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A proud NEW YAWKAH, Jimmika (b.k.a. MIKA) is the self proclaimed "chatty patty with class", a beauty & self-help book enthusiast, hip-hop connoisseur and lover of all things wo-man. Keep up with her on Twitter & Instagram (@astoldbyMIKA) and on her entertainment and lifestyle blog, astoldbymika.com!

The Benefits of Going Commando

The first time that I ever found myself concerned with the visibility of a panty line was during my 8th grade graduation. I found the most beautiful dress that unfortunately highlighted the lining of …

Does it Truly Cost More To Be A Woman Than A Man?

“Being a woman is so expensive.” This is something that I heard my mom say time and time again when I was younger, but never quite understood what she was complaining about until I was on my own and h…