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10 Things You Should Know Before Launching Your First Podcast

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  1. Thank you for this post. I recently started a podcast and I’m excited about this new addition to my brand. I’ve only recorded 2 episodes so I want to record a few more before I start sharing them. Your tips were on point and I’ll be putting them to use.


    1. Rana says:

      Hey Siobhan, I’m glad my tips were useful! Please let me know if you have any other questions!
      – Rana

  2. Jamiee says:

    So proud of you Rana!

    – Jamiee

  3. Pierrea says:

    This was a great article. My friend and I do a bi-weekly podcast, “Fair Game” and a lot of these points hit home. Sometimes you have to just get started! We didn’t know we would ever have an audience and a year later we have loyal listeners. Our podcast is a litter different as we rarely have guest, but we have interactive listeners as we broadcast. The main topic portion of our show is available on Youtube and we stream live (and archive) shows on Mixlr.com/FairGameRadio.

    1. Pierrea says:


    2. Rana says:

      Glad you enjoyed! Am going to check out your podcast as well!

  4. Tanneka says:

    Awesome advice! My friends and I recently started a podcast and we’ll definitely implement a few of these gems as we continue to grow! We like to focus on the issues affecting the career woman within the “30-something” demographic but we also discuss important HUMAN issues, such as what’s currently going on within the Black Lives Matter movement.
    http://www.threedopechicks.com / IG:@threedopechicks

  5. Chay Rodriguez says:

    Rana, I have been grappling with finally launching a website/landing page for my podcast and this was definitely the push I needed. I too had/have dreams of the empire I will have and #GOALS — The Podcast for the dreamchaser, risk taker, and goal getter in you, will be a bigger entity than I can imagine. Thank you for sharing your dream and your tips! I will be tuning in 🙂

  6. Connie S. says:


    Thanks so much for this post! I LOVE to hear of other black podcasters as we are such a small yet close knit community! My friend and I started a podcast titled, “Snatch That Weave” in response to Sandra Bland’s death and have drummed up a small, yet loyal following. Looking forward to tuning in each week to Dreams In Drive!



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