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[Bitchie TV] Ne-Yo Dishes On Rumored Engagement, Fellatio & Whether He Could Love Two Women At The Same Time

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Last week, Ne-Yo released his fifth studio album, R.E.D (Realizing Every Dream), which is a collection of songs centered around love and relationships. Since he has become the artist that says things for men that they don’t know how to say or that pride won’t allow them to say, we decided to sit down with Ne-Yo to get his point of view on a variety of relationship topics.

During the interview, he dished on his current relationship status as well as whether he believes that a man and woman should live together first before getting married. He also talked about how to prevent getting comfortable in your relationship and whether he believed he could fall in love with two women at the same time

There is a track on the new album titled, “Stress Reliever” which is a personal favorite of  Ne-Yo’s.  The song is about a woman performing oral sex on her man after a long day of work, so of course, we had to know if he’d be willing to give his woman the same type of servicing if she came home stressed.

Peep the interview below:


Ne-Yo on his relationship status and whether the ring he gave Monyetta was an engagement ring
We are chilling man! That is a big beautiful ring and we are chilling. I’ll put it to you this way, when the day comes that I’m going to get married, I will be the first person to let the whole world know. I’m going to shout it from a mountain top because I’m going to be the happiest man on the face on the planet [but] until then, we chilling.

I will say, that is honestly my best friend. That is the person that if I lost everything tomorrow she will still be there and I know that’s my ride or die. So, we’re not tripping off the category and all that stuff as of yet. When we get there, we get there but until then, I’m happy, she’s happy and that’s the most important thing. It’s not the title, it’s whether or not you and that other person are happy.

On how not to get complacent if you are “playing house” already
That is something that you’ve got to pay attention to. That’s something that you should catch early on because if you allow yourself to become complacent in that situation, what’s to stop you from being complacent in your marriage? So it’s about keeping it fresh in this stage of the relationship and [the next] stage of the relationship and all the way through if y’all are going to be together. That’s why you shouldn’t rush into that marriage thing, like people are doing it too fast! ‘Oh I love him, let me marry him because of his swag‘ and then you marry him because of his swag and when he is 60, he ain’t going to have the same swag. Swag pays no bills.

On whether he believes a man can love two women
I can only speak for this man when I say, you only have one heart and once you give it to somebody, it’s impossible to give it to somebody else because it ain’t yours anymore. You gave it away. But that’s me, I don’t know about Chris, he might be able to do that. It might be possible for him. It might be possible for another man but for me, personally, if I’m in love with this person that’s it. This person has my heart, so I’m sorry Miss young-sexy-fine-whatever you are, this is gone, don’t even go for it, it’s off the menu.

On his new track ‘Stress reliever’
Stress Reliever is about – I’m going to use a scientific term – a song about fellatio.  This is the song that allows men to say it without having to say it. You get your young lady together, y’all chilling with your drinks, your candle or whatever the case may be, you as a man feel like you want a little special attention but you don’t know how to [say it] because it’s a touchy subject sometimes depending on the woman. Put the song on, she’s going to listen to the lyrics of the song, she’s going to know exactly what is going on and if you’ve earned it, she’s going to go in. Bottom line, that’s what it is. You’re welcome Fellas!

On if he would give his woman a “stress reliever” if she came home stressed
I’m a firm believer in, if you do me I do you back. I’m paying bills, I paid for dinner dammit! If I paid for dinner then I feel like I should go first. […] We’re going to work me out, then we’re going to work you out with the same amount of effort you put into working me out. That’s how we rock.

Listen to “Stress Reliever” below:

Ne-Yo’s album “R.E.D” is available in stores now!

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