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6 Ways To Use Your Tax Refund Check Besides Balling On A Budget

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  1. HoneyB says:

    I feel very liberated to say for the 1st time ever I paid all my bills/debt either off completely or up (lights, cable, cell, car note and insurance, student loan, son’s lunch account, and credit card bill – Thankfully I only have 1 credit card). It was the best thing I could ever do for myself and my family. Like most, I’ve had my fair share of “temporary balling” during tax season over the years, but I’m getting older and have a very clear VISION of the lifestyle I want for me and my family. Its all about living what you preach and being the change you wanna see around you! I can’t honestly teach my son about the importance of financial literacy if mama is cashing out her income tax check on the hottest 75in HD LCD DVR Smart tv, a bunch of gear for him, or that sharp Celine bag I was eyeing lbs, I’m just being real! None of those things are worth the lasting impression of him not SEEING what mama is talking about. I have to be that change for him and me! I would LOVE to see Beyonce’ in concert when she hits MN, but I have a feeling if the tables where turned she wouldn’t allow me to put a dent in her pocketbook for good seats lbs, so why would I? I got her whenever that cd drop tho lbvvs!! #ClearVision #BuildingFinancialFreedom

  2. Nekkid35 says:

    Another tip, adjust your witholding on your W4 so you come close to breaking even come tax time. I would rather get my money when I earn it instead of letting the IRS collect interest on it all year.

  3. Financial literacy is soooo important! For all of you earned income credit recipients; spend your money wisely. Getting several thousand dollars then being broke and no less in debt a few weeks later it’s not cool. I care enough to tell you that you are too old to be constantly broke, and irresponsible with your money. Love yourself better by getting that credit score and savings account up. Leave your children wealth, not debt.

  4. Elle jai says:

    Beyonce tickets smh with credit card debt <<<<wow

  5. Devonna says:

    Yep. A VIP package at that!

  6. Since Im single I just have a small one, but some is definitely going into savings, no buts about it. The rest is just to get ahead. Ive learned just by parents to never fully rely on that refund to get ahead on debt. You should always be working toward getting out of debt and staying ahead of bills.

  7. Cppribes01 says:

    My 2 cents: Use your tax refund to buy a life insurance policy if you don’t already one & pay the full year’s premium or more if you can afford it. You can pay off all your debt, but if something happens to you where you can’t work or you pass away your family still won’t have a dime to take care of you or bury you.

    I try to tell people about family trust funds. if everyone in their family had a half million policy whn they were born any death in their family would pay for remaining member’s college education, mortgages, investments etc. Even more assets to pass down. Break the poverty cycle

  8. BFEARS says:

    This is a great article and right on time. Hopefully some people learn a thing or two from this.

  9. Devonna says:

    Love that you did this!

    I did mine a little backwards, in that I bought my Beyonce ticket first (the play) but credit card debt is next on my list. I figure if I pay down the small ones first, I can take what I’ve been spending in minimum payments month to month and put that all on the larger balance to pay it down sooner.

  10. Ashley says:

    I am buying a car, so using half of it for a down payment and my taxes, but im saving the rest to start an emergency savings fund. I used it last year to pay off my credit card debt.

  11. Elle jai says:

    I guess if its worth it to u

  12. I’m not getting anything back

  13. Isitjustme says:

    Me and hubby are rehabbing a house with ours. We are trying to live rent free and so we can pay off these student loans and “ball” every month!!!! Lol

  14. AshleeBoo says:

    I to do just about the same as you do…
    1. Pay off any debt I have left because I pay on it during the year anyway or pay half of it off and just pay the rest monthly
    2. I put some up in an account and don’t touch it unless I really need it for something important.
    3. Since my birthday in a April I plan around a budget on what I want to do for my birthday… (I usually don’t do much working during April)
    4. I pinch off mine during the whole year paying bills
    5.This year I’m hoping to invest in a realtor program that I been wanting to take up for the pass two years but something always came up financially..

  15. Slay Songs says:

    My tax return got me some dope Formation tix, cause I slay

  16. Slay Songs says:

    Also paid mortgage for 3 months, and car note, slaying down these bills

  17. I always do number 1 with my money

  18. Molls says:

    I think something that should’ve been on here is making a small donation to a charity of choice. It definitely not a high priority on a lot of people’s list but a little giving never hurt nobody. Also, you can use it as a deduction for your next year’s taxes (keep receipts!)


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