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3 Career Women Share How They Balance A 9 to 5 With A Successful Side Hustle

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  1. PalesaRSA says:

    The entrepreneurial spirits are in my favor! It is as though the XoTeam knew that I could do with this article! Thank you all, love it!

    1. Brittney Oliver says:

      Glad you could be inspired!

  2. Pierrea says:

    Oh my god! As always this right on time. Def saving the article to reference later. My fav point was about planning. Im a planner! And I always say just because your staying up late doesnt mean your being prodcutive. How many times in college does it take us hourssss to right a paper that isnt that hard, its just that we waited to the last min. I like to map everything out because when you are spending 40 hours a week doing something your not so passionate about a semi good nights rest is alllll the difference in keeping your sanity. 🙂

  3. Veronica says:

    This was great advice! I officially started blogging in October and I want my blog to eventually be something that I do as a job and not a hobby because I really do enjoy blogging. I always doubt it though, I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m constantly coming up with new posts ideas or finding new blogs to subscribe to because I genuinely enjoy it.

    I’m going to keep pushing through. Everything will soon come to fruition.

  4. Lana says:

    Great article…Bookmarking for my future endeavors!

    1. Emmelie says:

      That’s great to hear!

  5. Ashley M says:

    Planning ahead is definitely a KEY! Helps to be a month ahead of features and special projects when it comes to the side hustle game. And you definitely have to be a pro in wise time management.

  6. Char says:

    This is so inspiring! x

  7. It was a good read

  8. I love this article great sharing ideas

  9. Pookie says:

    I find it highly unnecessary for the need to write a “how to” for black millennials to successfully managing a side hustle. You are right though that this has been the year has been a breakout year for the side hustle of black millennials. Looking at the reports and statistics of predominantly black cities like Memphis, Chicago, and Bridgeport we find that black millennials are extremely successful at succeeding in their respective side hustles hustles. Although, it gives me no doubt that they have been blessed with these natural talents, it is rather insulting to insinuate that black millennials need help succeeding at a side hustle for their forefathers and mothers have done so for generations. Black millennials have an innate uncanny ability and propensity to deal drugs, commit armed robbery, and shake their ass in da strip club as a lucrative side hustle in order to subsidize their income. To all my brothers and sisters out there keep up the great work. Remember work hard and prosper.


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