed lol

  25. Jess says:

    I agree with most of the other comments. Your vagina is a self cleaning oven and really shouldn’t take a magic potion to keep healthy. If a mild soap and water is not doing the trick, then you may want to talk to your GYN. These tricks and recipes can just mask a more serious problem. Also there’s plenty women (and men) of color who are gynecologists or nurse practitioners that you can trust and trust that you are getting good care. We shouldn’t keep passing this distrust of the medical profession. Our health is suffering from it.

  26. Omuni Barnes says:

    Interesting article. I’ll have to do more research on the topic before I try it, but there’s something to be said about natural holistic options in cleansing the body.

  27. Wow, I love the site, interesting piece. Just the other day, I tried the cinnamon and mustard hair mask. I found it funny because I got scared when my 5 scalp started heating up, funny because I was so into wearing relaxers burning my scalp but scared of cinnamon and ground mustard. Nothing wrong with trying new things especially if they are using natural ingredients like steam…water…etc. Definitely nothing wrong with rediscovering our roots.

  28. There is such a thing as washing too much. The vagina is self cleaning. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shower a couple of times a day. Lol.

  29. I wish I had known about this after giving birth and during my menstrual in the past! Maybe I would not have suffered as much as I did with getting sick and taking medication to ease the bleeding and mestual pain! No child should have to go through that so young (8)

  30. Haitians have been doing it since the beginning of time using herbs.

  31. If you douche and take long baths this is the same principle !!!! I hate that we are so negative about things we don’t know or are new to us. If it’s weird to you just say you’re not sure you’d try it! Ignorance is bliss

  32. Mz_opinionated says:

    You probably shouldn’t speak. You sound like an idiot…very immature 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  33. Me! says:

    So this definitely not a good idea.
    A. Hopefully the steam isn’t hot, thus burning yourself.
    B. This would mess with the natural flora of the vagina. You don’t want to mess with that. It could throw the pH balance off and boom you get something going on down there you don’t want to.
    C. You could be introducing bacteria to the vagina that’s not suppose to be there, causing an infection.
    D. It’s probably just causing an increased blood flow down there and getting the women aroused.

  34. Karima says:

    I love the ignorance in some of these comments. I liked the article and the littlest things will knock our vaginas out of whack. I didn’t really start to pay the closest attention until my early 30’s. Now at 37 I am paying the closet attention possible. We as women suffer from so many things. I have fibroids and they are quite disruptive. But during this time I have gathered so much information that once I have them removed…I will have much more knowledge for them to hopefully never return. I have heard of vaginal steaming but never thought to try. Best of luck to you on your journey.

  35. Lisa says:

    I wanna try it!!

  36. Vaginas are suppose to clean themselves……thats why some doctors dont even recommend doin the douche either…..

    1. Dandelion herbs and hyssop helps with cyst.

    2. If done properly it helps with diseases and dissolving cysts.

  37. What. Why do you have to steam your vagina. I never heard of that. Wth

    1. Dawn says:

      Its like a facial for your vagina. I love it and I do it about 2-3 times a month. My menses haven’t been as painful and my herb selection was well thought out.

  38. Even your gyno will tell you douching and using soap will give you infections…smh

  39. I got suckered into doing this in Korea with some friends…it wasn’t as bad as it may seem.

  40. I don’t know. Smh just do kegel exercises.

  41. Akosua says:

    Nicole, this is very good for women to talk about. You’re doing a great job with this new site! God bless you and your writers this year and always.

  42. Anti Jas says:


    You are starting to look pathetic. If you don’t agree you state your peace (peacefully) and move on.

    Buhbye now. Everyone else seems to be having a good day!

  43. My grandmother made me do it at home after my first child..supposedly it removes the toxins and close you back up..

  44. My mom did this for me after i had my daughter. It was so relaxing, i loved it. I don’t think i would do it on a regular basis.

  45. Andrea Young says:

    I am not that open to sit with everyone and steam my vagina

  46. This isn’t douching, detox pearls, or herbal tampons. This is an ancient steaming practice. Where’s the information on this particularly?

  47. Being from Haiti, we do this a lot, especially after giving birth. Im due any minute now to have my son and I cannot wait for this treatment. It’s the greatest. All natural herbs, not harmful at all to the body.

  48. This is so common in Haiti. I love it. It helps tremendously

  49. I don’t pay no one. I do it myself at home. People pay a lot of money to the womb salons.

  50. That’s why I started steaming because my cramps and flow was unbearable. It’s harmless like putting a heating pad on your stomach.

  51. This is normal to us Haitian it’s part of giving birth and ppl don’t realize all the shit that’s left in you after birth. After my steam so much shit came out.

  52. Thanks for this. I’ve been hearing about it and it sounds like something every women should partake in

  53. Cheri Love says:

    That’s something you do privately at home never heard of place like that do not seem hygienic to me plus only did it after the birth of my kids only

  54. Haitians have been doing this forever. Nothing new.

  55. Jas says:

    Seriously, explain how this helps with fertility issues? Is it the same science behind rubbing fertile trees and fertile statues? Rolls eyes.

  56. Maryam says:

    What are herbs are good for tightening the yoni? Thank you so much

  57. Brittany says:

    I did it once, at a South Korea jjimjilbang (bath house/spa)…it was interesting.

  58. I’ve actually done a vagina steam once before and it was an interesting experience. I tried it at a jjimjilbang (Korean spa) though they call it a “hip bath.” I found it very refreshing and overall rejuvenating to my overall body/health. This is actually a common practice for all genders in South Korea and has been practiced for many generations. I am going to look into doing it on my own but if looking for places to try it I’d suggest asking a Korean spa if it’s a service they provide.

  59. Jai says:

    This is an awesome article. However I’m not surprised how some women disagree with this Natural Medicine. Everybody doesn’t believe the same thing, and everything doesn’t work for everybody. All bodies aren’t the same, all minds are not the same. I would love to give this a try and I feel sorry for women who don’t feel in touch with their Yoni. Keep sitting in vinegar baths and consuming yogurt expecting a miracle 😉

  60. PositiveThoughts says:

    This article was very interesting and for the most part well put together. I’ve never heard of this before and I am most definitely going to try it! We all know that the vaginal is selfcleaning, but it can’t be much different than steaming your face! It’s not going to break your vagina. I say go for it!

    A little constructive criticism: as other mentioned in the comments, the overuse of the word “yoni” really took away from the seriousness of the article. It also made me focus on how many times the word was used rather than the content of the article.

    Another thing that really threw me off was the underlying notes of rascism. This,in my opinion, was completely unnecessary.

    I just had to offer my two cents. Now I gotta go find herbs for my “yoni”!!! 🙂

  61. Sista Girl says:

    Necole, I like the way you’ve reinvented the site. I’ve enjoyed the articles, the only thing that I don’t care for is the reoccurring articles that you guys pull out again. When I come visit, I get disappointed when I keep seeing stuff I’ve already read.

  62. Dd says:

    Spell check will help

  63. Shonda says:

    I to suffer from hypothyroid and my cycle is far from Normal. It will come every 3-4 months and for 3 days. Before I tried the yoni steam DIY at home my cycle had stopped for a year with just spotting every few months. Well after steaming just one time I had a cycle that lasted 4 days with slight cramping. I will continue to steam once a month. I’m looking forward to researching the herbs and what is I want to gain from my yoni steaming process. Thanks for the article.

  64. Anissa says:

    So I will try this
    I like the whole spa for my vagina day as I do meditate and I do read a lot
    So I can go to my local health store to get the ingredients
    I will journal about this and possibly blog
    Great stuff brown girl

  65. Tiff says:

    First thing I thought when reading the title was OMG women of African descent started this centuries ago. Now it’s mainstream, how cool! I hope they get some credit for this. I’d like to try this, I always thought I’d burn my litlle tum tum hahaa.

  66. LUNDEN says:

    I would like to leave work early and do this right now! SAVED IT

  67. Alexis says:

    This article was very helpful and I appreciate you sharing your experience and to all the of negative comments it’s okay to have your opinion but be respectful and what works for you may not work for other people we are all different so let’s explore it all and be happy

  68. Dominique says:

    Thanks so much! Very Informative, very helpful! Preparing my steam no!!! Awesome Article!

  69. Kendra says:

    I don’t agree with every aspect of this post but overall it is appreciated. I’ve been curious about Yoni steaming for some time now, your article gave me the pus to actually try it. I love the “we birth civilizations”, because we have and we do. Thank you for sharing and I wish you wellness on your journey.

  70. Pamct says:

    This sounds similar to taking detox baths, which are good for you. I do believe we should take care of ourselves naturally. There are so many old remedies that our bodies benefit from. I think most Americans turn a deaf ear to these old ways because they sound ancient and odd. But we have no problem running to doctors to be filled up with more toxins and chemicals. The FDA and Big Pharms have truly fooled us. All the way to the bank.

  71. As a vaginal steaming professional, I’m happy to articles like this that help to bring awareness about the many benefits of steaming your yoni. However, I cannot stand behind encouraging women to use their toilets for steaming. I encourage women to steam themselves at home, but for deeper emotional/spiritual/womb healing, I would also encourage you to see a professional who has been certified. If you are in the DMV and would like to learn more about the vaginal steaming services I offer, please feel free to inbox me!

  72. ppl don’t know about their female body lol! I Also believe this is a spiritual bathe also to cleanse all the men DNA that’s within you. But I can be wrong…but its something out there to help with that too…

  73. Força says:

    This is asking for an infection, the amount of bacteria per water droplet is astounding. The fact you’re creating an environment to help bacteria mutate and grow is disturbing and very unethical. Your body is designed in its own unique way to combat changes in the human body. for you to introduce more foreign containment is asking for your body to stop its natural processes. Which leads to dying cells.. No wonder this is not peer reviewed or Scientifically sounded to be practice. The issue of “snap back” is the muscle memory of the uterus, genetics and other particulars. Adding steam to a thing does not make it snap back. When applying heat to an element it expands. Cold contracts, this is simple physics. Make sure when you show up to your OBGYN and you have an infection , inform your GYN that you steamed your vagina. Why would remove particulars from your body… Wow 😖

  74. NamastKB says:

    Fertile Underground ? Hey neighbor ! Despite the mixed reception in the comments I will definitely use this as a basis to do my own research and try it out for myself.

  75. Lily S. says:

    Um no i’ve never had one nor ever heard of them and i’m 56yrs old. Well, I still believe in the ole fashion way with a teaspoon of vinegar and a pint of water!

  76. Taj Charmed says:

    Yes the hell we do!!! I did this after childbirth…And my fine ass man is wandering how I have 3 kids & “SnapBack” w/ no Kegels

  77. Idk i hate the natural scent of some ppl because they naturally sink. I learned this at a young age. I steam HOLD UP ONCE A MONTH FOR 25 mins i then turn around in wash with Dove soap (Pink bar). Its not supposed to be done daily because it will mess up some natural functions. But just learn how to was ya ass. Warm water in gental soap. NEVER USE ZEST OR LEAVER OR DIAL ON YA PIE. PUSS WILL DRY UP LOOK LIKE A PRUNE.

  78. Damn someone mother didn’t teach them a damn thing…douching is wrong and it isn’t Safe…apparently JM doing something right my husband been down there for 13 years bloop lol

  79. Thanks for this comment it’s not some it’s majority of these uneducated coons…like you said robots for sure. Lol I’m baffled

  80. Shan says:

    This is the biggest crock of crap I have ever read!!
    Just because you want to believe that this helps any issues,doesn’t mean that it will
    This women are just asking for an infection or bacteria growing where you DON’T want it (That’s what moisture does)
    And to imply that this would make you “wet” for more than 10 minutes after you are done steaming,is a total idiot and has serious issues
    Go see a doctor if you have problems down there please

  81. Sounds like a formula for some awful infections. The vagina is self-cleaning. The rest only requires soap and water. So the stupid steam places, the GYN and the pharmaceutical companies are going to profit while you suffer!!!!!!

  82. Jas says:

    This can cleanse the men’s DNA off you? Wtf.

    This is why a lot of traditions can’t necessarily be trusted as being true. What kind of nonsense is that?

    Ladies, steam your vaginas however you see fit, I choose the shower….some choose a pot with rosemary and cilantro in it.

    But stop spreading LIES

  83. Ladies, steam is NOT going to tighten up or cleanse your vagina. Kegels, vaginal reconstructive surgery and Jesus himself are the only ones that can make that miracle happen. I bet that place smells like a fish market on a hot day when the a/c goes out.


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