3 Reasons Why The Female Condom Is One Best Kept Secret
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3 Reasons The Female Condom Is One Of The Best Kept Secrets In Reproductive Health

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  1. TKthExplorer says:

    Not crazy about that video. Incomplete and has some inaccuracies. #1 The fc is made of polyurethane NOT latex. #2 only one condom should be used at a time. If he wears a male condom and she wears an fc the friction between the two makes it easier for tears to occur (rub 2 balloons together, POP!). #3 the fc can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex!! #4 removing it is not always that simple. You may have to stick your finger up there to get the ring off your cervix. So don’t panic if it feels a little stuck!! Signed, former HIV outreach worker.

    Check out this link gif more info. http://www.feministcenter.org/health-wellness-services/comprehensive-gyn/birth-control-options/birth-control-information/97-female-condom

    1. Avery says:

      Also I’ll say – the old FC was definitely polyurethane! The only female condom available in the US now is called the FC, and it’s not make of polyurethane, but nitrile (the material most hospital/drs office gloves are now as well). This apparently is a more comfortable material for women and, bonus, makes the condom a lot quieter than the polyurethane ones, which made a horrible crinkling noise when you used them.

      1. Avery says:

        I mean – the new one is the FC2, which is nitrile. Polyurethane FC is no longer available.

  2. Keisha says:

    We started using these years ago. It was a bit awkward at first…but we got used to it. What I will say, the video says that the female condom is made of latex, and it is NOT. We started using it because I have a latex allergy and the average non-latex condom for men is one-size only, and doesn’t come in sizes and was uncomfortable for him, as the size was limited.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow never heard of them until now. It’s nice to know there is another option out there for providing protection.

  4. It was OK.. Insertion is not that easy

  5. I’ve really been enjoying your posts lately! Love the xoNecole !!!!

    1. i agree!! It’s for grown women only!

  6. Sunni says:

    I’ve tried the female condom and it is not comfortable at all, while it’s appreciated. I will just stick to him wrapping up. Feels like your walls are being scraped up with a plastic knife. No bueno.

  7. Theresagood says:

    Tried it and it sounded like a trash bag 😂 lmfao so horrible lol

  8. Avery says:

    I love your article! I did just want to point out that the link to the video you provided, while a good resource, says that FC2 condoms are made of latex, and warns against using them if you have a latex allergy. Now, you clearly know that this isn’t true because you wrote about it on your article! And the website and packaging clearly state they are nitrile. But just in case people skip the reading (that ever-present tl;dr excuse) and go straight to the video, I wouldn’t want them to get the idea from the video that they are latex and decide not to use them.


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