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11 Books by 11 Badass Women All Aspiring Boss Chicks Should Read

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  1. Fresh360 says:

    I’m a guy but I love this site and the way that it continuously empowers women. A strong woman is the basis for a strong family. Salute to everyone associated with making this site great.

  2. I love You are a badass, #Girlboss and What I know for sure. I highly recommend Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and The Personal Touch by Terrie Williams.


  3. Cool & collected says:

    Right on time! I was on my way to the library to check out some books (I fell off my reading goal for a while). I’m going to see if those books are in the library before I placed an order on Amazon. Thanks!

  4. Akua Konadu says:

    I got LaLa’s book, #GirlBoss, Not That Kind of Girl, Hijacking the Runway & PR Couture. I need to finish them before the summer!

  5. EMPRESS SC says:

    Yesssssssss I love to read and now I have some new positive stuff to read.

  6. All book titles sound good, but I’m sure I would get bored quick from them. I need a started from the bottom now we here version. Djm

    1. Ronnie M says:

      Then definitely checkout #GirlBoss! She talks about how she never fitted in growing up. To getting fired at previous jobs, and how she started NastyGal.com from selling vintage clothes on ebay. Great read, give it a try I promise you wont be disappointed!

  7. Kyla Ky says:

    I just finished Leave Your Mark and I’m currently reading #GIRLBOSS. I will add the rest of these to my reading list, thanks!

  8. Deborah says:

    Love this!! Plan on readin #Girlboss soon as a friend recommended it to me. I just finished reading Girl Code by Cara Alwill Lebya and it’s a great book. I recommend you check it out.

  9. Oenz says:

    Bookmarked! Thanks Brittani!

  10. Rhy says:

    I love these suggestions however I highly recommend Boss Women Pray and 10 Commandments of a Boss Chick.

  11. vuli says:

    wow thank you will definitely check #girlboss first hope its available in my country.

  12. LoudestWhisper19 says:

    Awesome List! I’ve already added two or three to my Books to Read list. I love that the books focus on every aspect of growth “Personal, Career, and Spiritual.

  13. Leslie B. says:

    I read #Girlboss and loved it! I hate to admit this, but i have a hard time reading books that don’t have an actual story. Like if there are not actual characters and a plot, I just have a hard time sticking with it. Needless to say, I don’t read a lot of self-help books lol But this one was different! It was funny and entertaining and told really well. Especially since I’m in the PR field. Definitely a good read!

  14. Tiara Tucker says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list; these all look like good reads! I highly encourage everyone to add a 12th book to their collection! “The New Boss: A Guide to a Fabulous Lifestlyle” was recently published. Check out the super-fabulous author, Lauren Freeman, and book details at http://www.laurenfreeman.com. Her book is easy to read, practical and written very well!

  15. I’ve read most of these Excellent!!!!

  16. I have lala’s book. Yes I did fall off but what I read so far is good. I’ll get back to it.

  17. Koereyelle DuBose come thru…. everytime I see werk 101 listed, I smile. You are it!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us

  18. Candice says:

    Because of this article, I went to the library and got some books. I got lala’s book, I’m judging you by luvvie Ajayai (I think that her last name- just google) and I got a book by phoebe robinson- (You can’t touch my hair and other things I have to explain). Definitely must read!!! I love this site- I’ve been following since it was NB and I love the change. Refreshing. Keep up the good work. I want to read more articles on love though. I love a good love story!!

    1. Necole says:

      Thank you so much for the comment! I really appreciate the feedback and love and support. 🙂


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