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Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Our #xoMan Shoot With Jay Ellis

6 hours ago
Comments: 0

See why kicked off our "Man Crush Mondays" with actor Jay Ellis! Hint: It's not just because of his nice body. ;)

I Fulfilled My Trois Fantasy…And This Is What I Learned

3 days ago
Comments: 16

Two is company, but is three a crowd?

Motherhood Made Me Lose My Sex Drive

4 days ago
Comments: 10

Did having kids kill the vibe in your bedroom? One woman shares her story about life after labor.

#xoProposals: How Kenneth Made Rochelle The Main Attraction At The Movies

5 days ago
Comments: 5

Kenneth took his love to the big screen, and she said yes!

Confession: I Have An Insatiable Appetite For Sex

6 days ago
Comments: 25

Why I feel women should put themselves and their orgasm first

I Stopped Texting My Husband For A Week And Here’s What Happened

1 week ago
Comments: 5

Texting was tarnishing our love life, so it was time for a digital detox.

Glory Johnson Announces She is Having Twins: ‘This is what we planned!’

2 months ago
Comments: 71

After watching her marriage fall apart over a span of just a few weeks, Glory Johnson

Will Smith Talks Marriage, Insecurities And How Jada Has Made Him A Better Man

2 months ago
Comments: 52

What does it take to maintain a long-term marriage?

Will Smith has the answer!

[Couples On The Go] Alexis and Amar’e Take Paris, Kylie and Tyga Twinning, Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey Run Errands, + More!

2 months ago
Comments: 104


Relationship Style Goals?

LeToya Luckett And Kevin Durant May Be Giving Love Another Try

2 months ago
Comments: 48

His nickname may be “Not Nice” but apparently Kevin Durant is too much of the opposite for LeToya Luckett to let

Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander Moves Her 4 Single Sisters and Their 8 Kids Into Her Home in New Reality Show!

2 months ago
Comments: 94

5 sisters. 8 kids. 1 Ex. and 1 house.

That’s a full House

Fantasia Shares An Important Marriage Tip After Reconciling With Her Husband

2 months ago
Comments: 88

It ain’t none of your friends’ business…


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#FixItFriday: How I Manage Email Overload

4 days ago
Comments: 1

Suffering from email overload? No problem! We have the solution to help you manage your business instead of it managing you.

The Introverted Girl’s Guide to Office Networking

4 days ago
Comments: 4

Whether you're new to the office or just a woman of few words, we have the tips on how to get your networking game right!

Zim Ugochukwu: How I Launched Travel Noire & Went From Broke to Boss

1 week ago
Comments: 21

Zim Ugochukwu of Travel Noire is one boss chick who, with hard work and determination, turned her passion to profit.

Rise + Shine! 3 Nightly Practices To Prep You For A Great Work Week

1 week ago
Comments: 1

Tips on how to master Mondays and get your work week started right--without the stress and anxiety.

The Problem With Body Shaming Kim Kardashian During Her Pregnancy

2 hours ago
Comments: 21

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing until you're a victim of body shaming.

Carol’s Daughter’s #BornAndMade Campaign is Empowering Women One Selfie at a Time

1 day ago
Comments: 0

Carol's Daughter has teamed up with "I Am That Girl" to empower women through the #BornAndMade campaign.

For Colored Girls Who Are Told To Silence Their Stories Of Abuse

2 days ago
Comments: 14

When it comes to domestic violence Black women are often expected to remain silent. Who will be there to defend us?

5 Travelers Went to Abu Dhabi on a $200 Ticket, Here’s What Happened!

3 days ago
Comments: 28

These five travelers packed their bags and flew to Abu Dhabi on a $200 travel deal.

My Battle With Yeast Infections: You Don’t Have To Die To Kick It

5 days ago
Comments: 14

You don't have to get down to get dirty. Here's how I cured my yeast infection--the natural way.

How One Photographer Is Bringing Attention To Redheads Of Color

5 days ago
Comments: 110

See how one photographer is showcasing the beauty of redheads of color in a new portrait series!

Baby Bait: Someone May Be Using Your Kids To Catfish

5 days ago
Comments: 12

What happens when sharing your child's cute baby photos on social media turns into a stranger claiming your kid?

These 5 Energizing Yoga Poses Will Help You Start Your Day Off Right

6 days ago
Comments: 1

Here's five yoga poses that help put a pep in my step along with my morning coffee!

EIC Kierna Mayo Reveals Why Ebony’s September Cover is So Much Deeper than “Just Skin”

1 week ago
Comments: 5

Find out why you should know the six supermodels gracing the cover of Ebony's September Issue

Nicki Minaj, Feminism & Why Every Celebrity Isn’t A Social Activist

1 week ago
Comments: 1

Is your favorite celebrity responsible for social change? We explain why you may want to reconsider crowning your favorite celeb as feminist.

What Ballerina Misty Copeland’s Rise to Principal Dancer Means For All Women Everywhere!

2 months ago
Comments: 168

On pointe.

Misty Copeland is not only setting the ‘barre’ in

Fan Tattoos A ‘Proud’ Note From J. Cole On Her Back A Week After He Attended Her Graduation

2 months ago
Comments: 38

Inspirational ink!

Remember when J.Cole kept his 2 year promise and attended a fan’s high

I Am On An Indefinite Honeymoon To 12 Countries And Counting

2 months ago
Comments: 169

I am a free bird who loves to travel and I

This May Just Be One Of The Best Damn Graduation Speeches Ever

2 months ago
Comments: 167

Bamboo Earrings? Check. Jordans? Check. Flex on your ex? Check.

Oh, and don’t

How Celebrities’ Ongoing Support of Haiti Is Helping Out More Than You Know

2 months ago
Comments: 82

One love!

In the midst of what is an extremely

Bree Newsome Hailed A Hero After Removing The Confederate Flag From The South Carolina State House

2 months ago
Comments: 113

When change is coming but it’s taking just a little too long… the fearless will take matters into their

The Day The President Took Us to Church and Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ While Delivering the Charleston Eulogy

2 months ago
Comments: 75

“Maybe we’ll now realize the way racial bias

Teen Who Was Told By Doctors She’d Never Be Able To Speak Performs A Flawless Cover Of Jhene Aiko’s ‘The Worst’

2 months ago
Comments: 44

And this is what we call defying the odds.

Amber Simone Chinn, the 19-year-old singer who was once told

This Video Of A North Carolina Cop Doing The Wobble At A Block Party Is Everything

2 months ago
Comments: 101

When you’re a cop and the hood rocks

A Salute To Amazing Dads ( From Our Readers)

2 months ago
Comments: 34


Their fingers may be small, but they can still wrap

Awww! Watch This Dad Spit A Freestyle To His Daughter For Woman Crush Wednesday

3 months ago
Comments: 32

Father’s Day?

It’s more like Father’s Day Week!

While some fathers are busy making random Instamodels their #WCWs, North

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Who Arrived To Prom In An Ambulance Is Now In Big Trouble

3 months ago
Comments: 116

Did Prom 2015 just jump the shark?

Meet The 18-Year-Old Breaking Social Media With Her Jaw-Dropping Prom Dress!

3 months ago
Comments: 248


Queen. Goddess. Flawless.

If you’re older than 25, then you more than likely know prom isn’t what it used to be.

A Cincinnati Man Raised Over $50,000 In One Day After Releasing This Heart-Wrenching Video

3 months ago
Comments: 85

This is the face of a man who only wants to do good for his community.

99-Year-Old California Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Getting a College Degree

3 months ago
Comments: 85

Here is a testimony to “it’s never too late.”

If this doesn’t inspire you to brush yourself off

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant with Baby Number 2, But it Wasn’t Easy…

3 months ago
Comments: 183

More sex and less stress = pregnant Kim!

But getting pregnant after 30 is tricky and ain’t easy!

[VIDEO] Adorable Granny Tries To Blow Out Her Birthday Candles, But Blows Out Her Dentures Instead

4 months ago
Comments: 33

You’re never too old to laugh at yourself.

Readers Share Their Incredible Weight Loss Journeys (Part 2)

5 months ago
Comments: 50

Today is Transformation Tuesdays!

Every week, we feature some of our amazing readers and their

An Update On Central Brooklyn Soccer Club’s Trip To Dubai!

5 months ago
Comments: 45

There are times in life that you may stop and question what you do, where

Bengals’ Player Devon Still Announces That His Daughter Leah is Cancer Free!

5 months ago
Comments: 48


That moment when you get “this cancer up out of you!” *fist bump!*

Leah Still

Singer Miranda Brooke and NFL Star AJ Green Tie the Knot In An Epic Wedding That Turned Into A Dance Battle

5 months ago
Comments: 98


And THIS ladies and gentlemen, is how you throw a

I Am 32 And Have Traveled To 70 Countries

5 months ago
Comments: 80

Playing Mas in the Caribana parade, Toronto, Canada



**UPDATE** Soccer Team In Brooklyn Needs Help Getting To The ‘World Cup For Kids’ In Dubai

5 months ago
Comments: 69

***UPDATE! Today is the last day and we are a small push away!

When we first posted this story about a young

Readers Share Their Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations

6 months ago
Comments: 60

It’s nothing like a little fit inspiration to get you through lunch time.

Need a little

This Man’s Amazing Makeup Transformations Makes Him Look Like Any Female Celebrity He Wants

6 months ago
Comments: 62

We already know makeup can work wonders, but this right here? This is pure magic!

Meet 32-year-old Paolo Ballesteros,

Are ‘Old Man Haircuts’ The New Way To Discipline Young Boys?

6 months ago
Comments: 112

“So you wanna act grown? Well now you look grown, too.”

It looks as though

The Salvation Army Uses #TheDress In New Ad Against Domestic Violence

6 months ago
Comments: 29

Remember #thedress that broke half the Internet after people couldn’t figure out

President Obama Remembers Selma’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ 50 Years Later

6 months ago
Comments: 34

Selma is now!

On Saturday, the first family was joined by tens of thousands of supporters

Kenyan Marathon Runner Crawls Her Way To The Finish Line After Body Collapses

6 months ago
Comments: 45

Running a marathon is haaaard, especially when you get to that point where every part of your body is screaming,

Unemployed Mother of 4 Wins $188 Million Powerball Jackpot

7 months ago
Comments: 89

What would you do with $188 million?

Marie Holmes, one of three winners of the recent $564.1 million Lotto, has become

Humans of New York Student Whose Photo Went Viral Meets President Obama

7 months ago
Comments: 34

This just goes to show that when promoting positivity, social media can get you straight to the Oval Office!

Last week,

Tracee Ellis Ross Graces The Cover Of Essence [+ Gives Incredible Speech at NAACP Awards]

7 months ago
Comments: 26

Can Tracee do any wrong?

Fierce chick Tracee Ellis Ross has snagged the cover of Essence Magazine’s “Black Women

Model With Vitiligo, Winnie Harlow Lands Diesel Campaign

7 months ago
Comments: 60


There’s nothing like being bullied and then ending up with the last laugh.

Meet model Winnie Harlow, the 19-year-old,

Teen Boy’s Photo and Inspiring Caption Helps Raise Over a Million Dollars for His School

7 months ago
Comments: 72

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, this one is worth a million bucks.

Recently a

More and More Women Are Getting Married… to Themselves

7 months ago
Comments: 130

3 Women. 3 Weddings. 0 Grooms.

Crazy, we know. But it’s real and it’s happening.

Last night during our

I Traveled To 6 Countries In 16 Days

7 months ago
Comments: 159

I once read a quote that said, ‘I always wondered why birds can stay in the

[Uplifting Video] Foster Kid Reunites with News Anchor That Helped Him Find A Family

7 months ago
Comments: 90

It’s nothing like a good heart-warming, tear-jerking story to start your day.

And for

[Tearjerker] Steve Harvey Gets A Birthday Surprise From His Wife & Kids

7 months ago
Comments: 40

I dare you to watch this video and not cry like a baby!

Last Friday, Steve Harvey celebrated his 58th

A Few Powerful Images From The ‘Millions March’ In New York City

9 months ago
Comments: 72

  Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons and Nas Cast of

These #CrimingWhileWhite Tweets Put The Spotlight On White Privilege

9 months ago
Comments: 92

As protests continued in New York City last night following a


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Russell Westbrook & His Wife Are A Real Life Love & Basketball Story

3 hours ago
Comments: 0

NBA star Russell Westbrook is has been promoted from the league’s “Most Valuable Player” to love’s “Most Valuable Hubby.” Congrats!


The Top 5 VMA Girl Pow(her) Moments that You May or May Not Have Missed!

7 hours ago
Comments: 0

Missed the MTV Video Music Awards? No worries. We've got the top five girl power moments that made the show worth watching.

Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Gives Us A Glimpse Into Their Fairytale Wedding!

7 hours ago
Comments: 21

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union give a sneak peek into their wedding for their 1-Year Anniversary.

#xoMan: Jay Ellis Dishes Epic Career, Life & Relationship Insight For xoNecole

8 hours ago
Comments: 1

xoMan Jay Ellis more than just eye candy, he's also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. We talked to him about life, love, and what he looks for in a woman.

Kelly Rowland As Lucious Mother?! Here Are 8 Juicy Tidbits To Look Out For In Season 2 Of “Empire”

3 days ago
Comments: 2

Empire gears up for Season 2 with some interesting twists!