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7 Aaliyah Styles That We Are Still Wearing Today

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  1. AA says:

    Yes, African American girls trends live a long time. From baby hair to the calvin klein, tommy, moschino exposed undies. Our trends keep resurfacing.

  2. THHM Aaliyah says:

    I will always enjoy listening to the talent that Aaliyah gave to us. I also grew up in her era and remember ow original she was with her style. Her originality mixed with her beauty is what gave her the title “Princess.” The famous Tommy Hilfiger outfits she wore were an amazing appearance.

    I won’t ever forget her music. I am 29 and still enjoy all of the songs she made. God needed to take his angel back though and so we had to accept that unfortunately. Always remember a true star on Earth and thank you Tink for what you are doing by keeping the legacy going.

    I will do my part and explain what her music means. Hopefully I can get my blog as close as possible with what she meant.

  3. DNN says:

    The 90’s was that era. I just bought a vintage 1990’s Guess linen-rayon shirt off of eBaY and got it at a nice price. The 90’s was the era when Guess wide leg jeans for men was the move. The Jordan Retro 9’s just came out. Karl Kani, Major Damage, Used jeans, Cross Colours, Travel Fox, Fila, Girbaud, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Aeropostale, GAP, and Sergio Tacchini was in it’s prime. Lo kinda fell off cause they don’t make the rugbys anymore with the graphics like the Lo’ 1992 Stadium shirts and Polo Ralph Lauren Crest. But it’s all good though.


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